BEST AI Plagiarism Checker Free & Paid: ChatGPT, Based AI Content

AI Plagiarism Checker: With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the world of the internet is now incredibly modified. There have been many relative changes that one can observe in the course of content available online. With new technologies like ChatGPT rising up, it is a concern that Plagiarism is also taking a surge. There has been a subsequent issue of users generating their written content from AI-Based Content Generators.

Employers, Professors, Readers, and other entities in society are also concerned about the complexities of the originality of content post-development of AI. Thus, there is a reliance on such techniques that can figure out content which Users might generate from Artificial Intelligence-based applications.

BEST AI Plagiarism Checker
AI Plagiarism Checker

Being able to verify if a piece of writing is actual AI Content is a tough job. It is necessary to understand that Artificial Intelligence curates content in a way that is Plagiarism free. It is equipped with necessary technologies that ensure that the generated content is Plagiarism free. In order to truly verify this, there are many applications available in the market. Some of these sites operate for free to a certain extent while some require payment to operate.

Users can decide as per their requirements what kind of app they should pick. To ease this process, we have listed Best AI Plagiarism Checker tools, both Free and Paid, that you can use online to verify Based AI Content.

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What is AI Plagiarism Checker?

As explained before, content that the users generate from Artificial Intelligence tools is usually plagiarism free. In general, the definition of Plagiarism is content that has been copied from someone and is not original. Content generated from AI-based tools such as ChatGPT is also the same. It is copied and not original. However, it is original in the case of the AI tool and cannot be found anywhere.

Thus, when a User copies it, it rather comes off as original. AI-generated content escapes the tag of Plagiarism because the tools available in the market only verify the content in comparison to the content available online. They run the copy checks in a way that if the content is copied from any online site, they label it as plagiarized content.

However, AI-generated content is also plagiarised content. Figuring out such consistency in the content manually can be a tough job. A person would need a very high proficiency in language and style of writing. Further, they also need a very constructed knowledge of AI-generated content in order to figure it out. Thus, it becomes necessary to use such a tool that eases this process. Hence, there are tools now available that verify if a particular content has been generated from Artificial Intelligence-based tools such as ChatGPT.

These tools are different from the normal plagiarism tools which check the copy quotient of a particular piece of content. AI Plagiarism Checker tools are available online for free as well as in exchange for payments.

How to use AI Plagiarism Checker tools?

In order to use AI Plagiarism Checker tools, you will have to pick the content that you doubt could have been generated from an AI-based tool such as ChatGPT. Tools often have certain conditions. They can require you to sign up or many only check particularly limited content in terms of words. Further, the tool can ask you to buy a subscription in order to avail the services. Thus, it is necessary that you keep a check on these conditions before using a tool.

You will have to jot down or simply paste the content in the AI Plagiarism Checker and tap on the option to Check for Plagiarism. The Plagiarism Report will open up on the screen displaying whether or not the article has been generated from an Artificial Intelligence-based source.

Need for Non-Plagiarised Content

Writers are trying smart ways of escaping plagiarism with AI-generated content that poses to be original. This is one of the most worrisome things happening in the world of content. However, be it copied or AI-generated, there is no absolute requirement for such content. There are many reasons for the same. Web publishers and offline publishers aim to deliver accurate and balanced information. AI is not always reliable. Further, machine-generated content is considered spam by Google. This hurts the reputation of the uploaded content and the ranking lags behind. Thus, the content has to be non-plagiarised.

In the academic eco-space, professors and teachers are worried about the educational level going down because students are replacing real projects that require research with AI-generated content. AI is haunting the world of content and there is always a recommendation to keep such technologies away from content. Lastly, even though unused and original, AI-generated content is still plagiarised which is against the ethics of content and articulation.

Best Tools for Checking AI Plagiarised Content

In order to check if a piece of content has been generated by Artificial Intelligence based technology, there are many AI Plagiarism Checkers to help you out. You need to pick the right one depending on your requirements. In order to help you with them, we have listed a few free and paid AI Plagiarism Checker tools. Check the ensuing list so as to get an informative account of each tool, the features they offer, pricing, accuracy, and much more. AI Detector

To find out about the intensity of automated content, one of the most popular tools in the market is This application is extremely user-friendly. It ensures that the content is very substantially verified. AI detection on this platform is not limited to a very bland report of yes or no. This tool is developed in a way that it provides a very insightful description of the writing process and the Writer’s efforts in it. It has a very high accuracy rate which really interests the user. Apart from that, it is extremely convenient. It is easier for Users to use it without going through complex steps or links. AI Plagiarism Checker AI Plagiarism Checker has covered technologies of Artificial Intelligence such as Chat GPT, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard and ONLY as far as generated content is taken into consideration. The firm claims that the tool managed to verify 1200 samples with 96% accuracy. This is extremely attractive about this tool. The prime focus of this tool was to cater to publishers and not academic purposes. Due to this reason, it becomes extremely dependable. Another interesting part about this tool is that it allows the Users to be able to share their accounts with their team. detection technique detection technique

