How to write Request Letter | With Format, Samples & Examples

What a request letter is ? What are its types . Example ,sample and template.

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How to write Request Letter- It is always a dilemma in the mind of people how to write a Formal request letter, how to start it, what should be the proper way of knitting the content that will form the main body of the request letter, and how to conclude it. Whether it is a letter of resignation, a letter to the head of the organization, or a letter to a government official. A Request letter also falls in the category of a Formal letter that many of us do not know how to write properly to get a proper and effective outcome.

What is Request Letter?

A Request letter is a formal letter written to a person in a manner to request something or to ask for a favor.The receiving person can be an administrative officer or your manager or any person a higher official.

Request letter how to write with example .
Request letters

How to write Request Letter

As we know that request letters are formal letters, and they should be written in the prescribed manner. You should always introduce yourself first and address the receiving person with an appropriate salutation. You can add a Subject to explain the purpose of your request letter, And try to be simple and on point with your language.

Date and Address

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Date and address are the first things you should start your letter with. These are the headers of the letter, the address part includes the recipient’s name, designation, and address. The date can be placed at the top left side of the letter or it can be placed just below the address part The month should not be written in short and should be followed by the year. . Always remember the format for writing the date should be as follows:

Date: 7th April 2024

Ashok Kumar
ABC Company
2nd Street,
Industrial Area,
Pune, Maharashtra

Subject or Reference.

The subject or the reference comes just after the address. The subject part is one of the most integral parts of any letter. It tells the reader why the letter is being written. The subject should be very brief and it should contain your intention of writing the letter in a very clear manner, subject should ideally contain 8-10 words.

Subject: Request to purchase a new desktop


Add the salutation just below the subject line, the salutation Dear is one of the most frequently used salutations. It is used for the one who is close or friendly to you and Respected can be used for very senior or superior to you. After that, you should greet them with Ms., Mrs., Mr, or DR followed by mentioning their second name. For example:

Dear Mr Singh

Body of the letter

The body of the letter is generally divided into three paragraphs.

The first paragraph of the letter

In the first paragraph, the introduction of the writer is given. If the sender has previous interaction with the receiver then it is mentioned in the first paragraph only. An introduction of the company can be given if required in this paragraph only. After this, you can tell them about the request you intend to make.

The second paragraph of the letter

In this paragraph, you should explain your request and tell them in detail about your request. irrespective of the length of the paragraph or the body of the letter you should mention the reasons for the request letter. For example, if the letter is being written to your manager for the leave, you should mention the reason and time duration of the leaves you needed.

The final part or conclusion

Once the request is mentioned, Other important information must be included in this part of the letter. You should end the letter by writing – Do let me know if you need any other information regarding this or Hope to listen from you soon etc. Make a note that while writing you should use requesting tone and avoid using words like Respond fast.


Another important segment of formal writing. You should end the letter with a proper subscription just after the last part or paragraph of the main body of the letter on the left side for example Yours sincerely, Yours truly, Thanking you, With warm regards etc.

Signature of writer

Add your full signature after the subscription. Add your signature below it only. After the signature write your full name below it. Do not write initials in formal letters.

Eclose the letter

If you have any attachments or documents related to the request you should add them to this part of the letter. Add Encl to the left side of the letter only. Make sure the order of the documents should be the same as written in your letter.

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Reasons to write a request letter

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Why request letters are written?

A request letter can be written for various things when one is asking politely for something. One thing to note is that this type of letter when written should show respect, politeness, gratitude and professional behaviour. It can be written for various things like requesting information for a product, goods and services, requesting sample products, for service, seeking special

Template for Request letter


Name of the recipient


Company Name (if required)


Subject: Reason for writing the letter

Salutations : Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Last name)

First paragraph – Give your introduction and your company if required. Brief the reader about the purpose of writing the letter.

Second paragraph – In the second paragraph politely put forward the request and mention why the request is being made. Polite behaviour and proper professionalism should be followed. If there is a need of meeting then ask the recipient.

Last paragraph – Conclude the letter and thank the receiver for entertaining your request. Do mention your contact details for further use.

Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully




Sample of Request letters.

Sample 1

The Manager
Integrated care solutions
Pratparganj Industrial area

11th February 2024

Subject: Information regarding the products

Dear Mr Gupta

I am writing to you today to request information regarding some products of your company. I am the manager of the XYZ company and my company delivers the products of similar segments, we are the supply chain company.

Can you please provide the information and availability of the products we are mentioning below, we have multiple orders for these products which we need to fulfil this month.

