IGNOU 2023 Exam Preparation Tips, How to Crack IGNOU Exam

IGNOU 2023 Exam Preparation: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is all set to conduct various entrance examinations. Being the

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IGNOU 2023 Exam Preparation: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is all set to conduct various entrance examinations. Being the most preferred open learning institution in India, the competition is high. Aspirants who aim at pursuing their higher studies at this University often panic thinking about the same. But, do not worry. We have got you covered. This article contains the best ideas for the preparation for the exams that the IGNOU will conduct. Check all the tips here and start to clear the entrance tests!

IGNOU Exam Preparation Tips
IGNOU 2023 Exam Preparation Tips, How to Crack IGNOU Exam 4

Plan IGNOU 2023 Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation might seem difficult when you have not started it. However, the best way is to plan everything out. By analyzing the requirements, goals, examination trends, and more, a student can smartly excel in the exams, be it. Hard work is the keyword but smart planning not only saves time but energy. Hence, a proper plan is needed. Read all the subsequent tips so as to focus on the objective and ace the IGNOU 2023 Exams.

Start Today

There is no better time and day than the present day to start preparing. Postponing things is never scheduling. The best way to be able to begin is just to plan it out and begin. The more days you lose, the lesser depth your preparations can achieve. Hence, better now than never. Begin your Examination preparation just when you start thinking about it and do not delay.

Set a Goal

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It is very important to dream and aim so as to reach a place. A person who has no goal can never attain a destiny. Hence it is important to decide when till when you wish to prepare and how much you are willing to score. The decided score is the benchmark and one needs to always strive to pass that.

Make a Plan!

Once the goal is set, it is crucial to plan things out. One needs to analyze the number of days that are left with him/her for the preparation and the amount of syllabus one needs to cover. After getting all this data plan the important topics accordingly and allot the time respectively. There should always be a scope of Revision Time. Reworking on the learnt topics is very important since last-minute revision can actually do wonders.

Be aware of the Syllabus and Examination Pattern

There is a huge difference between Hard work and Smart work. One should be hardworking but smart work really sorts things out. Hard work does not imply non-directional efforts and hence smart work is advised. Before beginning with studies, be aware of the Syllabus. Know exactly what subjects and topics you need to know. Additionally, the examination pattern must be on the fingertips. If you do not know the marks weightage that a particular subject will carry, you will not be able to choose the important topics and prioritize.

As a result, one might end up preparing the questions for less important topics and score lesser even after studying tirelessly. Question types will also help you get an idea if you should have basic knowledge or must be thorough with the concepts. For Objective questions, one must know little details but for Subjective ones, a gist of the subject would also fetch marks.

Select the Best Study Material

There are various materials available in the market for students. They must select the ones where concepts are explained in simple language and the main focus is on the deliverance of the best and mostly asked questions. This will provide an idea of the trend that the questions follow and the kind of answers the authorities are seeking. Practising questions that are mostly asked helps the most since the examinations do contain such questions that were asked in previous years.

Don’t Stress Out

A little reminder: don’t stress. While you are preparing for your exam and there is a time limit, you often GOP under excessive pressure ending up losing your cool. This needs to be avoided. It is very important to chill out a little. The more you stress, the more you tend to forget the concepts. It is never really important to waste time worrying.

Check out Online Study Content

With the betterment of technology, the educational system has also advanced. The benefit is that you can easily check out theories and explanations online. There are a lot of qualified teachers who are taking up the opportunity to educate through social media. The platforms such as YouTube, websites such as Coursera, blogging pages, and more are enabling the students to easily check out content related to their topics and study easily.

Make Notes

It is not only best to have study material but also to personalize it. There is a difference between understanding what the authors have written and what your perception is. For better revision, it is important to prepare notes in such a manner that you easily understand what you want to read in the first place. Hence, it is advised to make personal notes and bullet points so that there is a better comprehension and things can store in the mind in a much better way.

Write the Exam smartly

Understanding, learning, and studying can only help if you write the exam very properly. There is absolutely no use in all the preparation if you are unable to present what you know. Read the questions more than twice before answering them. Understand what the requirement of the question is and how the answers must be written. Nextly manage the length of the answers or the focus on the questions accordingly on the basis of the marks. Focus on attempting things you know more than writing it all. It is important to score the sure-shot marks more than scoring a little but completing everything, even if you do not know it.

Time Management

Last but not the least, managing time is important. Be it the preparation phase or attempting the exam phase, it is important to know where you have to allot your time. Give in more time in preparing concepts with higher weightage and attempting them. Manage your every second by making the best use of it. Do not waste time by focusing on irrelevant and less important things.

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