What is Bharat OS; Release Date, Features

What is Bharat OS: The Bharat OS or Bhar OS can be described as an indigenous mobile-based operating system which

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What is Bharat OS: The Bharat OS or Bhar OS can be described as an indigenous mobile-based operating system which is more concerned towards privacy and is safer for users. The Bharat Operating System has been developed keeping in mind the privacy concerns faced by Indian Citizens when using the Android Operation System and iOS in India. Several times, the citizens of the country have raised concerns regarding the usage of the operating systems used by them on their mobile.

These concerns are due to permission asked by the various applications to get access to the data of the users. So to address these concerns, an Indian Startup named JandKops assisted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has developed the BharOS.

Bharat OS Release Date, Features
Bharat OS Release Date, Features

Bharat OS Download 2024

As the data of the citizens is collected by multinational firms such as Google and others. Therefore, the Indian Government was in favour of developing the Indian operating system. As a result, the IIT Madras developed a home-grown OS i.e. Bharat OS or BharOSand which they claim to be much safer than the operating system currently used by us.

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Talking in brief about the start-up that developed the Bhar OS, JandK Operations is a private limited organisation that is non-profitable and has been incubated by the IIT Madras.

Bharat OS download 2024 overview

Operating System NameBharat OS or BharOS
Releasing DateTo Be Announced
CategoryMobile-Based Operating System
IIT ConcernedIndian Institute of Technology, Madras
Company ConcernedJandK operation limited
Origin of the OSIndia

How is BharOS different from Android?

In technical terms, the BharOS is said to be very much like the Android operating system because they have been designed on the same base. Discussing more in detail, the BharOS uses the same Android Open Source Project(AOSP) as used by the Android OS. In addition to this, the methodologies and the functionality used by the BharatOS and the Android Operating System are similar. Now coming to the key point that sets apart the BharOS from Android is that it has been made free from the applications and services offered by Google.

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Many users must have noticed that Google by default has installed its applications in our smartphones and it usually collects the cardinal data of the users and specifically without the consent of the users. The data collected by such applications is shared with any third-party organisations. Therefore, the BharartOS has been set free from these preinstalled applications thus making them safer to use by people.

BharOS Features

The BharOS is purely developed to provide security to the users. Therefore, its developers have mainly emphasised the privacy and the security it will provide to the natives. BharatOS has many exciting features that every user will like to have on their smartphone. Here in this section, we will provide some of the features of the BharOS for our readers. We have listed some of the features of BharatOS below:

  • We are reiterating again that the Bharat OS mainly focuses on the privacy of the user data. In other words, it means that third-party applications will not be allowed to be installed in that Bharat OS. We have noticed many third-party applications on the Google play store, all these applications could not be installed in the Bharat OS.
  • As a result of the above privacy feature, it will have its own play store that will be known as PASS. The full form of PASS is Private Applications Store Services.
  • PASS is claimed to have applications that will be upto the standards set by the security of the organization along with privacy.
  • One of the finest features of Bharat OS is that it will not come with the preinstalled applications as in Google and provides the option to the user to choose applications from the PASS stores that will be safe to use.
  • One similar feature of BharatOS and Android is that it will receive NOTAs termed as native over-the-air updates and will be downloaded to the device automatically.

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How to Install BharOS?

Till now the developers of this operating system have not provided any update about how to install the BharOS. However, installing a new operating system is not an easy task and it can prove to be fatal for businesses. In addition to this, this Operating System is expected to be launched on a few devices and perhaps it will be operative on the new devices only.

The Bharat OS is not expected to be for the masses however it could be used by Indian firms that require the safety of their data.

BharOS Release

The officials who have developed the BharOS have not provided any specific dates for its release. Apart from this, the developers have also not specified the supporting devices for this operating system. The information regarding the supported devices and their release date will be updated over the course of time.

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