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Tnreginet registration 2024 online form latest news. Tamil Nadu’s government has launched a portal named Inspector General of Registration (Tnreginet) for the people of the state. The tnreginet portal provides different services to people of TN state. With the help of this Tnreginet website, people can easily do Tnreginet registration of birth, death, marriage, chit fund, firm, etc. By using this portal, people will not have to wander for registration of various services. If you want to know more regarding Tnreginet registration, the process to apply for EC, etc then, continue reading this article till the end.

Tnreginet Registration
Tnreginet Registration 2024 Guide Value Search, Jurisdiction, Apply EC 33

What is TNREGINET Portal?

TNREGINET is a digital portal which enables several online services. With the help of this website, citizens of Tamil Nadu can avail of the services at any time anywhere. Through the TNREGINET portal, people’s precious time will be saved and the state will lead to digitalization.

Aim of Tnreginet Website

The main objective of the Tnreginet portal is to give several online services through a single portal. Aspirants can do various tasks like marriage registration, firm registration, society registration, calculating building value, applying online for an encumbrance certificate, viewing the status of an application, etc. This portal also reduced the chance of losing any data. Everything is digitalized which reduces paperwork. Likewise, if anyone wants to know detailed information on land records, and status via online mode then they can check out the Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta portal.

Services Provided by Tnreginet Portal

  1. Online Marriage Certification
  2. Online Application for Society Certification
  3. Checking the Online Status of EC
  4. Application Form for Encumbrance Certificate
  5. Registration procedure for birth, marriage, chit fund, death, firm
  6. Online Registration of Letter Documents
  7. Online Certified Documents

Highlights of Tnreginet Registration

Name of PortalTnreginet
Complete NameInspector General of Registration (Tnreginet)
Started byDept of Registration, Tamil Nadu
Registration ProcedureOnline
RecipientsResidents of Tamil Nadu
The motive of Tnreginet PortalProviding Online Services
StateTamil Nadu

Registration Procedure for

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All those people who are willing to register themselves in this portal can check some easy steps given below. By implementing these steps, you can efficiently finish your registration.

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website, or you can also use the link of the official portal given below in this article.
  • 2nd Step: The homepage of the Inspector General of Registration (Tnreginet) will be open on your screen.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the “User Registration” link under the login section.
  • 4th Step: The registration form will open in a second on the portal.
  • 5th Step: Enter your login details like user type, user name, password, etc in the form.
  • 6th Step: Now, applicants and candidates have to fill in their personal info i.e. name, email address, gender, phone number, etc.
  • 7th Step: Then enter your complete address and captcha given on the page, you will receive OTP on the given contact number.
  • 8th Step: Enter that OTP and hit the “Complete Registration” button.
  • 9th Step: You are now registered for the Tnreginet portal.

How to Recover Lost/ Forgotten Password?

  1. In order to recover your forgotten password, you have to go to the official website of Tnreginet.
  2. Now, visit the login section of the Tnreginet portal.
  3. At the bottom of the section, applicants have to click on the “Forget Password” option.
  1. You can set a new password through “Username or Email id”.
  1. Enter the complete info.
  2. On the next page, applicants have to enter their new password and confirm it for the future.

The process to Apply for Tnreginet Encumbrance Certificate

  • Go to the official portal website @
  • First of all, applicants have to log in with their username and password.
  • On the homepage, you need to click on the “Apply Online” link given under “Encumbrance Certificate”.Tnreginet-EC-Apply
  • EC application form will be displayed in a few moments on your screen.
  • Fill in all the info correctly on the application form and upload the relevant documents.
  • Finally submit the form and get a hard copy of it for future reference.

How to Search Encumbrance Certificate Online?

  1. Open the official portal link
  2. Click on the Search EC link present under the “Encumbrance Certificate” option.Tnreginet-EC-search
  3. A form will be opened on your display and enter all the info such as zone, district, EC start date, etc.
  4. Now hit the “Search” tab, and EC will appear on your screen.Tnreginet-EC-Form-Search
  5. You can also check the status of the Encumbrance Certificate.

