Eminem Net Worth, Real Name, Family, Age & Height, Songs

Eminem: Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He was born on 17th October 1972. Eminem is a professional…

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Eminem: Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He was born on 17th October 1972. Eminem is a professional American Rapper as well as a record producer. The rapper is claimed as one of the best rappers of all time in America. Throughout his career, he has managed to break several records with his popular music. He came into various controversies with his transgressive work during the 1900s and 2000s.

Marshall released his first album named Infinite in 1996. His next two release was a hit worldwide and even managed to get nominated for a Grammy. In 2005, the rapper became addicted to drugs and went to rehab. After almost four years, he came back to the industry and released Relapse and Recovery. Recovery ended up becoming his best-selling album in the world after The Eminem Show. After that, Slim Shady released several albums such as Revival, Kamikaze, Music to Be Murdered By, etc. Read the article till the end to know more about Eminem.

Eminem Biography

Eminem Net Worth, Real Name, Family, Age & Height, Songs 7

Marshall Bruce started his career in the film industry with the film named 8 Mile which was released in 2002. His song from the film named Lose Yourself won the Best origin Song Award from the Academy and made him the first hip hop to win the award. Eminem has also made cameo appearances in various films and television series. The rapper has also developed several ventures.

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Eminem was also a member of D12 which was a hip-hop group. The artist has managed to be on the list of bestselling music artists of all time. During 2000-2009, Billboard named the artist “Artist of the Decade”. He is also the first artist to achieve ten albums at number one on the Billboard 200. Rolling Stone has also included the rapper in the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time list. The rapper has won various awards till now including Grammy Awards, AMAs, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Awards, etc.

Eminem Wiki Bio: Highlights

Real NameMarshall Bruce Mathers III
Age50 Years Old
Height1.73 m
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, record executive and actor
Children3 Children
Official Websitehttps://eminem.com/

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem Early Life

Eminem was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. His father’s name was Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. and his mother’s name was Deborah Rae “Debbie”. He was the only child of his parents. His ancestors are English, German, German-Swiss, Polish, Luxembourgish and Scottish. Eminem’s mother almost died while giving birth to him. Both of his parents were members of a band named Daddy Warbucks. His father left his mother and moved to California city where he had two other children. His mother also welcomed a son later on. According to Marshall Bruce Mathers III, they rarely stayed in one house for more than a year during his childhood.

Eminem used to write letters to his dad but they always returned, A bully named D’Angelo used to hit the rapper during his teenage. His mother also filed a lawsuit against the school in 1982 but the case was dismissed as schools are immune from the lawsuit. Eminem also shared that he got beaten several times by black youths at an early age.

Eminem and his mother
Eminem with his mother

Eminem has a huge interest in storytelling when he was a child. He heard the rap song named Reckless for the first time when his half-brother gifted him the soundtrack. His uncle was very close to him and was also a mentor in the music field. In 1991, his uncle died and Eminem did not attend his funeral as he was shocked by his death and could not even digest the fact of his death.

It is said that the singer and his mother used to fight frequently. As Eminem started receiving success, his mother dismissed all the rumours and said that she is responsible for his success. His mother also allowed Kimberly Anne to stay with them in 1987. The rapper spend three years in 9th grade and a the age of 17, he decided to drop out. Eminem never really like maths and social studies. He also helped his mother with the bills by working several jobs.

The singer said that his mother used to take most of the money and still throw him out of the house. When she used to leave the house to play bingo, Eminem write songs at that time while listening to the music. Eminem started rapping at the age of 14 with his high school friend. He has participated in Lunchroom Freestyle Rap Battles. Eminem was loved by the underground hip-hop audience.

Eminem Career

From 1988 to 1997, The rapper’s life was filled with a lot of struggles. He made his first music video appearance in a song named “Do-Da-Dippity” in 1992. Eminem and Proof released their first album in 1996 and the name of the album is Devil’s Night. Later on, the rapper signed up with a production company and released his debut album named Infinite. The album did not achieve much. Eminem and his wife at that time used to live in a crime-ridden neighbourhood. He used to work several jobs with his rapping to fulfil the needs of his newborn daughter.

However, when he created his violent alter ego, he gained more attention. In 1997, he finally recorded his debut EP. Later in 1997, he went to Los Angeles and participated in Rap Olympics. He was placed second and Jimmy Lovine was given a copy of the Slim Shady and started working for them. In February 1999, he released The Slim Shady LP and the album became popular. His popularity gave his success a rise and various studios showed interest in working with him.

Eminem on Rapgod video
Eminem on the Rapgod video

After that, he started his own label named Shady records in 1999 only. Under this label, the rapper released The Marshall Mathers LP, The Real Slim Shady, My Name Is, etc. Till then, Eminem became a huge name in the music industry and everybody raised his talent. He performed at the 43rd Grammy Award in 2001 and at various award ceremonies. Another success was added to his account when he released The Eminem Show. After a while, the success started getting his head and the singer started using drugs. And one day it went a little far and the rapper got overdosed. He got into rehab and came back after four years.

