Arts Stream Career Options after 12th: Check Jobs, Salary

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Arts Stream Career Options after 12th: Choosing a career stream after school can be difficult. Students often get confused regarding the career options which they can pursue further. There are different kinds of streams such as sciences, commerce, and arts in which a student can complete his or her class 12. It is much of a preconceived notion that art is one of the easiest and helpless streams and there are limited careers through it. This is a huge misconception as there are a lot of options that one can choose after passing out from class 12 with the art stream. Check careers, courses, jobs, salary, and much more here in this article.

Arts Stream Career Options after 12th
Arts Stream Career Options after 12th

Arts Stream Career Options after 12th

Students who were currently in class 12 or have recently passed this stage must be really worried about the future. While there are some students who are ready with their further plans, it is completely normal to be not aware of dreams and passion which you should choose as your career. There are a lot of options for building a career after completing class 12 with the science stream. A few of those myriad options are listed below so as to provide a perspective of the availability of career paths:

Government Jobs

One of the most commonly pursued options after class 12 with an arts stream is Government jobs. A lot of recruitment in the state or central government is held for those who have passed class 12. There is no barrier of subjects that were studied in school. Additionally, the students can choose to further pursue graduation in arts stream, that is bachelor of arts or any other so as to be eligible to apply for high-ranking jobs. One of the main reasons that this path is most opted is that there is job security and a proper scale pay at which candidates are paid. Studying arts can be very beneficial while preparing for government jobs since many questions are picked from this educational stream.

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The candidate must have a dedicated approach in order to get recruited for government jobs. Hard work and communication building are some other things that prove crucial during preparation. The selection of the candidates really depends upon their performances in the recruitment procedures. The scale and salary pay also depend upon the post for which a particular student has applied. However, the minimum salary packages that government jobs offer are Rs.20K per month and can go as high as Rs. Lakh per month

Hotel Management

The hospitality industry requires youth with a great drive to serve the customers. Many students who pursue arts stream in class 12 can be seen opting for hotel management as their carrier. There are various hotel management courses that students can take up. These courses include skill-based training and practical education pertaining to serving hospitality to consumers.

The hotel industry is one of the most fastest-growing industries and involves great employment opportunities. Interested students can take up the degree or diploma courses and make a career in hotel management, hotel staff or any other related career option to the field. A great salary package can be expected after complete training and education.

Hotel Management and Catering Courses

Fashion or Interior Design

Students with awareness of market trends and artistic skills can choose to design in fields of fashion or architectural interior. Both of these fields are very creative and involve great visualization power. It is interesting and an exceptional sense of human taste can prove very beneficial. The students can choose to prepare for various government institutions offering courses in fashion designing or interior designing. There are various private colleges and universities that also offer the same course. Since these are considered professional courses, the student can expect getting a job straight away after completing their studies.

However, pursuing Fashion or interior designing also open the window of freelancing or even personal businesses. Both the fields are very demanding and required an intricate eye for detail and public demand. The lucrativeness of these career options depends quite upon the kind of profession the student takes up. However, it can be guaranteed that this is a great career option that requires talent and can prove to be very greatly paying.

Event Management

Events are such things that can never go of trend. For every little occasion, there is a huge demand for event managers. This job is not only practical and interesting, but it also involves A good use of creative mind and management skills. Team leading and management is another crucial part of this career. Students who have pursued their class 12 studies in the arts stream in easily apply for this course in either a government institution or even a private one. Great jobs, freelancing opportunities, and self-established business ideas can be derived while pursuing event management as graduate-level studies.

This option is highly lucrative and those who pursue it can make good money if they know how to manage their interpersonal skills and use them to manage a team and at the same time use personal creativity to provide the best service to the customers.

Content Writing or Blogging

Content writing is one of the rapidly growing industries. With the advancement of the internet, online content has gained a lot of attention. With this, the old conventional style of furnishing news is being replaced by blogging and content writing. If somebody is studying arts streams in class 12 or has already done so, their creative and analytical thinking can be expected to be at par. With good fluency in languages such as Hindi, English, regional languages, foreign languages, or any other, the students can think of taking up content writing and blogging as a career.

Other than good fluency in the language, the students must also have a flair for writing. Grammatical correctness is expected from those who are willing to pursue this as a career choice and further options. Students can get certified in content writing and blogging to take up diploma courses and apply for various jobs. Initially, the job can pay satisfactorily. However, with increasing experience and better work, the candidates can earn a better share of salary.

Industrial Training Diplomas in Skill Work

Students who have taken up the arts stream can easily pursue their careers as skilled workers. With increasing dependency on machines, the requirement of skilled workers is also expected to increase. Diplomas or general degrees in professionally train skill working can prove highly beneficial. There is definitely a huge value in being skillful and trained. The students can take up certifications and diplomas and apply for jobs or open up an independent business to continue with their further growth in the same career option.

Social Media Manager

Becoming an influencer or a social media manager is turning out to be a very beneficial career option. Social media is highly attractive and is being used as a major platform for marketing. Students who were currently pursuing arts stream in class 12 or have passed with it must know that as entertaining and fun social media feels, equally lucrative it is. Content creators and influencers offered a huge opportunity to various people to gain career options related to it. Not only that, but content creating is also highly competitive and it might even involve social media management.

Independent hiring a Social Media Manager is done by reputed influencers so that their accounts can be well managed and their engagement with the audience increases thus monetizing better. If the students are pursuing arts stream in class 12 but a very creative and analytical and have a fair share of knowledge regarding social media planning and optimization of content, they can easily apply for certifications or gain simple experience by interning. A full-fledged career In this field can offer a great salary and future career options.

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