One of the best features of is that is extremely smooth in terms of usage. Users can operate it as an extension. It shall instantly take a scan with a right click. This process is quick and there is no absolute requirement of taking a few words at a time, copying and pasting in order to run a check. As of now, the price is 0.01 United States Dollars for 100 words in a scan. This is quite feasible given what the technology has to offer. Check more details at

OpenAI Text Classifier

OpdenAI is the company behind ChatGPT. This company has further developed OpenAI Text Classifier in order to detect Artificial Intelligence generated content. It makes it simplified to easily find out if a particular piece of content has been framed by a human or machinery. With a minimum input of 1000 characters, this text checker is pretty accurate. It is available online as a website and is simple to use.

Available freely just like ChatGPT, OpenAI has opened up this technology for all the users who sign up for their AI. Even though no superficial claims have been made by this developer regarding the accuracy, it is extremely convenient for usual use. It can easily detect AI-generated content and human originality by identifying a text.

OpenAI Text Classifier
OpenAI Text Classifier

There cannot be claims that this website by OpenAI is 100% accurate but it shall successfully identify content generated by ChatGPT. For someone who is willing to get a minor idea if the content has been written by a human or Artificial Intelligence without paying hefty amounts, this is surely a very good option. You can try this AI Plagiarism Checker tool at

GPTZero AI Plagiarism Checker

Claiming that it can detect at least 98% of Artificial Intelligence generated content, GPTZero is a very good option in the market of AI Plagiarism Checker tools. The maker, Edward Tian developed this tool to cater to the academic professors who are engaged in assignment checking and educative fields. Thus, it cannot be used extremely professionally. However, it surely helps to detect the writing with good accuracy in terms of identification. Further, there are features such as the Average Perplexity score and Burstiness score which further provide a profound insight into the content.


One of the best things about GPTZero is that it is free. Educators can avail of the services without paying a penny. Thus, it is a very worthy technology available at zero payment. GPTZero allows you to paste the content as well as directly upload the file. You just need to tap on Get Result in order to request the tool to take a scan. It classifies the results as Human, AI, and Mixed Content. Further, it also offers a linewise insight into the continent. However, only the first 5000 characters can be detected freely in an individual sentenced manner for free. The users will have to sign up further and subscribe. Check more details at

Content at Scale AI AI Detector

Another option available in the markets for AI Plagiarism Checker tools is Content at Scale. This technology has gained a reputation for being extremely accurate. This website is also an AI content producer. They have their own Artificial Intelligence that generates content. The motto of their content generator is that it cannot be detected and substantiated with SEO techniques.

Thus, their own detector has been produced with such accuracy that it can deliver a dependable verdict on whether or not AI has written a piece of article. The website provides this checker tool within their website. The Users usually have to navigate the portal to get the AI Detector.

Content at Scale
Content at Scale

The system is simple. All that the Users have to do is simply copy and paste the text and request a check for AI plagiarism. The technology detects, “How Robotic is Your Content?” and provides a percentage report. Furthermore, it also provides insight into the composition of the content in pertinence to parameters such as Predictability, Probability, and Pattern.

The Users get a full percentage-wise report for all these parameters that they can employ to judge the content. The report is provided based on five entities: Fully Human, Human + AI, GPT-3, ChatGPT, and Content at Scale AI. The Users can easily find the results by tapping on Check for AI Content. You can check more details at

Writer AI Content Detector

The Writer is another website offering a product that masters writing content. This product works on the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Dealing in this field, they have also developed a Writer AI Content Detector. This AI Plagiarism Checker tool is extremely convenient and simple to use. It offers a worthy report that can be used for multiple AI Plagiarism identification purposes. This tool is available for free as a website.

Navigate through the Writer portal online in order to reach the Writer AI Content Detector section. You can check up to 1500 characters very easily by using this tool. Additionally, you can enter the website URL that you think has generated the content. The tool verifies accordingly.

Writer AI detector
Writer AI detector

You simply have to copy your text and paste it into the box provided on the detected tool. The next step asks you to enter a URL. Finally, it would be best if you tapped on Analyze Text and you shall very quickly get the detection score. This score is available in percentage. Thus, it offers an idea as to what extent the content is copied. Use this AI detection tool at

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