What to Do After Engineering? Best Career Option After B.Tech/BE in 2024

After pursuing an engineering course like B.Tech or BE, one is confused about what one should look for to amplify

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After pursuing an engineering course like B.Tech or BE, one is confused about what one should look for to amplify future waves. In this article, we have discussed the best options to question ‘What to Do after engineering‘. Engineering is a multifarious course blended with not only technical but also skills that are present in the humanities stream as well as how to manage together yourself with financial status.

All the folks of soft skills and tackling day to day life situations is what engineering courses teach us. But life doesn’t stop at BTech and we need to explore more of the fields present in this industrial market. Let’s get into the main topic, What career option to choose after engineering courses.

So sometimes it is very critical to choose what to pursue or where to go for and whom should we think of a perfect guide in order to further move forward in your life. Out of a bunch packet of courses you need to put the arrow on the perfect bird’s eye so that you win the race of life.

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What builds your future is your prime prospect of priority when it comes to an end of BTech. Whether you want to go for further studies or you want to do research or you want to start up your own business or you want to do a job, everything perfectly suits your feasibility.

But making the right decision at the right time is your trick to be the fittest man. Following are the top career options after engineering which you can look forward to as per your toss to be the successful man after engineering.

What to Do After Engineering

What to Do After Engineering?

Check out the list of all career options after engineering.

Management Course

One of the best courses to do after engineering is to go for the management sector. Management lets you build your soft skills along with your polishing in decision making power. It thus makes you fit in the global market.

  1. Course name: MBA( Management it business administration)
  2. Course eligibility: One should be a graduate And qualify the CAT exam. Cat stands for common aptitude test which is given by students all over India as a national exam to get into the business administration course.
  3. Institutions allotted: The best institution for the managerial courses is the IIM.Now a days a lot of state government colleges and also the private institutions provide this course.Higher the number in this exam the better you get into a very good institution.
  4. Positions offered: You get to have managerial post mostly in private organisations but it would help you to get success in the private sector of job. Moreover you will get a decent salary which would increment as you work in the organisation.

Passing for Higher Studies in the Field of Engineering

One of the best career options after engineering if you are a passionate lover of engineering and you want to learn more about the concepts of it you can obviously opt for higher studies. Picking this course in order to become a more experienced engineer you can stretch the perimeters of your knowledge by opting higher studies.

  1. Course name: MTech(Masters of technology)
  2. Course eligibility: One should be a graduate in engineering and qualify the GATE exam as the ultimate pathway to the universities for higher studies in India. GATE exam stands for graduate aptitude test in engineering which is all India national exam and help to sort out students who have a specialised knowledge in the field of engineering.
  3. Institutions allotted: The best institution for higher studies in India is IIT. Nowadays a lot of Government colleges and private institutions provide a platform for higher studies. The higher the score in this exam, the better you get into the best Institution for Higher studies. One could also opt for institutions outside India and in that case one has to give TOEFL as their qualifying exam.
  4. Positions offered: One could either teacher to the college and be a professor or a lecturer or he or she can either work more on it and create something innovative or move on to a researcher.

Opting for the Civil Services Examination

Most top institute students also prefer civil services career options after engineering. One of the toughest examinations in India is the civil services examination. In order to qualify it, one has to be completely focused. This is a job-oriented examination and you need to work hard to see nation a better place to live tomorrow and bring your aspiring dreams to be true in your future days to come.

  1. Job Name: Union Public service commission or civil services in local language
  2. Job eligibility: One should be a graduate in any field and qualify the civil services examination conducted by the Union Public service commission in order to let the candidates chase the dreams and aspirations.
  3. Working site: You need to directly report the Government officials and as this is a permanent achievement in one’s life. One has to regularly report to higher officials. Also after the training in LBSNAA Mussoorie, one is allotted the place of posting as his or her personal choice as per the feasibility.
  4. Positions offered: The Indian administrative service officer to the Indian revenue service officer to the Indian engineering services officer is what this examination provides to us. we can become IAS, IPS, IRS as per our choice with a bunch of prestige confidence and hopes of positivity to look forward. Postings from District magistrate To the chief sectary to the director-general of police everything the nation decides is that the hands of the civil service in servants.

Going for the Public Service Undertaking Jobs

The most wanted jobs in the government sector after pursuing engineering is the Public service undertaking sectors. Most of the students have the vision to stabilise their families and conclude their engineering course with a lookout for state or central government jobs. Let’s see what this high-paying career option after engineering is all out.

  1. Job name: Public service  undertaking sectors
  2. Job eligibility: One has to qualify the gate examination with high score at the safe side. Limited seats are present due to which only the cream of the gate toppers could be chosen for such employment.
  3. Working norms: He or she would be a high scorer in Gate for sorting out in the selection round. The higher you score in Gate the better PSU you get to work in.There is a cutthroat competition in order to get into PSUs of India.
  4. Positions offered: The post at which these engineers are recruited is assistant engineer as its initial vacancy. The assistant engineer, the junior engineer and director technical as well as general manager technical are the posts offered by a PSU to you. It is a very good high-paying paying government job that would fetch you both a stability and security with prestigious position.

Entrepreneurship or Startup

One of the massive option that We choose nowadays is Entrepreneurship. Gone are the days when we had to hide the talents sitting idly at home. After doing Engineering one could just open his or her start up and go for it. This profession has inspired the bosses and helped in finding the problems of the society and turning them into a useful solution.

