My Favorite Food Essay in English: Long, Short, and Ten Lines

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My Favorite Food Essay: There are many types of food and cuisines. The students and children can be asked to write an essay on their favourite food. Such types of essays are extremely personal and subjective. They do not have the criteria for correctness and incorrectness and are rather informative of personal choices. If you also have to frame your “My Favorite Food” Essay in English and are confused about how to go about that, check the ensuing article for samples of long, short and 10-line essays on the topic.

Additionally, you can also use the quotes mentioned subsequently in order to write an interesting essay on the subject.

My Favorite Food Essay
Essay on My Favourite Food

My Favorite Food Essay in English

The topic “My Favourite Food” is a personal one. The tone of the composition has to be semi-formal where the words and vocabulary must be formal but the details mentioned are personal. Thus, the students need to write and frame the essay according to their wishes. The best way of structuring the essay is to introduce the topic and mention your personal choice in the terms of food. Further, you must explain the origin of the food. Mention the recipe and preparation method for the food. After doing so, you must make sure that you explain your preferred flavours of the dish and what is that thing about the food that strikes you so as to like it.

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Famous Quotes for My Favorite Food Essay

To make the essay more attractive and interesting, you can add the following quotes to it:

  • A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand ~ Barbara Johnson
  • One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if has not dined well ~ Virginia Woolf
  • It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet ~ Margaret Mead
  • You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food ~ Paul Prudhomme
  • Good food warms the heart and feeds the soul ~ A.D. Posey
  • Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first ~ Ernestine Ulmer
  • My weaknesses have always been food and men—in that order ~ Dolly Parton
  • Everyone is in such a good mood when they’ve eaten well ~ E.A. Bucchianeri
  • People who love to eat are always the best people ~ Julia Child
  • Laughter is brightest where food is best ~ Irish Proverb
  • Life is a combination of magic and pasta ~ Federico Fellini

My Favorite Food Long Essay

Food is a very subjective choice. It ranges from person to person and depends on taste and eating habits. There cannot be made general statements such as which food is better or worst. The only parameter to rate a dish is in terms of favourite, which is very personal. My favourite food is waffles. This is a European dish which originates from the land of France and Belgium. The two countries are believed to have a very strong hold on this dish.

Waffles are prepared when the leavened batter is cooked in the waffle maker which is a kind of cooking iron, similar to a sandwich maker. The batter is rightly cooked until the waffle is obtained. The batter can have sweet or savoury flavours. It can also be tasteless. The other part of the recipe is the toppings. Sweet waffles are usually decorated and topped with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, honey, and other kinds of sweetened elements.

Further, spicy waffles or savoury ones are unsweetened and mostly unflavored and are used as slices of bread for chicken sandwiches. The kinds of consistency sauces used depend on the desired flavour of the waffles. For example, for a Chicken waffle sandwich, fried chicken can be used in barbeque sauce and placed between two waffles along with vegetables.

My favourite type of waffle is the red velvet waffle where the batter is of the red velvet cake and the filling used is usually white chocolate. It is usually served as a dessert and is extremely sweetened. Waffles are highly flexible and versatile and they can be eaten as breakfast, meal, or dessert depending on the flavour induced in them.

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Short Essay on My Favorite Food

Pasta is an Italian dish which is also easily available at many food junctions, cafes, restaurants, and outlets. It is my favourite food and automatically makes my day better if I consume it. It can be easily made at home by preparing sauce or spice mix and adding boiled pasta to them. There are many kinds of pasta such as Macaroni, Spaghetti, Fusilli, Penne, Rigatoni, Fettuccini, Farfalle, Ravioli, Tortellini, Gnocchi, Lasagna, and more. These can be prepared in a variety of sauces such as Alfredo or White Sauch, Arrabiata or Red Sauce, Pink Sauce, Aglio Olio, Pesto, Mushroom, Minced Meat, Bolognese, and many more.

Pasta is usually made of all-purpose flour, semolina, wheat, and sometimes, even multigrain. One of the key ingredients in the preparation of Pasta, and mostly all Italian dishes is Cheese and Oregano., alongside salt and pepper. Basil, Pesto, Garlic, Onion, and Bell Peppers, are a few vegetables that are used while cooking pasta.

One of the pasta types, Mac and Cheese is very easy to make as it only required Macaroni to be baked with cheese. Pasta is not a very spicy or savoury dish which makes it very easy to be consumed by anyone with any kind of eating preference and the flexibility of pasta is what makes it my favourite food.

10 Lines Essay

  1. My favourite food is Momos.
  2. It is a Nepali or Tibetan dish.
  3. Momos are very similar to Chinese dumplings, dim sums, and many more.
  4. It is a type of dumpling which is prepared by filling vegetables or meat stuffings.
  5. To prepare momos, we need to steam the prepared samples and after that, we can fry them or serve them in any way we want.
  6. There are various kinds of stuffings such as vegetables, soya, tofu, meat mince, or any other.
  7. The sheet of the momos can be prepared using all-purpose flour or wheat flour.
  8. Momos are usually served with Red Chutney and mayonnaise.
  9. It is one of the most popular fast food in India.
  10. Momos are readily available and are one of the most loved dishes across South Asian Countries.
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