The Fun They Had Summary: CBSE Class 9 English Syllabus

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The Fun They Had Summary: The students who have to appear for the Central Board of Secondary Education Class 9 Examinations of English subject need to study the chapter, “The Fun They Had” as a part of the curriculum. Every Chapter in the book is important and it is better if the students are thorough with all the specifications of the events of the story as it will help them while writing the answers. Students must read the entire chapter first and then get into the details by reading the aspects.

The Fun They Had Summary
Summary of “The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov

In the following article, we have provided a summary of the story, “The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov. Students are advised to read the gist of the prose and also check other concepts such as

The Fun They Had Summary

The Class 9th chapter of the CBSE Syllabus for English, “The Fun They Had” is an interesting story about potential technical advancement and how it can adversely affect human life in future. The story is set fictionally in the year 2157 and draws a comparison between the present education system and the probable system of education in the next century. The questions that will be constructed from the chapter will be based on distinctive events that occurred in the storyline. Additionally, the questions can also be based on the theme of the story and the aptness of the title.

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Since the story is not very complex and there is negligible character development, there is a very large possibility that the questions will not be based on the characters. The possible scenarios of questions are on the events in the story, a comparison of the education systems declared in the story, the title of the story, and the aptness of the title.

Summary of “The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov

The story commences with the introduction of two characters, Magrie and Tommy. The story takes place in the year 2157 and the tale is narrated by Magrie through her writing in the diary. She writes about how Tommy finds a book. This book belongs to Tommy’s grandfather. The kids and the story are set in a time where technology is employed for the conduction of daily activities. Further, the education system of the era is also deeply influenced by technology.

Magrie explains through her diary that in the Grandfather’s book such an education system is mentioned where the stories were printed on paper. Further, she discovers that the students in that era used to turn the pages of books by hand and she finds this feeling funny since they never turned over the pages of books themselves or read still words. Magrie’s books were rather telebooks, stored on Televisions and Computers. The words flashed on the screen and they were not stationary but in motion.

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As Magrie reads further, she discovers that the schools were very different in the time back then. She finds the education system was very simple with no involvement of robots. She does not like the present school system where the teachers were robots and there was no concept of classrooms. Tommy and she studied in a virtual classroom. They did not have recess or breaks or playgrounds. Additionally, her school was the room next to her bedroom where gadgets, robots, and other electronic devices were piled up to assist her in her education. She is taught through software installed on computers.

After reading Tommy’s Grandfather’s book, Magrie attends her school in a routine way. She keeps on wondering about the education system of earlier days. She wonders about the fun element the education back in the time of her grandparents. She thought about the aspect of attending schools where children from different neighbourhoods would gather and enjoy themselves while studying. Moreover, the concept of receiving the same education astonished her. She liked it because the students would help each other in doing homework and while studying. The story ends with Magrie being amused and wondering about the change in the education system while liking the education criteria in earlier times.

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The theme of the Story

The theme of the story describes the obsession with technology and its potential interference with the education system. Magrie is astonished about the education that did not involve technology. Further, she likes the concept as it does not involve computers but human communication. Throughout the story, the writer aims to draw a realisation that human communication must not be replaced and the growing fixation towards technical involvement.

Aptness of the Title

The title, “The Fun They Had”, reminds the readers that the story is not about the improvement of the education system due to the involvement of technology. Rather, it is about the fun and simplicity of education that the students enjoy. Magrie despite the availability of all technology is upset about the schooling system as it has deprived her of the basic fun and enjoyment that school life was in times when their Grandparents were students.

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