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Corruption-Free India: Corruption is not a new word for all the citizens of our country. In fact, it is the

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Corruption-Free India: Corruption is not a new word for all the citizens of our country. In fact, it is the most common word and everyone is familiar with the problem we have faced after the corruption. Corruption is basically the use of public power, property and influence to obtain money or personal advantages. Corruption is not only a problem in India but is also a problem for the whole world. However, the difference is that in our country India it is being performed at the most extreme level due to which the growth of our country has been slowed down very much. On the other, if we talk about corruption in developed countries we will definitely find that corruption in those countries is least but not eliminated completely.

In this article, we will describe the incidents of corruption that happened in our country and its repercussions on our country as well as on society. Furthermore, we will also discuss the laws that help to eliminate corruption in our country. Eventually, we will provide a conclusion regarding the topic.

Corruption Free India Speech

Incidents of Corruption in India

Many incidents of corruption have rocked India so far. In this section, we will present some famous incidents of corruption which undeniably led to a major blow to our economy also. The incident of corruption are as follows:

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Choppergate Scam-This scam is also known by the name AugustaWestland VVIP Chopper deal. In this scam, the main accused was the UPA government which was at that time led by congress. According to the CBI, in 2006 and 2007, the UPA government paid money to the agent or the middleman and Indian officials to buy choppers for politicians. Furthermore, this scam was of Rs 3600 Crore and several politicians and military officials were involved in this scam.

Choppergate scam

Scam of Vijay Mallya In 2016, Vijay Mallya a famous business tycoon, fled from the country and sought refuge in the United Kingdom. He allegedly took a loan of Rs 9000 Cr from various Indian banks and mainly from PNB. Furthermore, he was also accused of fraud as well as money laundering in India.

Vijay Malya scam

Many more scandals are on the list such as the Bofors scandal in 1980 to 1990 of Rs 64 crore, the Rafale deal scam in the same year of Rs 58,000 crores and not to forget the Coalgate scam of Rs 1.856 lakh crore. There were many scams like this that have badly impacted our country.

Impression of Corruption in our Community

Corruption-free India can not be visualized without realising the impression that corruption has made in our society. The scams mentioned above have made our country financially feeble because the same money could have been used for the development of schools, the development of roads and many projects that could have given employment to the youths of our country. Furthermore, the use of power and resources by government officials for personal gain is one of the reasons for inequality in India.

For many years, we have seen many people lose their lives in road accidents. Many people only think about the fault of the driver but do not go down to the root cause of the problem. Here also the problem is corruption. Many people get their four-wheeler or two-wheeler driving license through an agent without giving any test. They only pay money to the agent and government official and get the license. This same driver does not know how to drive on road by following the rules and does rash driving killing so many innocent people. This is the impact of corruption on our community. Like this, corruption has devoured the whole country over the years.

Reasons for India need to be Corruption Free

There are many reasons for India to be corruption free. We have tried to identify them and have also listed them below:

  • All of us have been to the villages. We must have noticed that they even do not have the basic amenities such as drinking water, roads, drainage facilities and above all most important education for the children. So, this is happening because of corruption only. Government officials receive money from the government but they simply do not provide the complete funds to the workers which result in low quality of the project build.
  • One of the major problems in our country is unemployment. Many government officials disclose the entrance exam paper and due to this many undeserving candidates get selected. It leads to the hardworking people again being left unemployed and many times the examination gets cancelled. Due to this the candidates lose their crucial time and resulting in more unemployment.

There are many reasons like this that have compelled us to think about making our nation corruption free.

Anti-Corruption Laws for Corruption-Free India

One of the most important laws against corruption-free India was passed in 2005. It is known as the ‘Right to Information Act ‘.According to this act, the employees working in government departments have to give information if a citizen requests any information from that office or from the department regarding the services they are providing.

This law has not been completely implemented in all countries. According to the reports it has been ratified in nineteen states of India. Furthermore, this act also binds government employees to provide information in a limited time period. This act has reduced corruption in the government department significantly.

The Lokpal and Lokayukta Act was also passed in parliament in 2013 and came into force in the year 2014. Under this act, the government has established an entity that will be called Lokpal and will only look into matters of corruption. In other words, it will check into the allegations which have been made against public servants.


Our government as well as the country is making many efforts to make our country corruption free. The government has passed many laws and taking action on them on short notice. Over the years, corruption has also come down, improving the economy and making the life of people easier. It will not be pragmatic to think that we can make India corruption free in 2 years or 3 years. Definitely, eliminating or reducing corruption will take time as we have to be more patient and vigilant against corruption. Eventually, we the people of India also have to take responsibility for making our country corruption free.

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