YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme 2022: Check Eligibility Scheme Details

YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme 2022 After introducing so many schemes for the common citizens of Andhra Pradesh, the AP Chief Minister has now come up with a new scheme known as the ‘YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme’. Under this scheme, the shepherd communities of Andhra Pradesh will get various benefits from the government which we have discussed below. To know more about the YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme 2022 you need to scroll down the page to get other important details.

YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme 2022

While taking the oath, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh promised the common citizen of their state that he will work for every community of their state without any discrimination and after launching schemes like Amma vodi scheme, Jagananna Vidya Deevena scheme successfully now he launches yet another scheme Kapari Bandhu scheme and with the help of this, he is going to target the shepherd community for their betterment.

YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme

With this new Kapari yojana, the people who are from Golla and Kuruma communities which are commonly known as shepherd communities will get financial aid from the government to strengthen their economic empowerment.

AP Kapari Bandhu Scheme 2022: Overview

Name of the scheme YSR Kapari Bandhu scheme
State implementing scheme Andhra Pradesh
Announcement month March
Beneficiary Shepherd Community (Golla and Kuruma)
Under the supervision of The national cooperative development corporation

What is the Kapari Bandhu Scheme about?

Under the Kapari Bandhu scheme, the shepherd community will get financial support from the government to buy twenty (20) sheep and one goat and in order to get that, they will get the subsidy and loan facility from the government for the sale and purchase.

Benefits of YSR Kapari Bandhu scheme 2022

Now, most of you must be thinking that what the main benefit of the scheme is, so we are going to tell you some important benefits which will help the shepherd community.

Some important benefits of the scheme are:

  1. Community development: The main motto behind the launch of the scheme is the development of the shepherd community because; the existing government could not do anything for the community.
  2. Financial support: Under the scheme, the community will get financial help from the government but the financial help amount is yet to be disclosed by the government.
  3. Purchasing: Under this, the beneficiary will be able to buy 20 sheep and one goat.
  4. Loan subsidy facility: In this scheme, the government will provide loan subsidy up to 30% or 1.5 lakhs (whichever is lesser) to the beneficiary and the amount will be credited directly to the beneficiary account.
  5. Duration of the scheme: As you all know, that scheme is only announced by the government and it is yet to be launched officially but once it was started then it will continue for the next 4 years.
  6. The number of beneficiaries: Once the scheme was fully functional then approx. 50K people of the shepherd community will be benefited from the scheme.
  7. Mode of payment: The government will transfer the benefit amount directly to the beneficiary account via direct benefit transfer (DBT) mode.

Eligibility for YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme 2022

It is very important for all to know whether they are eligible for the scheme to receive its benefits. So, below we have mentioned a few points which will let you know the eligibility criteria for the scheme:

  • First of all the applicants should be domiciled resident of Andhra Pradesh only.
  • The scheme is only for the shepherd community who are registered.
  • The beneficiary applying for the scheme must belong to the below poverty line.
  • Applicants applying for the scheme must have an active bank account and Aadhaar card.

Documents required for the scheme

To apply for the scheme applicants need to submit a few of his/her documents which are:

  • Residential proof: You must submit the residential proof documents so that it will confirm that you are a resident of Andhra Pradesh state only
  • Aadhaar card: For verification and DBT purpose.
  • Bank account details: To transfer the subsidy amount to the account of the beneficiary
  • BPL card: By submitting the BPL certificate or card it will help to know that you belong to a below poverty family.
  • Loan documents: To transfer the subsidy of a loan, it is important for all applicants they must submit the loan document as they get it from the bank.
  • And others as mentioned in the application form.

How to apply for YSR Kapari Bandhu 2022?

After the announcement of the scheme every Golla and Kuruma community people are curious to know that, how they can apply for the scheme to avail benefits. But, as we said earlier that the scheme is announced recently and the scheme is in its early phase and the government yet to launch it officially, so the other details of the scheme like the application form, where you can register for the scheme and other important aspects

So once, the government officially provides the full detail about the scheme we will let you know through this page and for further information regarding the scheme you may also visit the Andhra Pradesh government’s official website ap.gov.in

And the procedure to apply for the scheme will also provide here only.


Which is the new scheme announced by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister recently?

The new scheme which was announced by the AP CM was YSR Kapari Bandhu Scheme.

Who will get the benefit of kapari bandhu scheme?

The member of the golla and Kuruma (shepherd) community will get benefit of the scheme.

How many sheep and goats can buy under the scheme?

The community member can buy a maximum of 20 sheep and one goat under the scheme

In which way the government will transfer the benefits to the applicants?

The government will provide a subsidy of 30% in the loan amount or 1.5 lakhs rupees whichever is lesser.

How can I apply for the scheme?

As the scheme is only announced and the other process of the scheme is yet to be announced by the government.

How many beneficiaries will get the benefit of the scheme?

Approx. 50 thousand people who are registered under the community will get the benefit of the scheme.

Under whose, provision scheme will be implemented?

The scheme will be implemented under the National cooperative development corporation

What are the main documents which are required for the scheme?

The documents which may be required for the scheme are:
BPL card, residence proof, Loan document, ID proof, and bank account details

If you have any questions related to YSR Kapari Bandhu Yojana then comment below and our customer care team will assist you with the solution.

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