PIP Rates 2024: What are the new rates for pip 2024?

The Personal Independent Payments is a boon for the citizens of the United Kingdom who are unfortunately suffering from an illness or disabilities. PIP Rates 2024 provides financial help to these citizens so they can also thrive in life, like people with no disabilities. Due to various factors, the Personal Independent Payments keep fluctuating. The most major factor out of all of these is inflation.

With a sudden boost in inflation, the PIP Rates are substantially affected. So what are the PIP Rates in 2024? Moreover, what increase or decrease they have faced? You can refer to this article to learn answers to all these questions. Here, we have discussed the rates for the Personal Independent Payments in detail.

PIP Rates

PIP Rates 2024

Before we discuss PIP Rates 2024, let us learn how they are determined for disabled people. There are two categories in which the Personal Independent Payments are divided. These two categories are “Daily Living” and “Mobility”. The Daily Living PIP Rates involve expenses related to everyday tasks. At the same time, Mobility PIP Rates refer to the expenses for the assistance in travelling around. A person is eligible for either one of these or both personal independent payments.

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These two components are further subdivided into two more entities- Standard Rate and Enhanced Rate. These rates completely align with your needs. If your requirements are basic, then the Standard Rate is sufficient. However, if your requirements are high, then the enhanced rates will be applicable to you. Let us learn more about how the standard and enhanced PIP Rates are increased for eligible Daily Living and Mobility citizens.

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The Increase of PIP Rates in 2024

By the inflation, the PIP Rates 2024 increased substantially by 10.1. Due to this, the daily living component is now worth £68.10 for the Standard Rate and £101.75 for the enhanced rate. Let us compare the PIP Rates 2024 and 2022-23 better to understand this inflation influence on personal independent payments.

PIP Rates ComponentsEnhanced RateStandard RateTotal Increase
Daily Living in 2022/23£92.40£61.85
Daily Living in 2023/24£101.75£68.10Enhanced Rate- £9.35
Standard Rate- £6.25
Mobility in 2022/23£64.50£24.45
Mobility in 2023/24£71.00£26.90Enhanced Rate- £6.50
Standard Rate- £2.45

How much will I get if I Qualify for Personal Independent Payments?

If you qualify for the Personal Independent Payments, you will have the following weekly, monthly, and yearly amounts for PIP Rates 2024 components.

Component of PIP Rates 2024Amount to be Received
Enhanced Rate of Daily Living and Mobility (Weekly)£172.75
Enhanced Rate of Daily Living and Mobility (Monthly)£748.53
Enhanced Rate of Daily Living and Mobility (Yearly) £8,983

PIP Rates Increase for 2024-25

As per the reports, the PIP Rates for 2024-25 are expected to increase by 6.7%. By this, the Daily Living and Mobility and Standard Rate will be as follows:-

Component of PIPStandard RateEnhanced Rate
Daily LivingIncrease from £68.10 to £72.65Increase from £101.75 to £108.55
MobilityIncrease from £26.90 to £28.70Increase from £71.00 to £75.75

Personal Independent Payments Amount for 2024-25

On qualifying for the Personal Independent Payments, you will receive the following about weekly, monthly and yearly.

Component of PIP Rates 2024-25Amount to be Received
Enhanced Rate of Daily Living and Mobility (Weekly)£184.30
Enhanced Rate of Daily Living and Mobility (Monthly)£798.63
Enhanced Rate of Daily Living and Mobility (Yearly) £9,583.60

Eligibility For Personal Independent Payments

Citizens who fulfil the following eligibility conditions can apply for Personal Independent Payments:-

  • You must be older than 16 and younger than the State Pension Age.
  • You must possess an illness or disability and endure it for at least 3 months.
  • You must be a resident of England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

How do I apply for the PIP Program?

To apply for the Personal Independent Payments, you must first call the contact number-  0800 917 2222. By calling this number, you will obtain an application form. You must fill out this application form and submit it using the prescribed method. After this, the authorities will call you for an assessment. You will be made a part of the program based on your performance in this assessment.

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How much did PIP Rates increase in 2024?

PIP Rates 2024 were increased by 10.1%.

What are the enhanced Personal Independent Payments for Daily Living rates in 2024?

The enhanced rates for daily living as per Personal Independent Payments in 2024 are £101.75.

Can I apply for Personal Independent Payments if I belong to Scotland?

No, only England, Wales or Northern Ireland residents can apply for the program. If you belong to Scotland, then you can apply for the Adult Disability Payment program.

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