Importance of Trees Essay for Students and Children

Importance of Trees Essay: Trees are our life, students are asked to write an essay on the importance of trees

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Importance of Trees Essay: Trees are our life, students are asked to write an essay on the importance of trees in their academic life. Although the topic is easy, students often get confused about what to include in the essay. Here we have given some templates for essays on the importance of trees to help you out. So next if you are asked to write an essay on the importance of trees you don’t face any problems.

Importance of Trees Essay
Importance of Trees Essay

100-150 words essay on the Importance of Trees

Trees are most important for the survival of any living organisms on our earth. Without trees we are nothing. Trees give us oxygen and take up harmful gas and carbon dioxide from the environment. Trees are home to various other creatures like animals and birds. They provide us with clean air, water, and food which is necessary for the survival of humans on earth. Without trees, our earth would be nothing just a ball of dust. They help in maintaining the water cycle and bring down the rain. They are important to maintain the water cycle.

Trees are important for maintaining the ecosystem of our earth. Trees make our earth more beautiful and it appears greener. But today we humans are cutting down trees to build many structures and roads. This causes global warming and affects all of us living here on this planet. So if we want to save this planet we have to save trees and more of them.

350 words essay on the Importance of Trees

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Trees are the most essential part of our Earth. Without trees, no life is possible on Earth. Survival without trees is unimaginable. Trees not only is the home to many organisms but we humans are directly dependent on these trees. But why are these trees important to us let us discuss.

First of all, trees are important as they give us oxygen and intake carbon dioxide from the environment. The presence of carbon dioxide is dangerous for human beings and life on earth is only possible because of these trees only. They clean our air and filter it out and make it safe for the survival of humans and other animals. And as we all know life is possible in presence of oxygen only.

Trees provide us with food and other useful products like medicine, wood, paper, and fruits. Their products are the reason for our existence on this planet. If trees were not there we were not able to procure food and humans as well as other animals were not be able to survive on this harsh terrain planet. Our earth is green because of these.

Trees give shelter to others. They also maintain the water cycle and help to bring back the rain on the earth’s surface. The atmosphere’s presence is also possible due to trees’ presence. They are the sources of many products which is essential for the survival of humans and animals on earth.

Trees help to maintain the biodiversity and ecosystem of a region. Animals and humans are part of its biodiversity. If the ecosystem is disturbed then the existence of humans will become hard.

Trees are our life and without them, we won’t survive. Nowadays people are recklessly cutting down trees for the development and building of structures, road and building which lead to global warming which causes the temperature of the earth’s surface to rise If we do not stop here we humans will become the cause of extinction of life from the surface of the earth. So we need to save and grow more trees.

Lines on the Importance of Tree

  • Trees are important for us and all the living organisms on the earth because they are the reason for their survival.
  • Trees give us Oxygen and absorb harmful gases from the environment like carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is poisonous for humans and animals and life without trees will not be possible without trees.
  • Trees provide us with food, medicine, wood, paper and so many other things. Our basic life thing is deprived of trees only.
  • Trees are important for us as they help to maintain the ecological balance of our ecosystem. Trees maintain the ecosystem that’s why we humans and other organisms are able to survive on the planet.
  • Trees maintain the water cycle in the earth and due to which water continuously moves in a cycle. Trees take up water and release them back into the environment. Due to the rain occurs and water comes down.
  • Cutting down trees is the reason for global warming which is the rise in temperature of the earth’s surface. Due to this ice is melting and water levels are increasing. Global warming is a significant threat to the existence of humans.
  • Loss of habitat is another major consequence of cutting down trees. Trees comprise the ecosystem and habitat for most organisms if they are cutted then the habitat will be lost and the survival of animals and humans will become impossible.

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