Self Introduction – An Art To Introduce Yourself For Students/Office

Self Introduction – “So, tell me about yourself” and here you go blank, you start sweating, you are tongue-tied unable

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Self Introduction – “So, tell me about yourself” and here you go blank, you start sweating, you are tongue-tied unable to utter a word or you start rumbling nonsense about yourself. Is this scenario seems very familiar to you? Are you one of those who have lost an opportunity or two just because you were not good at introducing yourself? Don’t worry we are here to your rescue.

As the old saying goes on the first impression is the last impression and you because of your lack of skill missed this and unfortunately, you never got a second chance also.

To make that good first impression you should be skilled in the art of giving a good self-introduction. But believing it gives a good self-introduction is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to stand out in the crowd you have to make a good impression of yourself and can that be achieved? Yes, by giving an influential Self Introduction.

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The self introduction has become a common part of any meeting, job interview, presentation or new class. As you introduce yourself you engage your listener and they make an image of yours on that basis. As simple as it sounds a good self-introduction in front of others can be a game changer for you.

Self Introduction

What is Self Introduction?

If we try to describe it in simple words self-introduction is pitching about oneself or where you introduce yourself. Providing information circling what and who you are can be termed as a self introduction.

Here you directly interact with people or your audience and brief them about yourself. It can include telling them about who you are what is your educational background, your professional background, the background of your family, from where you belong. You generally provide a peek at your life to your listeners and based on that your listener will create an image of yours. A strong self introduction given during an interview can change the whole situation.

Your given introduction will further frame the questions that the listener intends to ask you. So remember whatever information you are disclosing while giving your self introduction should be correct and you should be ready to answer the follow-up questions. Being simple and honest is the key to putting up a great show in front of your listeners. The language used should be uncomplicated.

Let’s take an example here –

” Good morning everyone, My name is Himanshu Sharma. I am a software engineer. I have completed my schooling from ABC School in the year 2018 and I have completed my graduation in B.Tech CSE in 2022. Previously I was working as software engineer in XCV company now I’m looking to expand my knowledge. Working here will give me ample of opportunities. I’m a very hard working person who loves challenges. Besides this my hobbies are playing basketball and reading.”

Now upon listening to the above information the listener will frame questions based on this given information. He may ask his schooling, college or about the previous experience the person has or he can even ask about hobbies. So whenever you are giving your self-introduction remember that whatever information you are providing should be correct and you should be able to answer the questions which will be asked based on that information.

How To Master Your Self Introduction

It may seem quite easy to craft an effective self introduction for a job interview or a presentation but it is no child’s play. It can be tricky when it comes to what to include in your self introduction and what to leave. You should prepare your self introduction beforehand only and must include some basic information about yourself. The secret and most effective way to prepare your self-introduction is to follow the rule of 3, that’s what I love to call that is split the introduction into three parts – The Present, The Past, and The Future.

The Present

Start giving your self introduction in the present tense like :

” Hello everyone, my name is Anaya Singh and I’m an editor. Presently I am working for the Times group as a head editor.”

“Good morning everyone. My name is Himanshu Sharma and I am a software engineer currently working in Adobe.”

See here we start with the basic information like your name, your position, your work experience etc. Whatever you want to share will depend upon the audience and the situation where you are giving your introduction. If you are still not sure what to say then sharing your name and job title is a safe play. If can want to add a few things you can always do that like your current position, your experience, where you are working, and your location.

The Past

Now here you will provide information about your past or your background. Your education, qualification, previous experience, projects, and achievements. This will help the listener to know you and your background for example-

My background is in computer science. I have headed many projects before.”

The Future

The third part of the framework is telling the panel about future goals. You should tell them about the opportunities you are looking forward to working with them or if you are giving a presentation or starting a new project you should tell them how excited you are and how you are looking forward to working with them like –

“I am feeling honoured to be here. This position will give me a lot of opportunities and I’m looking forward to tackling every problem.”

This framework will help you to easily prepare your self introduction so next time whenever you are preparing for self introduction remember these three points.

