Farewell Speech for Teachers in English by Students and Children

Farewell Speech for Teachers in English

Farewell Speech for Teachers: Teachers play an important role in our lives. Bidding farewell in a professional or academic workspace can be difficult, especially if we have an emotional connection with the person. When a teacher loves a school, there are a lot of things that follow. The students usually find themselves in utmost sadness

Welcome Speech on Independence Day for Teachers and Students

Welcome Speech on Independence Day

As you know that Independence Day is one of the most important days in every Indian life. It is an occasion that is celebrated by the whole country, regardless of religion. We celebrate Independence Day every year on the 15th of August. Events like this cannot be completed without a speech and these kinds of

Church Welcome Speech Sample; Ultimate Guide

Church Welcome Speech

A Church Welcome Speech is an integral part of any event in a church. With this speech, you welcome every single individual to your church with open arms. However, constructing a good welcome speech for everyone attending the church is much trickier than it appears. You not only give all visitors a warm welcome through

Eulogy for Son by Mother or Father

Eulogy for Son

As parents, nothing can be more agonizing than losing your son permanently. The devastation that this loss brings is a feeling that no parent should be unfortunate enough to endure. However, if you are a parent who tragically lost his/ her son, then a good way to honour his departed soul is by preparing a

Eulogy for Grandmother: A Life of Love & Grace

Eulogy for Grandmother

Writing a Eulogy for Grandmother is quite an emotionally challenging task for a person. Honouring the life of someone with whom you shared some of the most beautiful moments in your life is very difficult to pull off. However, all the challenge is worth it to give the deceased soul of your beloved grandmother a

60+ Futuristic Science Speech Topics

Futuristic Science Speech Topics

The world of Science and scientific inventions is ever-evolving. With the introduction of so many advanced technologies, Futuristic Science Speech Topics are something that never fails to intrigue people. However, picking such a speech topic that fascinates the audience sometimes gets tough. Countless speech ideas related to Futuristic Science potentially form compelling and worthwhile speeches.

Eulogy for a Brother: Tribute to Brother at Funeral

Eulogy for a Brother

Losing a loved one forever is one of the most devastating things a human endures in his/ her life. The pain doubles up, especially when you lose someone as close as your brother. However, by preparing a Eulogy for a Brother to honour their memories, you can bid their departed soul a beautiful farewell. Writing

Declamation Speech Examples for Students and Teachers

Declamation Speech examples

A Declamation Speech is one of the trickiest speeches to prepare and deliver. Re-imagining a famous speech from a well-known orator and adding your perspectives to it requires much effort. However, a masterfully delivered Declamation Speech that wins the audience makes all your effort worth it. Through this article, we will discuss the Declamation Speech

Unique and Interesting College Speech Topics

College Speech Topics

College Students are often called to speak in front of their peers and teachers for a speech. Furthermore, most of the time, the students are told to choose the College Speech Topics themselves. In this scenario, students tend to get confused as there is a wide range of speech topics they can choose from for

Interesting Speech Topics to Inspire and Enrich Knowledge

Interesting Speech Topics

There is nothing more satisfying for a speaker than inspiring his/her audience through their words. When a powerful and informative speech is delivered with the utmost finesse, it holds power to motivate the audience and enrich their knowledge. However, finding a topic for such an inspiring and enriching speech can be tough. Therefore, we present

18th Birthday Speech Example

18th Birthday Speech Example

The 18th birthday is one of the most special and emotional occasions in a person’s life. The day you transition from a child to an adult is meant to be brimming with excitement and enthusiasm. What makes this special day even more special is an 18th birthday speech by which you thank your parents, friends,

A Comprehensive Guide to ‘Types of Speech’ Its Example & Purpose

Types of Speech

A speech is one of the most effective ways to convey your thoughts to people. During a speech, a speaker can elicit various emotions from his/her audience. Their speech can inform, instruct, entertain, or persuade the audience with its substance and delivery method. Based on the aforementioned purposes, there are four Types of Speech. These

Sample of a Valedictorian Speech; Tips, Template, Expert Analysis

Sample of a Valedictorian Speech

Valedictorian Speeches are usually considered one of the main highlights of any graduation ceremony. As a Valedictorian, giving your peers a speech that encapsulates your entire experience during the years of graduation is a mighty task. Therefore, we present this article to make this task a little less difficult for you. Throughout this article, we

150 Funny Speech Topics Ideas; Informative and Humorous

One of the easiest ways to make your audience pay attention to your speech is by making them laugh. Funny Speeches are effective for people for numerous reasons. Adding a pinch of humor to the information you are trying to convey to our audience helps you portray your message smartly. However, finding Funny Speech Topics