Is Technology Boon or Curse for Our New Generation?

This has been a very trending topic since very long time as Technology boon or curse.


A fast forward one liner statement is not sufficient answer for this. In our everyday presence innovation has established its way, instruction has been changed. A distant memory are the hours of looking over an Encyclopaedia. With data at the tips of our fingers, learning is currently unfathomable. (In spite of the fact that there is, obviously, the contention that innovation has antagonistically affected students’ learning plans, because of advanced interruptions and the effect on their capacities to focus.)

For our society improving education is an enormous issue. Grades, our apparent presentation against various countries, and various components have pushed training to the forefront of national authoritative issues, straightforwardly beyond healthcare reforms. Innovation can be used to improve educating and learning and help our children’s to be successful.

If Technologies are making us Slave and we are getting fully dependent over it then obviously it is cursed. But if it giving us that one extra edge to achieve in our career then it’s a boon. A proper investigation of all the point and seeing pros and cons are required to understand the effect and impact of technology on our new generation.

Pros of Technology

  • To understand certain concept clearly sometime traditional learning is not sufficient. To understand various disciplines better digital simulations and models can be helpful for students and also make acquainted with the wonders of the modern world.
  • Communication is one of the important aspects of student’s life. Ineffective communication is just not worthy in regards to education. Since innovation has filled up communication holes and have smoothened the flow of knowledge. Regardless of whether in a customary or a virtual study hall, with online joint effort everybody can simply shape a network where educators dole out activities to their students continuously and children’s may request explanations, assuming any.
  • Gone are the days when they needed to experience heaps of books to locate a particular reference to improve their tasks and activities. With innovation, research has been a serious compelling device. Since a great deal of time is spared during research, children’s can join a ton of data and information in their ventures.
  • With the help of digital simulations and models, teachers are able to know the progress of their students. They are also able to prepare lessons for the students in effective manner and even students have a clear view and understanding about the topic.
  • There is much technological advancement has been done so far and is in progress. Different artificial intelligence, World Wide Web is helping people to work efficiently and accurately. Apart from this, these modern era Technology are enhancing people to utilise their time properly and getting help in field of development and discoveries. Many new inventions are made complicated things very easy to understand and more advancement can be done.

Cons of Technology

  • one of the great disadvantage of the internet is that students have become so dependent on technology that they are not able to use their own brains. They have become slaves to technology and don’t bother with learning or memorizing anything because they can just “Google it” on smartphones.
  • Technology have created distraction for them. While working on any topic if they find new links or popups in the pages, they easily get distracted and tend to click on those links. Leading to wastage of time and misuse of technology they even spend lot of time in gaming.
  • Sitting to long Infront of a screen per day show physical changes to the brain. This is concerning because it is affecting our brain organizing, self-controlling, planning, etc activities. It is also affecting our sleep schedules and quality.
  • Kids are not spending enough time with their family and friends. They like to connect virtually with peoples, sharing their life info like photos and texting online. Which is cutting them from society creating social disconnects.

If our new generation is getting too much attach with the technology that for even searching the small answer, they are dependent on internet, then it will decrease their passion towards searching new things. Kids are not utilising it for useful purposes and using it for wasting time decreasing their creativity using so much social media platform then it can be bane for them.

We have made much advancement in different fields with help of Technology but so many sacrifices have also been taken.


However, proper utilisation of Technology for upgrading yourself is boon. We have affected nature so much in cost of getting development. That’s why our new generation needs to understand that Technology can be boon or bane for them. A proper sustainable development can make Technology boon otherwise severe impact can be seen.

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