Short Wedding Speeches for Students and Children in English

Short Wedding Speeches: A wedding is a very auspicious occasion in every person’s life. The moment is filled with love, laughter and some happy tears. To make the wedding more special for the bride and groom, it is important for all the close one’s in the couple’s life to give a speech. The speech can be formal or informal. Sometimes students are also given the responsibility to write speeches for their academics. If you want to know some quick tips or examples of wedding speeches then you are on the right page. In the following article, you will get the templates of Short Wedding Speeches for Students and Children in English.

Short Wedding Speeches

While it is important that your speech should be long but make sure that it is not long enough that the audience gets bored. The wedding speeches are usually informal. It is a mixture of sweet, funny and emotional memories. Many people do not get the time to write wedding speeches or they do not have any idea of the structure of wedding speeches. Although it is an informal speech it is still important that the speech makes sense. So, go through the following article and get some ideas on how to write and wedding speech.

Short Wedding Speeches

Do’s and Dont’s of Wedding Speech

  • Don’t make the speech too lengthy. Otherwise, the listener might get bored and I hope you don’t want that.
  • Do greet and thank the audience for coming to the wedding and being patient listeners.
  • Don’t use too much sarcasm in the speech. Too much sarcasm might make the audience uncomfortable so only use a decent amount of it.
  • Do try to include all the important people in your speech so that everyone can connect with the speech.
  • Do not make the speech too emotional. After all, it is a moment of joy. So try to mix the speech with a mixture of emotional and funny memories.

Short Wedding Speeches Template by Groom

First of all, Thanks to all of you who took time from your busy schedules and become a part of the most beautiful phase of our life. My wife and I cannot thank you enough. Without all of you here today, it wouldn’t be the same…but it would be cheaper.

Okay So, let’s focus on the person who is now the owner of my house. I still remember the day I first met you. It was just a normal day when I saw you at a coffee shop and I thought WOW! if she will become my girlfriend, my life would be hella awesome. And look at us now! I cannot describe what I’m feeling right now. It’s just beyond words. I cannot promise you that I will never mess things up but I can promise that you will always find me beside you in every situation.

I wish you the strength to tolerate my lame jokes, childish behaviour and every annoying thing I do. I love you and always will for the rest of my life. I also want to thank (Bride’s Parents) for believing in me with your daughter. I promise to always take care of your daughter as long as I live. Toast to everyone presents here! Thank you.

Groom Speech Tips

Given below are some tips for the Groom’s Wedding Speech:

  • Thanks to all the guests who came to the wedding.
  • Say some words about the best man.
  • After that focus your speech on the bride.
  • Mention the bride’s family as they have also become a part of your family.
  • The speech should be a mixture of sadness as well as laughter.
  • Use a good amount of humour to make the audience interested.

Short Wedding Speeches Template by Bride

I know it’s very unusual for a bride to give a speech but come on most of you know that I cannot keep my mouth shut when everyone else is also giving a speech. So, starting my speech with the two most important people in my life. Mom and Dad! Thank you for making my day extra special by giving all your efforts to make the wedding so dreamy. Thank you for always standing up for me and always taking care of my needs.

I also like to thank all my bridesmaids. You all are looking so beautiful that’s why we have to make a distance. I can’t be outlooked by you at my own wedding! Coming to the man of the hour, my husband. I am so proud to be yours. I still cannot digest the fact we are now married! You came into my life at my worst. I don’t even know where I would be without you. You came as a ray of light and changed my life completely. Thank you for always being patient with me and taking care of me. I love you. You cannot get rid of me now!

Okay, so last but the least, thank you everyone for taking the time from your busy schedule to become a part of our wedding. So let’s drink to love and happiness, which is nothing. Unless it is divided by two.

Short Wedding Speeches Template by Groom’s Parents

My little boy who is not so little anymore is married! Can you believe it? On your wedding day, I wish you nothing but happiness in the world. Today, my heart is filled with so many emotions which are so hard to put into words. Today, not only i have not gained a daughter-in-law, I have gained a daughter whose heart is so pure and filled with love. Thank you for coming into the life of my boy. Some of you may call me biased by nobody can deny that (Groom) may be hard on the edges but a kind and loving soul.

As a parent, we may have raised him up but I can proudly say that (bride) has made him a better man. You came as a light in my son’s life and boom! there was happiness everywhere. As a parent, we do not have to worry about our son as we know that now he has someone on his side who will never leave his side no matter what. I love you both so much and wish you loads of love, laughter and happiness. May your love be modern enough to survive the times and old-fashioned enough to last forever. Cheers!

Short Wedding Speeches Template by Bride’s Parents

Firstly, thank you to everyone present here to be part of my daughter’s most precious day. I cannot thank you enough. Everyone says that a wedding is the most precious moment of a person’s life. However, it cannot be compared to the moment my daughter came into this world. You came with so much happiness, laughter and love. I am so proud of the person you have become today. Some of you don’t know, let me tell you.

My daughter started planning her wedding at the age of 10! Yes, you heard it correctly. I still remember the day when she used to play the wedding scene with her friend. Still can’t digest how time passed so fast. I wish you both happiness, love and laughter for all your life. Today may be daughter is going to someone else’s house but I am also gaining a son who stands with my daughter in every situation.

I cannot find any better man for my daughter than you. From the day, you came into my daughter’s life, she has never been so happier. Thank you for always taking care of my daughter. I better hope you will do the same for the rest of your life because I still work out. Just kidding! May your heart be warm and happy with loud peals of laughter every day in every way and forever.

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