Essay About Myself and My Personality, Introduction, For College

Steps To Structure Your Self Introduction

Now that we discussed what to include in your self introduction now let us some steps on how to give self introduction:

Build your Self Introduction well

Starting your self introduction and answering the questions, “Tell me about yourself” can be easily tackled if you are well prepared. Always have a structure in mind that how are you going to provide information about yourself properly. You should have already planned where you want to start, what information you will provide the panel, what will be the middle portion and how will you end the introduction. If you have a rough sketch in your mind you will provide the information in a flow. The language used should be easy and simple. You don’t want to create a scenario where you have talked about yourself and no one can understand you.

Maintain Your Compose

Getting apprehensive and anxious is all right everyone passes through the same feeling. Take some deep breaths and you will be fine. Practice your answers, think about it. Be calm and don’t rush with your answers. It should appear that you are enjoying your time there and are not in hurry to leave the place.

Maintain A Proper Balance

Whenever you are speaking keep in mind that you should achieve to strike a proper balance between the personal and professional information you are providing to the listener. It is very important to mention your professional achievements along with your personal information.

Talking about personal achievements, hobbies, family, and goals along with your professional information will do the magic. Keep the information brief because, in the end, you are in a professional setup. So try to strike a perfect balance between both the Information.

Your Strength and Weakness

Don’t be afraid to mention your strength and weakness. It gives a clear idea to the listener that you know about yourself and the areas where improvement is required. This also establishes a healthy relationship between you and your listener. Tell them everything like how managed a particular situation in your previous organisation.

On the other hand, if you are mentioning your weakness mention it in such a way that it seems like you are presenting your strength and you will be open to new challenges, growth and development.

Be Prepared to Answer

Remember whatever information you are going to provide in your self introduction the panel will question that information only. So, first of all, make sure about the information you will be providing. It should be true and correct and you should have proper proof to support your claims. Be honest about everything because if you are caught telling lies that will not do any good to you.

Setting the tone

Whenever you are giving your self-introduction whether it is in a job interview or a presentation your tone will set up how it will proceed so keep it in mind to keep your tone light and happy. Another important segment is your gestures, expression and body language. It should not appear that you are forcing things out. Be natural but don’t forget you are in a professional setup. Your body language should be steady and you should look confident. Lean forward whenever the question is asked to show that you are keen on answering those.

Tips To Remember

●One should always begin the introduction with a smile on their face. It creates a positive sense and also establishes a healthy relationship with your audience. No one wants to interact with a rude person so put on a smile.

● As discussed above strike a balance between personal and professional information. Tell them about yourself, your name, the place from where you come, family details, educational details, your hobbies and also them about your professional life before coming here.

● Do tell about your experience. Your skills and your weakness. Your achievements in the past organisation make them the trophies which you have accumulated throughout your professional life.

● Always use a friendly tone like – ” Hello everyone, My name is ….”. Whatever the tone you will set it will set up the whole environment.

● If you are introducing yourself in a seminar or a conference always have an idea about your audience. It does not mean that you have to know each of them personally but have an idea about your audience, and what they want to hear from you.

Sample For Self Introduction For Job Interview

” Good morning everyone presents here, my name is Nidhi Sharma and I’m a Graphic designer at Exbrand Design. I’m a very creative person who loves art. I have headed many projects under my supervision. At a very age, I won many competitions in the art field. Before my previous job, I used to work as a freelancer and have taken on many projects also. I would be honoured to work here and gain experience as well as knowledge

I have completed my master’s from xx universities and love cooking besides art I’m a person who can under pressure and meet deadlines on time”


Last thing to remember while giving a self introduction is that you should know who you are, and what are your strength and your weakness. Knowing yourself is the best way to give the best introduction. Tell the audience who you are, and don’t feel ashamed to tell about your achievements in life. How hard you have worked to come here. Tell them about your weakness but present them in a positive sense that you are a person who is always in process of learning.

Turn your accomplishments into your trophies if they fit the situation. Set the tone of the conversation very light. Practice in front of someone or a mirror to boast your confidence. The more confident you are in front of the panel the more chances you have to succeed. But remember to be confident and not arrogant.

Plan about the things you want to disclose there. Plan a rough sketch of the things you want to speak about there. Never go unprepared, tackle the questions showing confidence. In not only speaking terms but you should work towards your body language and gestures. Body language, gestures, and expressions can prove to be powerful tool to refine your skill. Getting nervous and anxious is part of this process take a few deep breaths and you are ready to go.

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