Odisha Career Portal 2024: Login, Search Student ID and more

Odisha Career Portal: There are multiple career options available for the students which they are unable to access due to

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Odisha Career Portal: There are multiple career options available for the students which they are unable to access due to lack of knowledge. The Odisha School Education Programme Authority has opened up a portal for Classes 9 to 12. This portal will provide information to the students on educational matters such as Careers, Courses, Colleges, Educational streams, Scholarships, Programs, and much more. The students can only access the portal if they have a valid Student ID. The students of Odisha must check the following article in order to get all information related to the Odisha Career Portal such as Login, Searching of Student ID, and more.

Odisha Career Portal
Odisha Career Portal 2024: Login, Search Student ID and more 5

Odisha Career Portal

There is a lot of waste of time and misconception when it comes to topics related to careers. The students are mostly unaware of the opportunities that they have or the major career option. Confusions and dilemmas often lead to wrong career choices creating unsuccessful or unhappy professionals. Thinking about the welfare of students, the Odisha School Education Programme Authority partnered with UNICEF to provide all career-related information to students in Odisha. They have associated with Aasman Foundation in terms of technicalities.

The students can find various details such as available career options, scholarships, colleges for further education, courses they can take up further, and much more. The portal is easily accessible to the students and they can easily log in by entering their Student ID and a common password. The portal has a lot of features and it shall be soon surfacing as an independent app to provide more convenience.

Odisha Career Portal: Highlights

Name of the PortalOdisha Career Portal
AuthorityOdisha School Education Programme Authority
Technical PartnerAasman Foundation
AimTo provide educational and career details to the students in Odisha
BeneficiariesStudents of Classes 9-12

Aim of Odisha Career Portal

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UNICEF aims to provide humanitarian and educational aid to children all across the world. They promote education thoroughly and Odisha Government aims to support the cause for students in the state. Thus, to ensure a better educational and professional future for the students, they launched a portal. The portal will provide important information that students need to know while progressing in their careers. They have provided access to the portal to all students to bridge the barriers between the underprivileged and education. The portal also enables guidance to the students from teachers approved and appointed by authorities.

Feature of Odisha Career Portal

The following are the features of the portal as released by the Odisha School education Programme Authority:

  • The portal is easily accessible to students in the state.
  • It is easily available in 9 languages to make it more convenient. These are Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, and Assamese.
  • The portal informs about more than 550 career options to take up further.
  • There are more than 262000 institutions that have been listed on the portal.
  • There is detailed information available on more than 17000 colleges, universities and higher educational institutions on the portal for the candidates to check.
  • There is important information and a systematic listing of 1150 entrance and competitive examinations on the portal.
  • There are also details about nearly 1120 scholarships, fellowships and educational grants on the portal. The candidates need to observe that they can refer to the official details as provided on the portal in order to check the most suitable assistance in case they are eligible or require them.
  • The candidates can contact mentors or potential teachers who can guide them in course of their professional choices through the Odisha Career Portal.
  • Even students who are preparing to drop out of school due to some reason will get assistance through the availability of guidance and scholarships in order to support their education by funding it.
  • The User Dashboard for each student shall be personalised depending upon their educational field, career choices, institution, and location.
  • The portal will also maintain a proper record not only of the education facilities available to the students but also monitor the information they are accessing and the support that they are receiving from the portal.

How to Login to Odisha Career Portal?

The students can easily log in on the Odisha Career Portal by following the subsequent steps:

How to Login on Odisha Career Portal
  1. Open the Odisha Career Portal using the web address odishacareerportal.com.
  2. In the Login, form enters the Login Credentials.
  3. First, enter the Unique ID. The Student ID shall be the roll number of the students as allocated to them by their board. In case the student struggles to find the Student ID, they can contact their teachers who shall compulsively have a record of their Student IDs.
  4. The candidates shall use a common password, 123456 in order to log in successfully to the Odisha Career Portal. Enter the Password.
  5. Press Login in order to sign into the web portal so as to access it.
  6. The portal will open up with complete access to valid students and they can choose to check all the important information pertaining to their careers.

Forms on the portal

The students will have to complete their information so as to personalize their experience with the Odisha Career Portal. The students will have to do so as they shall access the information by logging into the portal. All the forms will be available in the User Dashboard for the candidates to fill out. The following details need to be updated:

  • Personal Details: The candidates need to enter their details such as Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Name of Parents, Address, Mobile Number, Email, Category, and more.
  • Educational Details: In order to get relevant information, the candidates must enter their academic details and preferences such as Class, Marks, CGPA or Percentage, and much more.
  • Documents Upload: Important Documents such as photographs, Marksheets, Academic Certificates, Birth Certificates, and Identity Documents as issued by the Government of India, and as required on the portal.

Odisha Career Portal Link

Portal Link odishacareerportal.com
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