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Mparivahan App: Under the Digital India campaign, the Government of India launched mParivahan – a mobile-based application for citizens. The launch of the mParivahan mobile App was intended to bring regularity & transparency to transportation services by providing citizens easy access to various road transport services via mobile phones.    

In this article, you will find detailed information on the mParivahan App which includes a complete guide on how to use this citizen-centric app of Govt. of India with ease, its features, detail of each service available on it, and other crucial details.

How to Use Mparivahan App
How to Use Mparivahan App | Parivahan Sewa Check RC DL Status Online 29

Mparivahan App

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mParivahan was launched by the Minister of Road Transport, Highways, and Shipping, Shri Nitin Gadkari in January 2017. This app was introduced as a digital solution to provide comprehensive transport utility-related information to the citizens. It is quite a handy app that helps you to finish all the RTO-related activities in a go and liberates you from carrying the burden of various physical documents.

What is mParivahan?    
mParivahan is a mobile-based application through which citizens get quick access to all the crucial information related to Transport services such as Driving Licenses, RC, Paying tax, Challan, emergency services etc. anytime, anywhere just by a click on their mobile phones.

Now, you are not required to carry the hard copy of your vehicle documents every time you travel. You can present your vehicle documents available on this app through your mobile phones to the concerned people when required.

How to Use Mparivahan App | Parivahan Sewa Check RC DL Status Online 30

An Overview of Mparivahan App |Parivahan Sewa

Name of the AppM-Parivahan
Concerned AuthorityMinistry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Highways  
Launch yearJanuary 2017
Launched ByShri Nitin Gadkari
Application TypeMobile Based Applications both Android and iOS
Developed ByNational Informatics Centre (NIC)
Target UsersCitizens of India
Available for Operating SystemsAndroid & iOS both
Official Transport Department PortalParivahan Sewa
mParivahan website URL

Salient Features of m-Parivahan Mobile App

This digital platform is among those initiatives of the government that facilitate e-governance and also take us a step ahead to realize the dream of Digital India. The salient features of this app will help you to get information about the major points of the application. Check the features listed below-

  • mParivahn Mobile App is a Government of India Application developed by NIC. It can be installed free of cost by the citizens.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface through which each and every citizen can easily navigate all services available on it.
  • A single application for all citizens across the country.
  • Documents presented through M-parivahan app or similar platforms like Digilocker are equally valid as physical documents.
  • Citizens can choose among three languages viz. English, Hindi & Marathi as per their convenience. Other languages will be added soon.
  • Available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of the M-Parivahan App

  • With the help of the mParivahan App, you can find various information about a vehicle that is registered in India.
  • You can present your digital Driving License (DL) or Registration Certificate (RC) to the traffic police personnel at the time of checking in case you do not have your original physical vehicle document. In fact, it is sufficient and acceptable if you only have your digital documents at the time of checking.
  • You can find details of any lost/theft, accidental, or parked vehicle with the help of this app. You just have to enter the registration no. to get the result.
  • Verification of card details
  • Verification of second-hand details
  • If you want to purchase a second-hand vehicle you can verify its registration and age details using the app.
  • Notification and alerts in case of an accident with the vehicle.
  • Separate dashboards for DL and RC.
  • Provide information about a vehicle just by entering the vehicle number even if you are offline.
  • QR code ( of virtual DL/RC) can be used as a sticker.
  • Provide information about your towed vehicle.

Services and Features of mParivahan portal

In this section, you will get brief information about each and every feature that NIC has included in m parivahan for the convenience of the citizens.

