Grocery Rebate Coming in March 2024 – When is it coming, and Who gets it?

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Before getting into detail regarding the Grocery Rebate, it is important to understand it thoroughly. Considering the inflation rate in Canada, many citizens are finding it hard to buy even necessities like groceries which are required daily. So, the government of Canada decided to help citizens with their groceries by offering a food refund. From 2023, the government started providing grocery refunds to eligible ones directly into their accounts.

Now, the citizens of Canada are waiting for the Grocery Rebate Payment for the 2024 year. However, no updates regarding the Grocery Rebate Amount have been made till now. Any person who is eligible for the GST/ HST credit can also apply for the Canada Grocery Refund Payment 2024. Eligible ones can use the money for the well-being of the family, children as well as themselves. The authority calculates the amount by considering the income of the family, GST/ HST amount, and others. Scroll down the page and get more details about the Grocery Rebate.

Grocery Rebate Coming in March 2024

Grocery Rebate
Grocery Rebate Coming in March 2024 - When is it coming, and Who gets it? 3

In case the applicant qualifies the income criteria, then the one-time food reimbursement amount might be transferred soon to their bank accounts. Canadians whose family income lies between low to moderate will be preferred for the Grocery Rebate benefits.

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Now, the candidates are eager to know whether the Grocery Rebate will come in March 2024 or not. There is a high probability that the officials will transfer the amount in March. However, the official announcement is yet to be made. It is informed to all the readers that any update made by the officials will be available here as well.

Who gets the Grocery Rebate?

The following section will discuss information regarding the eligibility criteria which must be fulfilled to get the rebate. Only eligible ones can get the benefits of the grocery rebate. The following is the detailed information regarding the Grocery Rebate Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants should be residents of Canada to get the benefits of Grocery Rebate.
  • Interested ones should fulfill the income tax requirements.
  • Applicants should be at least older than 19 years old to be qualified for the Canadian Grocery Rebate 2024.
  • Canadians who come under the Single category and are making less than $ 45,000 per year are eligible to get the full amount of the refund.
  • Applicants who are eligible to receive the GST/HST Credit in January 2024 will get the Canada Grocery Rebate 2024.
  • The total income of the applicant‘s family from all sources must not exceed $ 65,000.
  • Lastly, aspirants must have filed the income tax return for the respective year.

Grocery Rebate Payment Details

From January 2023, the authority will double the amount of GST/ HST credit payment for Grocery Rebates. The authority calculates the amount considering the situation of the family based on the current year as well as adjusted family income (net). Interested ones can get the payment of up to:

For Single:

No children$ 234
With 1 child$ 387
With 2 children$ 467
With 3 children$ 548
With 4 children$ 628

For Married or had a common-law partner:

No children$ 306
With 1 child$ 387
With 2 children$ 467
With 3 children$ 548
With 4 children$ 628

When is it coming?

For the 2023 year, the concerned authority transfers the amount of Grocery Rebate to the beneficiary on 5th July 2023. Please note that the payment is made once a year. Now, the authority has to submit the Grocery Rebate Payment for the 2024 year. Beneficiaries are keen to know the date on which the authority will start transferring the benefit amount. There is a high chance that the officials will make the payment within a few months i.e., by July 2024. However, no confirmation has been made regarding it as of now.

It is expected that the officials will shortly announce the 2024 Grocery Refund Date on the official portal of the government of Canada. The amount will be provided to eligible beneficiaries through the direct transfer. In case the eligible ones did not receive the payment on the schedule, then they must wait for at least 10 days for the payment to be reflected in the beneficiary account. In case the payment still does not reflect, then the applicants can contact the CRA officials and resolve the issue regarding the status of the Grocery Refund Amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the status of the benefit, benefit debt or tax return debt?

Applicants can check the status of the benefits by visiting the official website of the CRA and logging into their respective accounts. Use 1-888-863-8662 for benefit debt and 1-888-863-8657 for tax return debt.

How to calculate the Grocery Rebate Amount?

Base credit: ($306): 1 $306
Credit for a spouse or common-law partner: ($306): 2 $
Credit for eligible dependant: ($306): 3 $
Credit for eligible children: ($161 for each child not included on line 3)
$161 × ____ =

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