Looking forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely

Raj Mathur




Sample 2

Date :


Anjali Singh

160/7 New Estate
Sarojpur, New Road
New Delhi

The Manager
Axis Bank
New Delhi

Subject: Application Request for Education Loan

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am Sidharth Singh and I would like to apply for an education loan from your bank for my bachelor’s degree at Columbia University, U.S.A. I will be joining there from the next spring session.

I need a loan of about 20,0000 INR for my course. The call letter, fee structure, and university information have been attached to this letter.

As collateral, I have attached the paper of our land. Kindly check the mentioned. I hope you will look into my request.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Sidharth Singh

Encl:( papers)

Request Emails

How To Write Request Emails

Writing a request email is as easy as your request letter. Both the letter and email do the same work just the mode of sending is different. Although the basic structure remains the same a few tips while writing an email is as follows:

Start with the subject line

The subject line is where you put the reason for making the communication with the recipient. The subject line should state the reason why are you writing the email in very clear and specific language. This helps the recipient to better understand the content of your email and give priority to it above others.

Using a proper Salutation

As we have discussed above proper salutations are a vital part of any formal letter writing and so is the case with request emails. Proper salutations establish a good image of the sender and show more professional behaviour. Start with Dear Sir/Dear Madam.

Clearly state your request

In the first sentence or two of your email, clearly state the reason for writing the email. It should be clear and to the point. Be specific about your request and why are you requesting that. For example:

The reason I’m writing this email is to request documents of sales of your product.

Provide any necessary details if required

 If your request requires any additional information to be given by you like why you are making the request or for what reason you need any product so mention it.

Be polite

The general thumb rule while writing either a request email or letter is to be polite. Avoid language which suggests that you are demanding or being aggressive.

Offer to provide additional information

 If for completing your request the recipient needs more information from your offer to give it.

End with showing gratitude

End your email with a polite note which shows your gratitude towards the reader such as “Thank you,” or “Sincerely,” followed by your name.

Remember to keep the requested email to the point and clear. Proofread your email and check for any grammar errors. A properly well-written request email helps you with this.

Tips for writing a Request letter

Tips for request letter .
Tips to write a good request letter
  • Always try to sound polite. Polite behaviour will show more professional behaviour. It will help increase your chance of getting back a reply.
  • Do not mention unnecessary information, try to be precise. Nobody wants to invest time in unnecessary things. Be straight to the point and clear. State your reason for writing the letter in a precise way.
  • Include your contact information so that receivers can contact you as and whenever required. This is important because if the recipient has to contact you back fulling your request then they should be provided with the details in a proper manner. If an email is being sent to the mentioned email address, contact details will work.
  • Don’t try to threaten the recipient, they have the right to choose whether or not to accept the request, this will only cut your chances of getting a positive outcome.
  • Always try to write in such a manner that the request made by you seems easy to grant, and you should not sound demanding. The easier the request the more likely it is going to be fully filled.
  • If you feel you can provide the reason for making the request. This establishes the connection between the sender and reader especially when the request is regarding a product or a good or a service.
  • Always try to share your gratitude towards the person to whom you are sending the letter in the last part of the letter. Using words like ‘Thanking you’ is important to show gratitude.
  • Do not be manipulative. The reader should not feel like you are manipulating him this reduces the chances of your request being fulfilled.
  • Do not apologize for the request. Whatever your request is don’t feel sorry for making it.
  • Keep a copy of the request letter with you also. This comes in handy when in future you are asked for proof of your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start a request letter?

You should start by mentioning the address and the name of the recipient, with the proper address and after that name of the city and zip code, followed by the date on which you are sending the letter after that subject needs to be added in the next line then proper salutation must be in the next line after that you can start writing the main body of your letter.

How to end the request letter?

After sharing your gratitude towards the receiving person, Add a subscription-like yours faithfully, yours sincerely or yours truly, etc after that your signature should come in the next line followed by your full name, and if there is any supporting documentation related to the request made by you it should be attached at the last in the letter after mentioning it in the main body of the letter.

What are request letters?

Request letters are a type of formal letter only, which are written when requests are to be made for any favour, goods and services etc

What is the format of the request letter?

Recipient Name,
Designation and address
Salutation (Dear Sir/Mam, Mr./Mrs./Ms)
Body of the letter
Gratitude – Thank you
Closing the letter (Yours Sincerely), ( Yours Truly)
Your Name and Signature

Can I send a request letter via email?

Yes, like any other formal letter, you can send a request letter through email.

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