  • RC Information
    This option helps you to provide detailed information about your Registration Certificate. Under this RC dashboard, you can check your RC details by entering your RC number.
  • DL Information
    This option takes you to the DL dashboard where you can view your DL information by entering your DL number.
  • Search DL with DOB
    This option of mparivahan online app facilitates you to search your DL with the help of your Date of birth. You have to enter your DL number and date of birth to check the details of your DL.
  • Search Challan
    By this option, users can search challan (if any). It can be viewed either by entering the RC Number or by the DL number.
  • Pay Tax
    Under the Road Tax services option, you are provided three options viz.
    – Pay Tax-
    – Check Pending Transactions
    – Reprint Receipt
    To proceed with these services you need to enter the valid vehicle no.
  • Emergency Services
    This feature is one of the important features of this app. In this option, users get an emergency number which they can dial in case of any accident or any other problem. With this, you can also create your own emergency profile and contacts which will be notified in case of any mishap.
    Check how to create an emergency profile on mparivahan?
    – Open the app.
    – Click on the emergency services option given at the top of the dashboard or click on the menu bar to get the same.
    – Click on “Create Now”
    – Enter the details (DOB, Gender, Blood group, height, weight) to complete the emergency profile and click “Next”
    – Add emergency contacts (can be more than one) and Save.
  • Our Services
    Under this, you get the following information-
    – DL mock test- Online mock test for applying for DL
    – Nearest Pollution Checking Center
    – Nearest RTO- Helps to find out the nearest RTO in your region.
    – Salient Features- Provide information about app features through a video
  • Registration
    Here you get each and every information about RC viz.-
    – Temporary Registration
    – Permanent Registration
    – Renewal of Registration
    – Duplicate RC
    – No Objection Certificate
    – HP Endorsement
    – HP Termination
    – Address Change
    – Reassignment of Vehicle
    – Trade Certificate
    – Duplicate Trade Certificate
    – Ownership Transfer
    – Diplomatic Vehicles
    – Registration Display
  • License Information
    Under DL information you get to know about-
    – Learner’s DL
    – Permanent DL
    – Renewal of DL
    – Duplicate DL
    – Addition of Class
    – International Driving Permit
    – License Related Fees
  • Shared/Received RC
    On the mParivahan app, you can also share your RC with your contacts (if required). You can use this feature to view your shared and received RC details. RC can be shared only with the contact who are in your contact list and have which are also a user of the mParivahan app.
  • Notification
    This option at the top of the dashboard facilitates you to get regular and real-time notifications of all the activity related to road transport services. Under this icon you get various notifications about app version updates, emergency services, shared/received RC/DL etc. This feature includes General Notification related to the app and Ministry notifications.
  • Language Selection
    This feature allow you to select your preferred language in which you wish to access the application. Currently, the app provides only three languages. More languages will be added to the list soon.

How to Use the Mparivahan Application?

If you are wondering how to use the mParivahan app and avail of its various services then before that need to install the mParivahan application on your smartphone.

Take a quick look at the simple process of mparivahan app download shared as under-

Procedure to download & Sign Up on the m-Parivahan App

To get started with the services on the mParivahan app, you need to install and sign up for this app. The step-by-step process for the same is shared in this section. Have a look-

  • Open the Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone.
  • Type mParivahan and click on the mParivahan app option.
  • Click on the Install option and open the App.
  • Now, slide pages that appear on the app or you also skip it. These pages provide information about all the services that you can avail of on this app.
  • Select the language. Click on the Menu option as shown below and hit the “Sign In” link.
  • If you already have an account then enter the registered number and continue. If not Click on the “Sign Up” option.
  • Enter the mobile no and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Verify by entering the OTP.
  • Complete your profile by entering your name and Clicking on “Submit”.
  • Finally, your account on the mParvahan App will be created.  
  • Your name, mobile No. will now appear on the top of the homepage. After successful registration, you can proceed further to use the services available on the app.  

How to create Virtual RC on mParivahan?  

To get instant access to your RC through mobile phone, you have to create your virtual RC on the mParivahan app (mparivahan ऑनलाइन). The complete procedure to create Virtual RC is explained below through various steps. Just go through the steps and get your virtual RC created.     

  • Open mParivahan App.
  • Click on your name at the top and click on the “My RC” option.
  • Click on “Create Virtual RC”.
  • Now, the Virtual RC dashboard will open. Enter your RC no. and click on the Search button.
  • Now, a pop-up box indicating a note about your activity log will appear. Click OK to proceed further.
  • Complete detail of your vehicle will open your mobile screen.
  • Scroll the page down. Click on the “View Challan” option if any challans otherwise proceeds ahead by clicking on “Add to Dashboard for Virtual RC”.
  • Verify your RC by providing Chassis No. and Engine No.
  • RC will be verified and you will get the message- “Go to the dashboard to check your RC details”
  • Your Virtual RC will be created and displayed in the RC dashboard.
  • Click on the Virtual RC details. A QR code with other RC detail will open.
  • You can download this QR code by clicking on the download option and present the same whenever required.

