Punjab Ration Card 2024 | Check Status, Smart Ration Card List

Punjab Ration Card 2024: The Ration card is issued by the Civil Department of the Punjab Government. The Ration Card

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Punjab Ration Card 2024: The Ration card is issued by the Civil Department of the Punjab Government. The Ration Card is a very important document and through the ration card, citizens can have essential commodities at subsidized prices. In the country, every state has its own ration card. Those citizens who do not have the ration card can follow our page as we have mentioned all the important information regarding the online filling, Beneficiary list, etc. Of the Punjab State Smart Ration Card.

Punjab Ration Card
Punjab Ration Card 2024 | Check Status, Smart Ration Card List 5

Through the Punjab smart ration card, citizens can avail of essential commodities such as rice, grains, sugar, etc. at a very low price. In addition, through the smart card, citizens can have benefits from various government schemes. Through our page, we advise the residents of the state of Punjab to avail of the Punjab Ration card. The process is very simple and could be easily done by people.

Punjab Ration Card 2024

The government of Punjab has introduced a smart ration card for the local residents of Punjab state and they have taken the initiative to help the poor citizens of the state. The state government has introduced the AAY and the PHH Ration Cards. In the AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) AAY scheme, the poorest among the BPL families are selected while under the PHH (Priority Households) NFSA claims the right to receive food grains at subsidized prices by persons belonging to eligible households, that is Priority House Holds (PHH) under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). Through the scheme, the ration cardholder can have food grains and various other essential commodities at a subsidized price.

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The ration card is also used for various other verification identities. An individual applying for a gas connection, electricity connection, pension, etc. has to show a ration card to avail of such facilities. Therefore, the ration card has multiple uses in common life. We advise every individual to avail of the ration card. In this article, we have mentioned the complete details of the Punjab Smart Ration card, Eligibility, How to apply, Beneficiary list, and much more. Scroll down the passage and have a look over the easiest way to apply for the Punjab Smart Ration Card.

The smart ration card details through the National Food Security Portal stating the No. of current ration cards in the state of Punjab. Please refer to the details.

Ration CardTotal Number of Ration Cards
AAY 1,01,200
PHH 33,61,568
Total Number of Ration Cards34,62,768

Punjab Ration Card Key Features

The key feature of the Punjab Ration Card is mentioned below. The key features will help you to know the importance of the Ration Card. Please refer to the essential features of the Ration Card.

Providing food grains to the poor and needy The main motive of the government to provide the ration card is to make available the necessary commodities such as food grains, atta, and dal at low prices. This will make them independent as they will not depend on others for basic needs and they do not stay empty stomach.
Sending grains directly to homes The beneficiaries do not have to worry to stand in long queues for the ration commodities as the government will provide the grains directly to their homes.
Grains at low rates The beneficiaries under this scheme will get the essential commodities at a very low price compared to the commodities sold in the provisional stores.
Smart cards will be issues Previously, the government issues the blue ration card to the beneficiary. Now, the government has decided to provide the beneficiaries with the smart card. This will discard the tradition of the ration booklet provided to the beneficiaries.
Amount of pulses to be distributedThe entitlement of 2.5kg pulses will be given to each smart card-holding household according to the scheme.
Number of beneficiaries Currently, the government is focussing on the scheme to reach the maximum number of people and more people enrol in the scheme. The Ration Card scheme has reached around 33 lakhs of beneficiaries availing of this scheme.
Cost of wheat under the scheme  The beneficiaries have to pay ₹ 2 per kg of wheat they purchase through the fair shops.
Part of the Food Security Act This scheme is part of the food security act established in 2013. The aim is to provide essential commodities at a fair price.
AuthorityDepartment of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs
Official Website http://foodsuppb.gov.in/
CategoryPunjab Ration card, Smart Ration Card Scheme
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Ration Card Search (Aadhar Card)Click Here
Toll-Free Number1800-3006-1313

Types of Punjab Smart Ration Card

The State Government of Punjab will be issuing the Smart Ration Card to the citizens of Punjab. The basic eligibility to avail of the Ration Card is to be a permanent resident of the state of Punjab. The state government issues the following ration card to the individual.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

Under the AAY scheme, the poorest among the BPL families are eligible. The beneficiaries under the AAY will get 35-40 Kg of essential commodities for a very low price as compared to the local market.

Priority Household (PHH)

Under the PHH scheme, the families above the BPL can apply. There is also an income slab to apply to this scheme. We will notify you as the number of essential commodities is available.

Essential Eligibility for Punjab Ration Card

  • The beneficiary should be from the state of Punjab.
  • It is mandatory to have the Aadhar Card of the beneficiary applying for the Scheme.
  • The head of the family or the beneficiary should have an account in the bank.
  • To register for the scheme, the beneficiary should have a passport-size photo of the family and some basic documents revealing their age.
  • The beneficiary applying for the scheme can have only one ration card. If there is a ration card in his/her name, first they have to surrender the card and then apply for a fresh ration card.
  • The applicant must have to qualify for the income slabs under the AAY and PHH Schemes.

