NDA Preparation Tips 2023: How to Prepare for NDA Entrance Exam

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NDA Preparation Tips 2023: National Defence Academy (NDA) is a joint academy for services in the Indian Armed Forces. Located in Maharashtra, India. The cadets of all three services are trained together here, i.e., the Navy, Army, and Air Force. Military education is provided, to train the cadets and make pioneer junior leaders for the Indian Armed Forces. To attain more clarity regarding the NDA 2022 exam, this article will provide you with all the valuable information you will need, to achieve your aim of getting selected for the NDA. It contains information about the exam, sections of the exam, weightage of the individual section, syllabus, exclusive tips to prepare, and best books recommendation.

NDA Preparation Tips
NDA Preparation Tips 2023: How to Prepare for NDA Entrance Exam 3

NDA 2023- Information

ExamNDA 2023
Conducted byUPSC
ConductedTwo times (in a year)
Steps of processTwo (Written exam and Interview of SBB)
Eligibility level12th
Age limit16-19 years
Mode of ExamOffline
Medium of ExamEnglish, Hindi
No. of AttemptsNo cap

Make it Through the NDA 2022 Exam!

NDA entrance is the most awaited and absolute choice for the defence entrance examinations among candidates who wish to join the army. As you apply for the exam and finally get selected, you need some essential facts and knowledge to know how peculiar the exam will be for you. So you can prepare the best out of what you got.

Syllabus NDA 2023

When applying for the NDA exam, class 12th marks are important to get considered for finally joining the academy. So, you need a minimum academic score as well to enter the NDA.

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The written examination of NDA is for a duration of five hours. There will be 150 questions in Mathematics and a General Ability Test (GAT) with 120 questions. You can get detailed information about the exam, here- NDA 2023 Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme & NDA Syllabus

  • Mathematics covers topics of Algebra, Vector algebra, Determinants, Trigonometry, Analytical geometry, Differential Calculus, Matrices, Statistics and Probability. If you are an Air force and Navy aspirant, mathematics is a valuable section for you to give more focus.
  • GAT incorporate topics of General Science, General Knowledge, English, Geography and Current affairs. It is a general test to quantify the knowledge of the aspirants.
  • SBB interview contains two tests, an intelligence test and a personality test to examine you.

SSB Interview is the next phase after the written exam. You are called for the SBB interview, only if you clear the above-explained written test of GAT and Mathematics i.e., the first stage of the exam process.

Weightage of Subjects:

SubjectsThe weightage (Marks)
General Knowledge/ General Science400

Tips to Prepare for NDA 2023

Good preparation can go along a long way. Preparing better and ahead will get you one step close to your dream of finally joining the military. Some of the valuable preparation tips have been enlisted below:

  • Study Material – As you are clear about the topics you can expect to get questions from, in the examination. Focus on collecting the study material relevant only to your aim and not creating a heap of books, you will not even give it a read.
  • Clearing the basics– Another very important thing to target is to attain perfection in what you know. Most of the questions covered in the examination are based on the CBSE syllabus curriculum. NCERT class 8th to 12th will be the best option to prepare for and achieve your target.
  • Start preparing early – As surveyed from the toppers of the NDA examinations, starting ahead is the key. Don’t wait for the 12th standard to get you prepared. As early you start, the better will be your chance to join the NDA.
  • Creating a Study Plan – A plan is very necessary to make you reach the aim. You can create a study timetable specific to the portions you want to ace. Creating your own study plan will help you utilize the time you have, wisely and not to waste it on things unessential to give time to.
  • Note-making – Try keeping your notes short yet informative enough to include all the necessary points to help you get through the examination. Create notes in a convenient writing style, keeping it short and easy.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers – Solving the question papers from the previous years will help you analyze the manner in which the questions will be put forward and how to answer them. Also, you will get an idea about the type of questions.
  • Strong determination – “A strong will”, is all it takes to achieve anything in life because ultimately it depends on you, and how much effort you make to turn your dreams into a reality.
  • Be persistent and Revise often – This cannot be stressed much. Nothing will pay off more than your revision will. The more you revise, the more it ensures that you’re updated and you cannot go wrong anytime on the final day of the examination. Persistence is the key to getting what you truly desire.
  • Stay Motivated- Be positive, do not overstress, and do not let your spirit go low. You need to trust yourself that you can make it through it and that you got all it takes to be a part of the most institution of such prestige.
  • What to Avoid? – Avoid learning any new topics when the examination is just a few days await. It will only make you panic more and will be of no help to you.

Improve Your English

English is an essential element of NDA. To be a part of NDA, it is obligatory for you to know English in speaking and writing. In written examination also, the English section solely has a weightage of 200 marks and is mandatory to be attempted in English only. Moreover, English is important for the SSB interview as well. So, there is absolutely no way that you can escape this part of the paper.

What you can do?

  • Communicating is the best way to polish your English speaking skills. Communicate in English.
  • You can practice the basic grammar rules and try framing sentences in accordance with the rules.
  • Read English newspapers every day to upgrade your vocabulary and also improve your basic grammar as you jot down the main points. (Bonus point: it will keep you updated with current scenarios of the world, so your preparation for current affairs is covered up simultaneously).

Maintain Your Health

For any NDA aspirant, health is an important aspect to be considered and focused upon. If you want to get selected, you must be physically fit. NDA has specific height and weight criteria which is a must to follow and is specific for each age group. Although, the height statistics vary from region to region i.e., for candidates of Garhwal, Kumaun, and north-east and Gorkhas certain relaxation is there. Also, for the Navy, the thigh length, leg length, and sitting height are taken into account. Basically, there are various parameters to scale your physical fitness. So you need to make sure, you are working on every aspect of your health. Visual standards are also to be maintained by the aspirants of the Indian Air Force.

What you can do?

  • Maintain your weight. You need not be either overweight or underweight.
  • Include running in your daily schedule.
  • Incorporate Yoga or any other form of exercise to practice daily.
  • Check for any signs of tonsils, nasal septum, waxing in ears, etc.
  • Avoid getting injured. To get considered for NDA you should not possess any body defects.
  • Do not get infected with any bacterial/ viral/ fungal disease to be selected.

NDA 2023 Book Recommendations

  • Mathematics for NDA/ NA – R.S. Aggarwal
  • Mathematics for NDA/ NA – S. Chand
  • General Knowledge 2023 – Arihant
  • Objective General English – S.P. Bakshi
  • Objective General English – S. Chand
  • GO TO NDA/ NA Guide for General Science- Disha experts
  • NDA/ NA Solved papers – Arihant

Tips for the Examination Day

  • Do not forget to carry your Admit card.
  • Your photo ID proof.
  • Pen. Any other material isn’t allowed inside the examination hall (rough sheets will be provided by the invigilator).
  • Refrain from sneaking into others’ answer sheets to avoid getting into trouble.

You’re all set to make it through!

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