How to create Virtual DL on mParivahan?

mParivahan App also allows you to create the Virtual DL. This virtual form of DL can be presented whenever, and wherever you are asked to show it. Check the complete process involved in the creation of mparivahan virtual dl shared as under-

  • Open M-Parivahan App installed on your phones.
  • Click on “My DL” option on the dashboard.
  • Click on the “Create virtual DL” option on DL your DL dashboard.
  • Enter your DL number in the space provided.
  • Your Driving License details will open on your phone. Hit the “View Challan” option in if there is any challan otherwise proceed further by clicking on “Add to Dashboard for Virtual DL”
  • Verify your DL. For verification enter your Date of Birth and click on the “Verify” tab.
  • Now, your virtual DL is created. Go to the dashboard to check your Virtual DL.
  • You can see your virtual DL under the DL dashboard. Click on it to view more details.
  • Complete Virtual Driving License information along with a QR code will appear.
  • You can download the QR code by clicking on the download button and make use of it whenever required.

The downloaded QR code or Virtual DL/ Virtual RC can be utilized as a valid vehicle document by the citizens whenever demanded by the traffic police or any other concerned person.

All the activities performed by the users on m-Parivahan App are logged/recorded for security reasons by the Government.
mparivahan-activity log

mParivahan ऐप की अधिक जानकारी पाएं यहाँcheck-here

Newly Added features on mParivahan Application

NIC keeps updating the app versions as well as its features considering the latest developments of transportation services and requirements of the government as well as of the citizens. Since the launch of the application, NIC has made several changes in the application. Check recent add-ons that have been made in this application listed below-

  • The new Aesthetic and improved design of the application
  • Pay Tax feature
  • Emergency feature – For quick access during an emergency
  • Introduction of Marathi Language feature
  • Deactivate Account Feature
  • Improvement in Performance
  • Bug Fixes
  • Improvements in User Interface
  • The nearest Pollution Checking Center feature
  • View Challan by RC No.
  • View Challan DL Number

Contact Information
In case of any query regarding this application, users can contact the Application Information Manager at the helpdesk details given below-
Contact Number- 0120-2459171
(Timing- 6:00 am-10:00 pm)

Hope this information helps. If you want us to solve your queries regarding M-Parivahan App/Parivahan Sewa then just mention the same in the comment section and bookmark NVSHQ.ORG for more related content.   

mPariavahan: Important Links

mparivahan Android app DownloadmParivahan App Link
mparivahan for iOS mParivahan App Links for IOS
Parivahan Sewa official portal  M Parivahan Portal Link


What is mParivahan?

mParivahan is a mobile-based application of Govt. of India designed to offer instant and improved access to services, utilities and information related to the transport sector.

What are the details required to sign up on the app?

You can create your account on this app just by providing your mobile No.

If I present my DL through the mParivahan app at the time of checking by the traffic police; will it be accepted/considered valid?

Yes, documents related to vehicles such as DL, RC etc. on your mParivahan App or Digi locker are equally valid as of physical documents and are to be accepted by the concerned person/authority. For more information Click Here.

What all information about a registered vehicle can be collected from this application?

The information that can be accessed about a registered vehicle through this application includes- Name of the owner of the vehicle, its Registration date, Registering Authority, Vehicle Age, Make and Model, Vehicle class, Fuel Type, Insurance & fitness Validity etc.

Why all the activities that I perform on the app are recorded?

The government keeps a record of all the activities performed by users for security reasons. There are several instances of misuse of services and information available on this app that happened in past. In order to control such acts, the government decided to keep a record of all the activities of users performed on M-parivahan.

Is it enough to present the QR codes downloaded from Virtual RC or Virtual DL when it’s required?

Yes. In case you are asked to show your RC or DL you can present the QR code saved in your phone. This QR will be scanned by the police/concerned person and all the details about your DL or RC will display on their device.

Can I share my virtual DL or RC directly through this app?

Yes, you can share your virtual DL or RC with your contacts on the phone. You must note that you can share your virtual DL/RC only with the contacts who have an account on this app.

Can we apply for a fresh driving license through mParivahan?

No, you can only create a virtual copy of your existing DL or RC through this application. Application for a fresh DL can be made through the Sarathi Parivahan App of the Indian Government. However, the application feature will be updated soon.

Can we make e challan payment on mparivahan app?

No, using this app you can only view the details of the e-challan if any. To make the payment you have to install one of the flagship apps of the parivahan dept. i.e. e-Challan.

Is mParivahan available for PC?

No, mparvihan for pc is not available at present. It is a mobile-based application that can only work on android or iOS mobile phones. Any update related to the same will be updated here.

How to deactivate the mParivahan Account?

Follow the given points to deactivate the account-
– Click on Menu Bar.
– Click on the Logout button provided corresponding to the name of the user.
– Click Ok.

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