Uttarakhand Rs.1 Tap Water Connection Scheme: Online Registration, Objectives, Eligibility & Benefits

Uttarakhand Rs.1 Tap Water Connection Scheme: Chief Miniter of Uttarakhand has announced Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme for residents of the state. Under this scheme, govt. will provide a water connection for 1 Rupee. This scheme generally targets the destitute people of Uttarakhand. The government wants to help all citizens of the state through this yojana.

Currently, the cost of a drinking water connection is 2350 rupees, and not everyone can afford this price of water to live. जल जीवन मिशन योजना will provide water connection at a very low price i.e. Rupee 1. It is notified by Dr Water Nitesh Jha, that Functional House Hold Tape Connection is to be set up in 7,755 Gram Panchayats, 14,871 communities of all development sections of the state by 2024.

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Uttarakhand Rs.1 Tap Water Connection Scheme
Uttarakhand Rs.1 Tap Water Connection Scheme

Uttarakhand Rs.1 Tap Water Connection Scheme

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat has initiated a step for the goodness of Uttarakhand civilians. On 6th July 2020 (Monday) CM declares the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme for all households of the state. This scheme will be beneficial for those people who can’t bear water conn. at high prices. Providing water to economically weaker sections is the main objective of govt. For this scheme, the Uttarakhand govt. passes the budget of 1565 crore rupees.

3.58 lakh houses will be given water connections for 1 rupee under this scheme. In a video conference, Uttarakhand CM said that through the tap, clean and drinking water will be supplied. Uttarakhand will be the first state that will provide water connection for 1 rupee. For candidates who want to apply for this scheme Government of Uttarakhand will issue application forms for them. Eligible candidates can fill out the application form online.

Jal Sansthan – Under Jal Sansthan, the task of providing taps to the house of 361654 families in a total of 3806 villages.
Swajal Board – Under Swajal Board, water will be delivered to 235994 families of a total of 2078 villages.
Uttarakhand Drinking Water Corporation- Uttarakhand Drinking Water Corporation Board is assigned the responsibility of most villages. Water Corporation has a total of 9754 villages in which the total number of households is 9,11953.


Aim of Rupees One Tap Water Connection Scheme

The main aim of this scheme is to provide clean drinking water at one rupee. There are many families who didn’t get sufficient and pure water to drink so, they will surely get benefit from this scheme. Another objective of this plan is to plant water connections at every house in Uttarakhand till 2024. Water is a basic requirement for everyone, and due to COVID-19, it becomes more challenging for poor people to get water.

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Abstract of Rs.1 Tap Water Connection 2023 Scheme

Official Websiteuk.gov.in
Launching AuthorityCM Trivendra Sign Rawat Uttarakhand
Name of Govt.Government of Uttarakhand
Name of SchemeUttarakhand Rupee 1 Tap Water Connection Scheme
RecipientsCitizens of Uttarakhand
Aim of SchemeGrant water connection at a very low price
Launch Date of Rs.1 Tap Water Connection Scheme6th July 2020
Total Budget of Scheme1565 Crore Rupees
Number of Households to provide Water Connection3.58 Lakh Families

Uttarakhand Rs.1 Tap Water Connection Scheme – Benefits

One Rupee water connection scheme has many benefits. By applying for this scheme, candidates can take advantage of this scheme.

  1. As we all know that water is the primary need of life for all living beings if the govt provides water for one rupee then, anyone can easily afford it.
  2. In case of any inconsistency or misconduct, the government will take strict action against suppliers.
  3. All advantages of this scheme will be given only to the residents of Uttarakhand state.
  4. The government will provide clean drinking water by tap connections to 15,647 villages in the state.
  5. Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan is responsible for providing water connections in every village.
  6. Destitute people of the state will also use clean water for drinking and other purposes.
  7. The government will provide one connection of water to each household in Uttarakhand. 
  8. With this scheme, villagers will no longer have to go to other places to fill the water.

Features of Rs.1 Water Connection Scheme

  • The government has decided on the 1565 crores rupees budget for the 1 rupee water connection scheme.
  • The government will provide high-grade quality water for all people of the state.
  • If suppliers don’t provide water on time, then action will be taken against them by the state govt.
  • Uttarakhand state government analyzed the problem of residents and understood that not everyone can pay a high amount of water connection. Therefore, water should be made available to all people at an affordable cost.
  • Poor people of the state are the neediest ones right now. So, they are the main target of this yojana.
  • In Uttarakhand, there will be a water connection in every house by 2024.

उत्तराखंड ₹1 पानी कनेक्शन योजना ऑनलाइन आवेदन

Candidates who want to submit application forms can fill forms from this portal too. Destitute candidates who don’t have any connection yet and want the benefits of this yojana can apply for this scheme. We will provide each and every step to fill out the application form online or offline. By implementing those steps, you can easily register yourself.

Importance of Rs.1 Water Connection 2023 Scheme

This scheme plays a very important role for residents of Uttarakhand.

1. By using this scheme, candidates will get fresh water to drink.
2. If there is a water connection at every house then, the families will not have to go here and there to get water.
3. By the use of clean water, fewer people in the state will fall ill.
4. As much as water is important for living similarly, sanitization is also necessary for everyone.
5. Many economically weaker sections people lose their job because of sickness so, from this scheme, they will also get benefits and will not have spent more money on disease.

उत्तराखंड ₹1 पानी कनेक्शन योजना- Related FAQ’s

Who and when Rupee 1 Connection of Water Yojana is launched?

On 6th July 2020, Monday CM Trivendra Singh Rawat launched the scheme for the people of Uttarakhand.

How can I apply for Rupee 1 Water Connection Scheme online?

Till now there is no official notification regarding the application form for a 1 rupee water connection. But govt is preparing to announce application forms for this scheme. You can check the official website regularly for any other latest updates regarding this scheme.

What are the benefits of the Water Connection Scheme?

There are many benefits like – Govt will provide clean and fresh water for drinking by tap connections, Water will be provided at rupee 1 only. So from now, anyone can buy a water connection, Every household will get their own connection of water, etc.

What is the main objective of this scheme?

The aim objective of this scheme is to grant water at a very low price and reasonable price. With this scheme, destitute people will get water easily. This scheme is only for the people of Uttarakhand state.

Who is the main target of this scheme?

Poor people living in villages of Uttarakhand are the main target of govt. These people suffer most in the state due to a lack of fresh water.

Who can apply for Rupees 1 water connection?

Candidates belonging to poor families or those who don’t have water connections can also apply for this scheme.

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