The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English

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The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English: In this article, we have discussed The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English for students.

The Rattrap Summary
The Rattrap Summary

The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English

The Rattrap is a short written by Selma Lagerlof. The rattrap is a device that is used to set-up to catch a rat. This story revolves around a vagabond who to meet his need would sell rattrap made up of wires and sometimes do thieveries. One day he was wandering off and selling his Rattrap when he realized that this whole world is a rattrap and all these riches, money, food, and clothes are nothing but bait. Just like the rattrap offers cheese as bait.

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One evening he was trodding when he came across a grey cottage by the roadside. He decided to ask for shelter in this cottage and to his luck instead of sending out he was welcomed by an old man. He was living alone and don’t have a wife or any child. He was happy to receive the vagabond to remove his loneliness. That man offered him a big supper and a good tobacco to smoke and like a friend played a game of cards with him until it was bedtime.

He also shared his personal details, like in his days of prosperity he was a crofter in Ramsjo Ironworks and now when he was not able to do any labor his cow which who gave him good quality milk was supporting him. The old man also showed him the place near his window where he have kept his three ten kronor bills in a leather pouch.

The next day both the old man and the vagabond got up. While the old man went to milk his cow, the vagabond got up and left the cottage. Both the man went to their own path. After only half an hour have passed and the rattrap peddler was back he never tried to force entry in the cottage but went straight to the window broke the glass and took out the leather pouch which held the thirty kronor bills took the bills and placed the pouch back.

To avoid being caught by anyone the peddler avoids to take the highway route and instead took the forest route. The route appeared fine the broad daylight but with its turns and falling night, the vagabond was getting confused and had no idea how to exit the forest. The huge forest with its branches and trunks appeared like a giant maze to him. He realized that he used to make fun of those people who would get stuck in the trap of the world and now he himself has fallen for the bait.

It was December and the night was getting cold when he was about to give up, he heard a great thumping and started to follow the sound. As soon as he reached the source of the sound he realized that it was the Ramsjo iron mill. He thought that he would find shelter in the iron mill as it would be having a furnace. He went inside and asked the master blacksmith to stay there which was granted to him. After some time the owner of the iron mill comes there and he when saw the vagabond he confuses him with his old friend Nils Olof.

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The rattrap peddler has never in his life seen this man but thought that if he pretends to be the friend of the master of the iron mill he would get some kronor and play along. To the surprise of the vagabond, the mill owner invites him to his house for dinner. The vagabond was alarmed upon hearing this and said no to the offer as he was afraid of getting caught. But the iron mill owner was not backing down and told him that his wife is now dead and his two sons are abroad and in the house, only his daughter and he were there.

They were feeling lonely in celebrating Christmas alone. The rattrap peddler was not feeling comfortable in accepting the generous offer but after half an hour the daughter of the iron master, Edla Willmansson came to persuade the rattrap peddler. And now the rattrap peddler has to finally give in to her request of her.

As soon as they reach home the iron master gives the rattrap peddler new sets of clothes and asks him to take a wash. But when the iron peddler comes after cleaning him the iron master realizes that this man is not his old friend. He feels betrayed and becomes very angry. Upon understanding the tension the rattrap peddler defends himself and says that it is not his fault and that the iron master himself pressured him.

The iron master plans to call the sheriff and on this, the rattrap says that you one day will get caught by this world trap. And the peddler decides to leave but the daughter of the iron master stops him and argues that we had promised him to provide food and shelter and we should fulfill our promise, especially at Christmas. The rattrap peddler who have never received such warm behavior in his life was melted.

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The next day, when Edla and his father go to the church and here they came to know about the theft of thirty kronor and link that the person living at their house was the culprit. They go back to the house thinking that they too were robbed but when they reached their house they saw that in a rattrap the peddler have kept that thirty kronor and a letter which was addressed to Edla who have changed him because of her kind behavior. And from now on the peddler promises to become a good person, signed in the end by the name of Captain von Stahle. And the story ends here.

Conclusion of The Rattrap Summary

The story explores the concept that everyone here is good and all we need is compassion and a kind heart to bring out the best in every person.

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