Method to Create Any Document in Tnreginet Portal

  • Applying for any document candidate needs to complete their registration process.
  • You have to log in with your credentials.
  • After that, you will see the “Create an Application” link, click on that link.
  •  Then you need to click on the “Create Document” option visible on the page.create-doc
  • Fill in all the necessary information and upload the certificates.
  • Submit the form and take out the print of it.

Procedure to Check the Status of Any Document

  • Step I- Go to the official portal i.e.
  • Step II- On the homepage candidates have to click on the “My documents” option present under the “Know Your Application Status” portion.
  • Step III- Login with your details.
  • Step IV- Select your pending number/ temporary deed number/ registration number.
  • Step V- Click on the search option and the status of the document will be open on your screen.

How to Know Your Tnreginet Jurisdiction?

  • Applicants have to open the official portal of Inspector General of Registration (Tnreginet).
  • Then under the “More” tab, Select “Portal Utility Services”.Portal-utility-services
  • Under that, candidates have to choose the “Know Your Jurisdiction” option.
  • Enter your street or village name and hit the “Search” button.Search-jurisdiction
  • Complete info about “Jurisdiction” will be displayed on the screen.

Important Steps to Search Guide Value

  • Open the link of the official portal.
  • On the homepage, you will see “Guideline Search” on the menu bar.
  • Click on it.
  • Now select the guideline you want to search for.
  • Enter the info on the next page and all the guidelines.

Process of Verifying Stamp Duty Calculation

  1. Visit the official website of TNREGINET.
  2. The homepage of the site will load on your screen.
  3. After that, you need to click on the “Verifying Your Stamp Duty Calculation” option.
  1. A login reminder will pop up on your screen.
  1. Login with your details such as username, password and code mentioned on the screen.
  2. Once you logged in, then you have to insert all your stamp information. 
  3. Verification info will open on your display

How to Download User Manual?

  1. Open the link of the official portal on any web browser.
  2. The homepage of the official site will open on your screen.
  3. Select the “User Guide” option given under “Help” tab on the menubar.
  1. Now click on the user manual you want to download.
  2. Download it on your system and get info about it.

Procedure to Calculate Building Value?

Stp I: Initially applicants have to open the official portal i.e.
Step II: On the middle of the homepage, applicants will see “Building Value Calculation” option.


Step III: Select that option.
Step IV: Then, aspirants have to enter the info of “Building Classification”.


Step V: Add info of “Floor” and “Building Facilities”.


Step VI: Finally provide info regarding “Vehicle Shed and Perimeter of Wall”.


Step VII: Submit the info and data will be displayed on the screen after calculation.

Tnreginet Procedure to find Chit Fund, Birth and Death, Society, Firm, fp Vendor, Marriage and Document Writer Documents

Applicants have to login with their details and click on more options given on the menu bar. This step will be repeated to search for all documents.


Steps to Find Chit Fund

  1. Click on the search option under the “Further” tab.
  2. Applicants who want to search for a chit fund have to click on the “Chit Fund” link.
  3. The search form will open on the screen.
  4. Enter all the info and hit “Search”
  5. The document will be presented in a few seconds.

Steps to Find Birth & Death

  1. Candidates have to click on the “Birth & Death” option under search.
  2. A form will open, select one option (Birth or Death) & enter all the data on it
  3. Hit the “Search” tab.
  4. The document will be open on your screen.

Steps to Find Society

  1. Choose the “Society” option from the dropdown box.
  2. Fill your info like zone, district, name of society, etc.
  3. Finally, click on “Search” button, and check your document.

Steps to Find Firm

  1. Applicants have to Select “Firm” option from dropdown box.
  2. Enter all the info such as zone, district, firm name, registration number, etc on the form.
  3. After Clicking on “Search”, you can view your document.

Steps to Find Duty and Fees

  1. Open the official portal.
  2. Now select “More” button on the homepage.
  3. Choose “Duty & Fees” and then you will get information regarding charges of services.

Steps to Find Stamp Seller

  1. Aspirants have to select “Search” option given under “Further” tab.
  2. Click on “Stamp Seller” option from the dropdown box.
  3. Enter details i.e. District, First name of vendor, Zone, etc on the search form.
  4. Click on search button to open your document.

Steps to Find Marriage

  1. Candidate must select “Marriage” option from dropdown box.
  2. Select marriage type and click on “Search” tab.
  3. Marriage Certificate will be displayed on your screen.