He made a comeback with his Recovery album which become one of the biggest hits worldwide. After that, he started focusing on delivering some good albums to his audience. Throughout his career, the rapper has released various diss songs for some known celebrities. His latest song name is From the D 2 the LBC.

Eminem’s Personal Life and Family

Marshall Bruce Mathers III met Kimberly Anne Scott in high school when he was standing on the table and rapping “I’m Bad”. Kimberly and her twin sister named “Dawn” ran away from their home and moved in with Eminem and his mother when he was 15 years old. In 1989, he started having an on-and-off relationship with Scott.

Both of them got married in 1999 but after 2 years they decide to part ways and the divorce got finalised in 2001. He told the media that he would not marry again after the divorce but in January 2006, he remarried Scott. In April 2006 he again filed for divorce and got joint custody of their daughter Hailie.

Later on, Eminem got custody of Dawn’s daughter. In 2002, there was a rumour that the rapper was romantically involved with Britanny Murphy ad Kim Basinger. However, Slim Shady denied the rumours about Basinger but accepted that he is in a relationship with Murphy. In 2013, he wrote a song named headlight and apologized and showed his loved towards his mother.

Eminem and Kimberly Scott
Eminem and Kimberly Scott

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Eminem Controversies

Eminem got hospitalized when he get overdosed on methadone in December 2007. He bought methadone for the first time when the dealer told him that it was similar to Vicodin and not much harmful for the lover. He bought it more and more until one night when he collapsed in his bathroom and was hospitalized immediately. In the hospital, the doctors told them that he has ingested more than 4 bags of methadone and is possibly going to die. Eminem got out of the hospital when he was still weak but he has a seizure when he returned home. He started attending church and cleaning himself from the drugs. Since 2nd April 2008, he is sober.

The United States Secret Service stated on 8th December 2003 that Eminem is indirectly threatening the president of the US George W. Bush in his song named We As Americans. Later on, the song appeared on Encore’s deluxe edition with different lyrics. Eminem was again interviewed by the Secret Service in 2018-19 concerning the lyrics which is threatening Donald Trump and his daughter.

On 5th April 2020, a 26 years old homeless man named Matthew Hughes broke into the rapper’s house. He broke a kitchen window by throwing a paving stone at it. When Eminem woke up, the man was standing behind him and he said that he is there to kill him. According to the sources, Hughes has a bond of $ 50,000 and was also charged with invading the home and destroying the property of the rapper.

Slim Shady’s Single Songs (As a Lead Artist)

Just Don’t Give a  Fuck1998My Name Is1999
Role Model1999Guilty Conscience1999
The Real Slim Shady2000The Way I Am2000
Stan2000I’m Back2001
Bitch Please II2001Kill You2001
Hellbound2002Without Me2002
Cleanin’ Out My Closet2002Lose Yourself2002
Superman2003Sing for the Moment2003
Business2003One Day at a Time2004
Just Lose It2004Encore2004
Like Toy Soldiers2005Mockingbird2005
Ass Like That2005When I’m Gone2005
Shake That2006You Don’t Know2006
Jimmy Crack Corn2007Crack a Bottle2009
We Made You20093 a.m.2009
Old Time’s Sake2009Beautiful2009
Not Afraid2010Love the Way You Lie2010
No Love2010Space Bound2011
Rap God2013The Monster2013
Headlights2014Guts Over Fear2014
Detroit vs. Everybody2014Phenomenal2015
Kings Never Die2015Walk on Water2017
River2017Nowhere Fast2018
Remind Me2018Fall2018
Lucky You2018Darkness2020
The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady2020Those Kinda Nights2020
The King and I2022From the D 2 the LBC2022

Eminem Net Worth

The artist has won million with his albums. Several of his albums have made it to the Billboard top songs. As per the report Forbes, Eminem’s net worth was $ 50 Million in 2019. The rapper has various sources of income. The rapper also made it to the Forbes 100 Celebrity List in 2019. As of now, it is estimated that Eminem has a net worth of $ 250 Million. The actual figure might be different from the one mentioned here.

Eminem’s Social Media Accounts

Check Instagram AccountEminem Insta Account Link
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other names of Eminem?

Eminem’s other names are Slim Shady, Evil (as part of Bad Meets Evil), M&M and MC Double M.

Who is the wife of the rapper?

Eminem was married to Kimberly in 1999 but later on, they decided to part ways. It is considered that Enimen is currently single.

Are there any other ventures of Marshall Bruce Mathers III?

Some of the other ventures of Marshall Bruce Mathers III are Shady Records, Shade 45, Mom’s Spaghetti Restaurant, etc.

How many studio albums have been released by Eminem?

Till date Eminem has released 11 studio albums. Some of them are Infinite, The Slim Shady LP, Encore, Recovery, etc.

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