150 Useful Basic Keyboard Shortcut Keys and Their Functions

In today’s era, having a laptop/ desktop is a mandatory requirement for humans. Whether it is some big industry or

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In today’s era, having a laptop/ desktop is a mandatory requirement for humans. Whether it is some big industry or a small one or even an individual, everyone uses computers to manage their data and do multiple other things. However, sometimes performing certain tasks on the computer appears tiring and time-consuming. In such times, the Keyboard Shortcut Keys come in really handy.

By using simple keyboard shortcut keys, you can complete a big task on your laptop/ desktop in the blink of a second. So, this way, you save time and effort for yourself.

We are presenting this article to let everyone know some of the most useful Keyboard Shortcut Keys and Their Functions.

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Here, we will try to cover almost every function done by Keyboard Shortcut Keys that will help you do your task in less time and with more efficiency. So, do check out this article through to the end.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Basic CTRL Keyboard Shortcut Keys A to Z and their Functions

Let us start with the basic CTRL Keyboard Shortcut Keys that perform functions on combinations with letters from A to Z.

  • Ctrl + A- Used to select all the entities of the Page
  • Ctrl + B- Used to make the Text Board
  • Ctrl + C- Used to copy the Selected Text
  • Ctrl + D- Used to Open the Font Formatting Window
  • Ctrl + E- Used to Align the selected text or line to the center of the screen
  • Ctrl + F- Used to Search among the content on the page
  • Ctrl + G- Used to go to a specific page
  • Ctrl + H- Used to Replace the current text with another text
  • Ctrl +I- Used to make the Text Italic
  • Ctrl + J- Used to align the text evenly
  • Ctrl + K- Used to insert a hyperlink to the text
  • Ctrl + L- Used to align the text on the left side of the screen
  • Ctrl + M- Used to Indent a paragraph from the left
  • Ctrl + N- Used to Open a New File or Document
  • Ctrl + O- Used to Open an existing Document or File
  • Ctrl + P- Used to Print the selected Document
  • Ctrl + Q- Used to Remove Paragraph Formatting
  • Ctrl + R- Used to align the text on the right side of the screen
  • Ctrl + S- Used to save a document
  • Ctrl + T- Used to Create a Hanging Indent
  • Ctrl + U- Used to underline the selected text
  • Ctrl + V- Used to Paste the Copied Text
  • Ctrl + W- Used to Close Open Tab
  • Ctrl + X- Used to Cut the Selected Text
  • Ctrl + Y- Used to Redo the Previous Action of the User
  • Ctrl + Z- Used to Undo the Previous Action of the User

Use of Function Keys in Keyboard F1 to F12

You can do the following tasks by using the Functions Keys F1 to F12

  • F1- It opens the help screen for every program
  • F2- It allows the user to rename the selected file/ folder
  • F3- It activates the search function in applications
  • F4- It opens the drive selection while browsing
  • F5- It refreshes the currently opened page or window
  • F6- It moves the cursor to the address bar
  • F7- It spells checks the selected content
  • F8- It accesses the boot menu in Windows when the user turns on the computer
  • F9- It is used to refresh a document in MS Word
  • F10- It is used to activate the Menu Bar
  • F11- It creates a chart in MS Excel
  • F12- It is used to save the file/ documents with a specific name

Key Board Shortcut Keys with Windows Key

You can use the following shortcut keys to perform the given functions with Windows Key or Winkey.

  • Windows Key– It opens or closes the start.
  • Windows Key + D– It displays or hides the desktop.
  • Windows Key + M– It minimizes all windows.
  • Windows Key + Shift + M– It undoes the minimized windows.
  • Windows Key + E– It opens the File Explorer.
  • Windows Key + F– It displays the Windows Search/ Find Feature.
  • Windows Key + R– It opens the Run Window.
  • Windows Key + U– It opens the utility manager.
  • Windows Key + F1- It displays the Microsoft Windows Help.
  • Windows Key + L– It locks the Computer.
  • Windows Key + Any Number– It opens the app pinned to the taskbar that aligns with the chosen number.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + D– It adds a virtual desktop.
  • Windows Key + Enter– It opens the Narrator (add ctrl in Windows 11)
  • Windows Key + PrtScn– It captures a screenshot and saves it in the Screenshot Folder
  • Windows Key + Shift + Up Arrow– It stretches the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Windows Key + Home– minimizes all windows except the active desktop window.
  • Windows Key + A– It opens the action center
  • Windows Key + G– It opens the Xbox game bar when the game is running
  • Windows Key + I– It opens the Settings window.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys with the Alt function

You can combine Alt with the following entities on your keyboard to perform the below-given functions.

  • Alt + F4- Used to Close the Currently Opened Window
  • Alt + F– Used to Open File Menu Options in the current program
  • Alt + Tab– Used to Open Task view
  • Alt + Left Arrow Key– Used to Go back
  • Alt + Right Arrow Key- Used to Go Forward
  • Alt + Page Up– Used to move up one screen
  • Alt + Page Down– Used to move down one screen
  • Alt + Ctrl + F2- Used to Open a New document
  • Alt + Space bar- Used to Open the System Menu
  • Alt + Backspace- Used to undo the previous action of the user
  • Alt + F1- Used to Insert a Chart
  • Alt + F8- Used to open the Macro dialogue box
  • Alt + F11- Used to open the visual basic editor
  • Alt + Shift + F1– Used to create a new worksheet in Excel
  • Alt + Shift + F2- Used to save the current worksheet in Excel

Keyboard Shortcut Keys with Special Characters

The special characters on the Keyboard also combine with its other entities to perform specific functions. These shortcut keys with special characters are given below.

  • Ctrl + Shift + !- Used to apply comma formatting
  • Ctrl + Shift + $- Used to apply currency formatting
  • Ctrl + Shift + #- Used to apply date formatting
  • Ctrl + Shift + %- Used to apply percentage formatting
  • Ctrl + Shift + ^- Used to apply exponential formatting
  • Ctrl + Shift + &- Used to place borders around selected cells in MS Excel
  • Ctrl + +- Used to insert a cell
  • Ctrl + – Used to delete a cell
  • Ctrl + Shift + ( – Used to unhide rows
  • Ctrl + Shift + ) – Used to unhide columns

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Basic Keyboard Shortcut Keys Related FAQs

What does Ctrl F12 do?

By using Ctrl + F12, you can open a document in office programs.

What will Ctrl 5 do?

If you use Ctrl + 5 on MS Word, then it will apply 1.5 line spacing from your selected text.

How do I open the quick link menu on Windows 11?

To open the quick link menu on Windows 11, you can use the Windows Key + X shortcut window.

Final Words

We hope you found the Keyboard Shortcut Keys and Their Functions we shared in this helpful article. You can ask more of your queries in the comment section below. Also, to consume more worthwhile and interesting content like this regularly, stay connected to us through our portal’s homepage.

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