Steps to Find Document Writer

  1. Applicants need to choose “Document Writer” option from dropdown.
  2. Fill all the info on the search form.
  3. Click on “Search” box to check your document.

Steps to Download Utility Forms

  • Open the link of official portal.
  • Select “More” choice the menu of homepage.
  • Under the “More” tab applicants have to select “Portal Utility Services” tab.
  • Then, choose “Public Utility forms” option.
  • List of forms (in Hindi and English lang) will be displayed on your screen.
  • Download the form according to your interest.

Procedure of Viewing Availability of Tokens

To know the token availability, applicants have to follow the steps discussed below.

  • Go to the official web portal on any suitable and safe browser.
  • Click on “More/ Further” option given on the menu bar of landing page.
  • A dropdown box will open on your screen, select “View Token Availability” link from it.
  •  Insert details like “Sub Registrar Office and Date of Appointment”.
  • Next, applicants have to choose time slot and click on the “Search” button.
  •  Details of token will be viewed on your screen.

Helpline Information

Helpline Number: 18001025174 (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and Sat 10 am to 5 pm)
For more questions: 044-24642774/ 044-24640160

Other Important Tamil Nadu Digital Portal

Tnreginet Portal

Tnreginet FAQ’s

What are the key facts of EC?

All property records of registered candidates, transaction info about land and its duration, etc.

Is there is any fee to apply for the Encumbrance Certificate through this portal?

No, in order to apply for an encumbrance certificate there is no fee prescribed by officials. Interested applicants can easily apply through the TNREGINET portal for EC and also check its status.

How can I apply for EC from the official portal?

Go to the official portal Tnreginet-> Click on Apply online link under Encumbrance Certificate -> Application form will open -> Enter all the info on it -> Submit the form and get a hard copy of it.

How can I find my Tnreginet chit fund document online?

Open the link of the official site -> Click on the search option present under more on the menu bar -> Now hit chit fund option -> Search form will appear on your screen -> Fill in the info and click on the search button -> Your document will be displayed in a few moments.

What is the process to check the Tnreginet document status?

After opening the official portal link -> Coming to the homepage you will have to click on my document link under the “Know Your Application Status” option -> Choose your registration number or temporary deed number and check your document status.

How to view the user manual?

Check the process -> Go to the official portal and then click on “User Manual” given under the “Help” section.TNREGINET-User-guide

What is Project STAR 2.0?

Project STAR 2.0 stands for Simplified & Transparent Administration of Registration. This website provides complete transparency to its user. STAR 2.0 provides all the services for EC online mode at any time anywhere.

Can I calculate my building value with the help of the TNREGINET portal?

Yes, by using the TNREGINET site you easily calculate building value. To do so aspirants have to implement some easy steps which are as follows.
1) Go to the official portal.
2) Click on the “Calculate Building Value” option on the home screen.
3) Enter the complete building info and submit it.
4) Building value will be calculated and presented on the screen.

How can I check the summary of draft documents?

To check a summary of a draft document all you have to do is open the official portal, then click on “Summary of Draft Document” and log in with your details.draft-document

How can I give feedback on the Tnreginet portal?

To give your feedback, applicants have to open the official portal -> click on the “Feedback” option present on top of the homepage -> enter your name, mobile number, email id, feedback, and code -> finally submit the info.

I forget my username, can I retrieve it with the help of this portal?

To retrieve the username, you have to go to the Tnreginet portal and then click on the “Forget Username” link printed on the top right side of the screen. After that, insert your email address and other info on a new page.

How can I do registration for a will?

In any registration office without any jurisdiction, you can register a will and there is no limitation of time for presenting the will. To keep the wall safe, you can sell it or put it in the custody of the registrar.

How can I check the status of my E-payment transaction?

For viewing the status of the E-payment, you need to visit the official site and tap “E payment” option given on the homepage. After entering their information applicants can verify the status of their payment. Lastly, submit the info and recover the username.

What can I do if I didn’t get answers of queries after visiting the official portal?

If you have questions or facing any type of technical issues then you can contact or send email to Concerning officials will surely provide solutions to your queries asap.

If you have any questions related to Tnreginet registration online form, then comment below. We will try to provide solutions to your problem as soon as possible.

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