Mother’s Day Date 2024, Best Gift Ideas for a mom who doesn’t want anything

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Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day is an evident day and is celebrated all across the world. Appreciation of Parents is known to be very vital. Given the sacrifices that every Mother makes for their child, Mother’s Day turns into a golden opportunity to acknowledge that and let your Mothers know. The day is celebrated as a festival in many Western lands, while in countries such as India, the carnival is limited to urban cities.

The day falls on the second Sunday in May for India. The occasion has been largely industrialized and as a result, there is a tradition that is being established of wishing the mothers and gifting them. Read all about Mother’s Day, the Date, Ideas for Gifts, and more here.

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Days to celebrate various relationships such as that of Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Siblings, Friends, and much more are now very much vocally celebrated in India. The occasions are not celebrated as a fully-fledged festivals or a holiday. However, in urban areas, with much awareness, the days are used to express feelings and acknowledge the importance of relationships publically. Such a day is Mother’s Day. The day is celebrated to honour motherhood, motherly connections, instincts, maternity, motherly bonds, maternal impact on life, and much more.

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In order to show respect for the renunciations, unconditional love, struggles, and hard work of Mothers, children all across the country give their Mothers the best gifts, wishes, and all that they can do. The most positive thing about the day is that it reminds us how vital is to appreciate Mothers and be thankful to have them.

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Mother’s Day Date

In various countries, Mother’s Day is actively celebrated in the first week of May. However, for India, Mother’s Day occurs on the second Sunday of May every year. In the year 2024, the day will be celebrated on 12 May 2024. The Greeks and Romans used to commemorate the festival of Mothering Sunday in the spring to honour their Mother Goddesses, Cybele and Rhea. Following this, Mother’s Day compulsorily falls on a Sunday and is celebrated in the month of May, considering the Spring season. It can be suggested that Mother’s Day is a modern extension of this ancient Christian festival.

In 1911, the United States upon the suggestions from Anna Jarvis established the Second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. It is believed that her mother always desired that such a day must be celebrated and a holiday should be declared. Regarding the same, Jarvis considered the idea of declaring such a day in the United States after the death of her mother. In loving memory of her mother, she worked towards this direction. In 1908, the US Congress considered this sentiment of Anna as a joke and rejected it. In 1911, her efforts bloomed when the US States declared the holiday. In 1912, she assembled Mother’s Day International Association. Her aim was that every family should honour and recognise the efforts of Mothers and also understand the struggle of Women as mothers all across the globe. The day brings positivity and takes the expression of love to another level.

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Mother’s Day Celebration in India

Specifically in India, due to excessive selflessness, unnecessary glorification of Motherhood, patriarchal effects on women, and pressures from society to be a God on Earth as a Mother, women have a lot many struggles. Somehow, the Indian kids are fed with the notion that their Parents are God and their Mothers can do anything and everything for them. It is only the modesty of Indian Females that they actually live up to these expectations.

However, it is important for the children to understand, that unconditional and selfless love can be toxic for them. Hence, the day adds to the compulsive appreciation that Indian Mothers deserve. Mother’s Day celebration in India differs. Given that, the day marks the influence of western culture and never ethnically existed in history, the occasion is not celebrated to a large extent just as every other festival in India is.

Most celebrations of the day in India are confined to children making Mother’s Day cards in School under the supervision of their school teachers and further presenting them to their Mothers. Widely, teenagers and adults utilise social media to express their feelings for their Mothers publically. Certain people celebrate the day by taking their mothers to dinners or lunches. Some simply run all the errands their mothers direct them to do during the day. Mother’s Day invites major brands and small businesses with sales and discount schemes for Mothers or children interested in gifting something to their Mothers. The day has been extensively commercialised, opening up the possibility of presents, gifting, shopping, and other consumer-based activities.

In rural areas, the celebration of Mother’s Day is not a major event. The doubt is if the children hardly know about the day. But those who do ensure to register their good wishes to their Mothers. In India, Mothers are known to be Goddesses on Earth who care for Kids because the demiurge personally cannot. The ethical values in India might not suggest gifting and wishing on a particular day to the Mothers but teaches the children to respect them at all cost. It is considered one of the greatest sins to upset Mothers at any time in life, under any circumstances.

While Mother’s Day suggests that the women who are Mothers biologically are celebrated. However, feminists suggest that every woman or trans woman who possesses motherly instincts and is capable of maternal bonds should be celebrated. Mother’s Day also stands for women who cannot conceive but still express motherly care to their pets or other kids in the world, women who are trying to become mothers, single mothers who are fighting against the world like a father and protecting their children, mothers who have left for the heavenly abode, or mothers whose kids were stillborn or died. Certain people take the opportunity of Mother’s Day to appreciate their single Fathers who take their care as mothers and continue to try to provide motherhood to their children irrespective of Ft. Mother’s day celebration is now extended to the celebration of motherhood as an umbrella term.

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Ideas to Present Gifts to Mothers

Gifting to Mothers on a special day can be tough. For the simple reason, Mothers do so much that a mere gift seems too below the standard. However, one thing that must always be remembered while presenting is that emotions count more than the materialistic offering, especially to Mothers. Anything gifted with sheer honesty and heartfelt sentiments will always be appreciated by them. Given here are the best ideas that you can easily and practically execute. There are also economical and affordable presenting suggestions. Check the subsequent recommendations and employ them in your way to gift presents to your Mothers, on Mother’s Day:

  • Handmade Cards: One of the basic and the best things to do is gift your mothers a card, but handmade. This sure will require effort and intricate artwork, but when completed, it would put a smile on her face and a loving
  • memory in the hearts of Mothers. You can create sketches, paintings, drawings, add crafts, or anything that you can probably execute. In case, you have a shortage of time, you can also purchase a Mother’s Day card and gift them. One special thing that every child must do is ensure that the card, handmade or bought, contains handwritten special notes to mothers. In a world of social media timelines and posts, it is always refreshing to see a genuine handwritten note or letter. Words that express gratitude, love, and care must be thoroughly used and personal memories can also be counted to add a very personal touch to the message.
  • Any favourite piece of clothing in Mother’s favourite colour: Apparel as gifts will never go out of fashion. According to your budget, you can gift your mother a garment in her favourite colour. It will always remind her of you when she’ll models it. Choose comfortable cloth and make sure you make notes of the washing details since mothers hate to get something that is too difficult to maintain as they obviously get tired of taking our care. Let’s not increase their labour!
  • Gift her something she needs: Mothers always keep making sacrifices. They would sacrifice the extra cake piece in the house for sake of their kids or not buy some needful appliance because they needed something. Gift her that. You need to be quite observant about this. Doing so will display that you care and you will invest your money in something that she actually needs rather than anything fancy.
  • Take her out: Instead of gifting, go on a Mother’s Day date with your mother. They are usually busy doing our little jobs for us. The least that can be done is free them for a day and take her out to make sure she does what she wants, shopping or dining or simply for a walk.
  • Gift their own time: Everyone needs time with oneself. The best gift you can gift your mother on mother’s day is the gift of her own time. Do all the work on her behalf and let her be free and spend time with you or on her own.
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