Essential Documents Required for the Smart Ration Card 2024

Applicants applying for the Smart Ration Card 2024 have to produce a list of documents so that the authority can verify the information provided by the applicant. Therefore, for the sake of the applicant, we have mentioned the details of the essential document required for the Smart Ration Card 2024.

  • Address Proof – Aadhar Card, Residential certificate, Water, Electricity, or Telephone Bill
  • Rent Receipt for the applicant leaving on Rent.
  • A surrender certificate should be provided for transfer from one town to another.
  • In case of surrender of the ration card, the previous ration card is to be attached to the supporting document.
  • For the applicant working in the government/private firm certificate of residence address and the total number of the members in the family are to be provided.
  • For people working in  Registered Industrial Institutions –Residence certificate and number of members by Institutional Head or Reporting Officer
  • For students in Urban Areas – Certificate for taking education and residential address by Institutional Head
  • Two passport-sized photographs of the Family Head and one passport-size pic of the family.
  • The PAN Card is to be provided by the head of the family.

NFSA Punjab Ration Card Scheme 2024

  1. The total number of beneficiaries is 1.42 Crore.
  2. The eldest woman in the household, 18 years or above, is the head of the household for the issuance of the ration card.
  3. The price of the wheat will be distributed among the beneficiaries at a rate of Rs 2/kg.
  4. The Biannual entitlement of wheat will be given in one go.
  5. The beneficiary is re-duplicated based on Aadhar.
  6. The distribution is under the NFSA and if the consumer does not get his entitlement, they can directly approach the Consumer Court to complain.
  7. The delivery of the wheat will be done in 30kg standard packing.
  8. There will be no upper cap in the scheme every member of the family will receive 5KG wheat.

How to apply for the Punjab Ration Card 2024?

The applicant who is going to apply for the Ration card must go through the passage in which we have started the process to enrol for the scheme. The applicant can apply for the ration through online and offline mediums. Currently, online is not available. However, the authority will very soon launch it on the official portal. Please refer to the process to apply for the Punjab Smart Ration Card.

Through Online Medium

  • To avail of the ration card the applicant has to visit the official portal of the page of the Authority @ punjab.gov.in.
  • Now, please click on the Citizen login on the page.
  • If you have not registered, then click on the New User Link.
  • After successful registration, the applicant has to update the profile by entering basic details about themselves.
  • Now, click on the Fresh Application link.
  • The services will appear on the screen, click on the Apply button on the ration card.
  • Now, fill out the application form. Carry important documents stated above.
  • Now, click on the saved application and upload the supporting documents.
  • Submit the application and note the Acknowledgement Number from the page.
  • The authority will verify your details and then they can be collected from the nearest Fair Price Shop in your locality.

Through Offline Medium

  • The applicant has to visit the officials of the Epds Punjab Department and ask them for the application form for the Ration Card.
  • Now, please enter your details in the application form i.e. Name, Address, Family Details, Source of Income, etc.
  • Now, attach the supporting documents to the application form.
  • After, successful completion of the form filling submits it to the office of the department.
  • Please do not forget to receive the Acknowledgement Number from the counter where you have submitted the form.
  • You have to pay a nominal fee to the counter prescribed by the government for the process of a ration card.
  • The applicant can receive the ration from the department within 15-20 working days after the submission of the application form.

How to check the Punjab Ration Card Status 2024?

The applicant after the successful completion of the form filling can check the status of their ration card by following the simple steps given in the passage below.

  • Visit the official website of the Government of Punjab @ punjab.gov.in.
  • The homepage of the official page will appear on the screen.
  • Navigate to the Ration Card Search Section on the homepage.
  • Now, enter the aadhar number and enter the report number.
  • Now, click on the submit button.
  • The applicants can easily check their name; download/print the Ration Card to avail the benefits of subsidized food at nearby Ration Shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the provision of Ration for pregnant women?

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are entitled to a nutritious “take-home ration” of 600 Calories and a maternity benefit of at least Rs 6,000 for six months.

Who will be the head of the issuance of the ration card?

The eldest woman in the household, 18 years or above, is the head of the household for the issuance of the ration card.

How to apply for the Ration Card?

The applicant can apply through the online and offline mediums. Please refer to the article as we have mentioned all the details regarding how to apply for the fresh Ration card

What is the price chart for wheat?

The price of wheat is Rs 2/kg.

How to check the Punjab Ration Card Beneficiary List?

In the article, we have provided the direct link to download the Beneficiary list for the Punjab Ration Card. Please refer to the article to redirect to the beneficiary list.

What is the amount of Pulses to be distributed?

The entitlement of 2.5kg pulses will be given to each smart card-holding household according to the scheme.

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