Diwali Quiz 2024; Test Your Knowledge with Interesting Q&A

Diwali is arguably the most auspicious festival in Indian culture. Every year, Indians and many people from other countries celebrate

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Diwali is arguably the most auspicious festival in Indian culture. Every year, Indians and many people from other countries celebrate it with unparalleled enthusiasm. However, many people especially kids often fail to understand the significance of the festival in Indian Culture. So, to make them aware of it in a relatively interesting manner this year, you can organize the Diwali Quiz 2024 for them.

A fun quiz will make learning about the festival more concise and informative for kids and others. Hence, through this article, we will provide you with ample questions and answers about this festival that will help you curate this quiz and test your own knowledge as well.

So, if you are looking for a fun Diwali Quiz 2024 with interesting Q & A about the festival then do check out this article through to the end.

Diwali Quiz 2023

Diwali Quiz 2024 Basic Questions

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Below are some basic questions and answers about the festival that make a great Diwali Quiz 2024.

  • Diwali is considered the biggest festival of the year in which religion?
    • Answer- Hinduism
  • Which city outside of India is widely popular for the most lavish celebration of Diwali?
    • Answer- Leicester, England
  • In which month of the Hindu calendar is the festival of Diwali celebrated?
    • Answer- Kartika
  • For how many days do the celebrations of Diwali last in Hinduism?
    • Answer- Five Days
  • Which religion does not treat Diwali as a major festival?
    • Answer- Judaism
  • Which day of the Diwali celebration is commonly referred to as Goverdhan Puja?
    • Answer- Fourth
  • Which oil is traditionally used to light mud lamps for the celebration of Diwali?
    • Answer- Mustard Oil
  • Diwalis is also popularly known as the?
    • Answer- Festival of Lights
  • Which god/ goddess do people worship on the day of Diwali?
    • Answer- Goddess Lakshmi
  • From which Sanskrit term is the word Diwali derived from?
    • Answer- Dipavali
  • What is the first day of Diwali referred to on which people buy items of gold and clean their houses?
    • Answer- Dhanteras
  • The final day of Diwali celebration which is dedicated to the bond of brother and sister is commonly called?
    • Answer- Bhai Dooj
  • Since which century is Diwali being celebrated in the religion of Sikhism?
    • Answer- Since the 18th Century
  • Along with the Goddess Lakshmi who is worshipped on the day of Diwali?
    • Answer- God Ganesha
  • What is the primary reason for Sikhs to celebrate Diwali?
    • Answer- The release of Guru Hargobind
  • The second day in the celebration of Diwali is known as?
    • Answer- Narak Chaturadashi
  • For India, the festival of lights is Diwali, while for another country, the festival of lights is Lantern Festival, which country is this?
    • Answer- China

Diwali Quiz 2024 History of the Festival

The following is the Diwali Quiz 2024 with questions regarding the history of the festival across various cultures.

  • The second day of Diwali is dedicated to an animal in Nepal, which animal is it?
    • Answer- Dog
  • Which life event of Lord Mahavira is commemorated by Jains on the day of Diwali?
    • Answer- Nirvana
  • Which scholar king started the rite of lighting earthen lamps (divas) on the day of Diwali?
    • Answer- Harshvardhana
  • Some communities celebrate Diwali as a New Year as it marks the coronation of a well-known king, which king is it?
    • Answer- Vikramaditya
  • Who is worshipped on the day of Dhanteras?
    • Answer- Dhanvantri
  • Who do people honour by celebrating Bhai Dooj on the fifth day of the Diwali celebration?
    • Answer- Yama and Yamuna
  • Which victory is celebrated by people on the day of Diwali?
    • Answer- Victory of Good over Evil
  • The killing of which daemon is celebrated by people of South India a day prior to Diwali?
    • Answer- Narkasura
  • Which great goddess is worshipped in Eastern India on the night of Diwali?
    • Answer- Goddess Kali
  • What is the connection of Nandigram in West Bengal with Ramayana and the celebration of Diwali?
    • Answer- It is the place where Bharat ruled in the absence of Lord Rama
  • After how many years did Lord Rama return to Ayodhya, completing his period of exile, which propelled the celebration of Diwali?
    • Answer- 14 years

Final Words

We hope you found a worthwhile Diwali Quiz 2024 in this article. If you have any more queries then you can let us know by commenting below. Also, to consume more interesting and insightful content like this regularly, stay connected to us through the NVSHQ Homepage.

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