  1. Job name: Entrepreneurship
  2. Job eligibility: One should be a graduate in engineering and should keep for self motivated in order to make the start up a successful one. No exam is required to give in order to become an entrepreneur.
  3. Working norms: One should have a strategic development.Finding a Problem and working on it  is the ultimate goal of an entrepreneur. One can look for a start up incubator like Angel prime. One can also try various entrepreneurship certification programmes and bag some guidance.
  4. Position offered: One can be the founder of a company that is the CEO at a very young age and you can work also to join this startup companies as executives or go for some other managerial posts. Patience is needed and money making takes time.


Sometimes there are some colleges which provide the campus placement within the campus itself. One need not to find for any other option and also the offers are more. It gives your security and if your resume is filled with extracurricular activities and also soft skills then it’s perfectly a perfect boon for you.

  1. Job name: Campusing
  2. Job eligibility: Hold  high CGPAS and prepared with soft skills; An active participant in all the events of the college. Should be able to answer the questions asked in the interview.
  3. Working norms: should have creativity in any small thing; should have a good graduate degree of engineering with good score; very high salary is offered with packages at for Per annum. One can also go for campus placements before getting one’s degree before the terminal year.
  4. Position offered: It depends on the field you come from. Software developer, sales executive, financial and strategic developer  business analysis, electrical system designer are some posts provided to this means.

Internship Programmes

  1. Job name: internships on various skills
  2. Job eligibility: you should at least have a very good resume in order to apply for any internship you look for. One should polish that course very well so that it could be a bank a future with a lot of experiences at short span of time.
  3. Working norms: Basically takes a time span of 6 months to 1 year. Just swap yourself to opt for a full-time internship as it would help you get a lot of hands on experience and a job with a high post and high salary.Moreover it increases your professionalism helps you to invent yourself in a new dimension ;makes you know your strengths and faults to polish and fill them.
  4. Position offered: working as an intern or a full timer; later when you publish it to your company you work it may build your image and let you fetch a high post with stabilised salary.Professional certification Helps to layer your experience ,backbone your credit and boost your financial requirements and keep yourself young and busy by involving in work.

Opting for the Private Jobs

If you want to start up your career after engineering and you are unable to proceed then just hold on. Post your profile at various famous sites called Linkedln to let others explore your perimeters of knowledge and offer you a space in India’s technical market.

  1. Job name: private sector
  2. Job eligibility: engineering graduate with an interest to apply the concepts in various organisations in order to increase experience.
  3. Job norms: Helps you to fetch a position in the MNCs  in both professional as well as industrial hubs;Landing a job among the skyrocketing profiles is very unique and it is the engineering graduates who can create the difference.
  4. Positions offered: Engineers are at high WishList and thereby all the managerial as well as executive positions are offered to them along with responsible team to work.

Indian Armed Forces

  1. Job name: The Indian Armed Forces
  2. Eligibility: One should be a citizen of India and should be able to qualify the AFCAT examination. One should beat all the physical requirements and be medically fit. Should be brave enough to serve the country.
  3. Job norms: One can join the technical squad depending on their skills and also the score in an AFCAT exam.
  4. Position offered: In Indian Navy, the employees are recruited by special Naval architects entry scheme I.e. SNAES. In the Indian Army, one can join as corps of engineers, the corpse of signals mechanical engineers and join the technical graduate course TGC for further employment.

Tips for Making the Right Decision

Many of us are confused about what to do and what not after engineering. Moreover, we get tensed at every crucial moment of our lives and it is at the call of time when we need you to support and motivate ourselves. It is with this note that we should follow the Algo given below:

  1. Be patient:
    • We should not be demotivated for any reason
    • Should be flexible in order to discover what suits you
    • Step not out from your principles
    • Welcome suggestions from friends and parents and experienced people
  2. Stern while hitting the blow:
    • Visit a career counsellor or experienced person
    • Explore various internships or the vocational training
    • Get catch hold of your hobbies as your strength
    • Network yourself to invent new dimensions and also check out whether you have any interest to opt for abroad courses
  3. Strike the Birdseye:
    • Once you have chosen what to look out it’s now the time to finally go for it
    • Do not get diverted and do not divert into diverse talks
    • Believe in yourself and move forward


The transition from engineering to the professional Field helps you understand the potential in a better manner. As already engineering offers you a course with various shades, with not only technical aspects but also unleashing you to explore. Engineering offers vast career options after they graduate.

The global market has so much is its store, that trying out different scopes would surely build our future into something very productive. Moneymaking is not always so important but to strive the trick of smart work is the rhythm of this industrial hub. When you board the ship of the technical world you should be mentally prepared to test various aspects of life with always got a proper planned fixed algorithm.

Being flexible but not forgetting your values is the most caring aspect. High-paid jobs in a lot of MNCs with the post of the executive or a Manager helps you to do the team making and work always through team spirit. 

If you have a perfect guide surely ask him to guide and with proper guidance and proper care one day you will surely climb the ladder of success. Career options after engineering are not limited to these but creating your own path have many possibilities.

Hope we have answered your question “What to do after engineering courses?”, “What to do after pursuing B.tech?”

After identifying your interest, one should choice career after graduation. And stop wondering what to do after engineering and look for what you want to spend your life doing. 

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