Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends (short, long, 10 lines)

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Wedding Anniversary Speech: A Wedding Anniversary is a very auspicious day. It is really an achievement to be successfully committed together in a relationship that gives birth to various other relations in life. Celebration of 25 years or silver jubilee and 50 years or golden jubilee has been very common. It is more of a trend to celebrate anniversaries and now, it has been observed that with a fast-paced life, people feel like celebrating any little or large occasion.

The extent of the glory of the event varies from person to person. However, the involvement of close friends and family is very constant. If you are a friend who has been asked to deliver a Wedding Anniversary Speech on your mate’s anniversary, don’t worry, we have you covered. Read the Long, Short, and 10 Lined Wedding Anniversary Speeches you can deliver.

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends

Delivering speeches is typical. Being emotional and also sounding interesting does take effort. One also needs to make sure that he/she is not getting too personal or informal since the audience is not only the glorious couple but also their relatives and other friends. Hence, writing speeches and speaking them often leaves people in a dilemma. However, never lose out on an opportunity to appreciate achievement. Get useful speeches to speak out on such occasions of your friends here.

Long Wedding Anniversary Speech

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A very good evening to all the nearest and dearest ones!

Starting on a congratulatory note, I am absolutely stunned to see you two completing ____ (number of years of marriage) years. It has been a tortuous journey. Hasn’t it? But you both my friends, ________ and _________ (name of the couple) have walked every turn and twist together and this is what matters in the end. A big congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

Marriage is an institution that has always seemed complex. But looking at you two, it has looked more like an effortless practice. Both of you have Conjugal ties that are difficult. People are bound together forever in a committed relationship, aiming to get bonded as a family for a lifetime. This shows an opportunity to celebrate each other, our successes, and every little growth together. Marriage offers an equal right to each other’s love, happiness, and contentment. It is very dreamy and overwhelming to think about spending a whole lot of life from youth till the deathbed with someone by your side.

But as jubilant as it sounds, the difficulty is also a part and parcel of this relationship. This includes various conditions such as sickness, failures, little problems of daily life, and much more. It is always endless when we talk about the depth of the trough of sadness, right? But, going through every wave, low or high together is what counts as a total. Isn’t it beautiful to hold hands and step up and down together, appreciating each other throughout the journey of life to reach the culmination? You both have done that.

Being one of your very close friends, I have seen you guys working every day out, moment by moment, day by day, year by year. It is surely a huge achievement. And, you two have achieved this together just like everything else. It is always crucial to not only support each other during hard times but also celebrate every little smile of your partner and how impeccably you guys do that. You have inspired a lot of people out there. You have respected each other’s personal space, trusted and had faith in each other and in life. I really feel that this, more than anything has been the reason behind your fulfilling conjugal tie. However, the secret is for you to reveal!

I can only see and say what I have observed. It is so pretty and perfect. It becomes more exquisite with the mere thought of you living it. If you guys look back, there will be a few things that will always pinch you but that happens with everyone. What I really think is flawless is how you have moved on from every little difficulty and framed this magnificent love story of your own. A love story that is most dear and favourite to each of you. Even I am a little obsessed with this modern and realistic love and adoration of yours. There is nothing much for me to say, especially when you two have preferred each other over us all. I can very confidently say on everyone’s behalf that we are all very proud of you both for choosing each other. We all are glad that you are very delighted in this marriage of love and understanding.

A huge hug to both of you and my heartiest congratulations. I should better get down before I get too emotional. Loads of luck to you both for you have to keep tolerating each other for the rest of years and I guess, for other lifetimes. Haha! All my love and adoration to you two.

Short Wedding Anniversary Speech

Hey everyone! This is _________ (Your Name). I am a very close friend of ___________ and ____________ (Name of the couple). I had the privilege to dearly watch these two grow together in this beautiful relationship. They have successfully completed __________ (Number of years completed together by the couple) and I am more than happy and proud. As a friend, it is my solemn duty to always value the contentment of my friends and makes me highly ecstatic when I see them together walking through the highs and lows of life with utmost love for each other.

Congratulations, __________ and __________ (Name of the couple) on your ___________st/nd/rd/th (Anniversary year). I am glad you both found each other. Absolutely, because it freed me from the responsibility of tolerating you. Just kidding, it is a big world only when we do not find anyone but you both have created this small world of yours. As I see this universe of you two, I just see love, compassion, camaraderie, respect, trust, compatibility, emotional depth, not only tolerance but also acceptance, and a few arguments, but cute arguments. But, what excites me the most is how you two met! It was incredible. I never thought that you both will ever get married. But I guess you had to since you had me third-wheeling. Believe me or not but I am a huge influence in your relationship. Ain’t I? Haha.

I am glad for both of you. I hope you keep patiently bearing each other, happily. Thank you for being a very ideal couple and restoring the faith of many in love. In this modern world of baseless toxic relationships, you both proved what genuine empathy is. Congratulations on that. All my love and blessings for carrying out this innings of yours and I pray that your partnership hits double and triple centuries and more. Although jokes apart, I am sure that this love of you two will continue forever. A big hug and a huge sack full of wishes from me. _________ (Number of years) done, decades more to go!

Speech in 10 Lines

A very very happy anniversary to you, ____________ and ___________ (Nmae of the Couple).
Congratulations on completing __________ (Number of Years) of Wedding successfully with love, happiness, and friendship.
I am very pleased for both of you since it is not only difficult to keep backing each other but also standing strong for each other through thick and thin.
You both have set an example for each one of us present here on how to live a life together without losing out on self as individuals and also ensuring that the other person grows in the relationship as well.
I personally look up to your journey.
From being two bachelors who fell in love to being mature humans who define their own love, you both have come a very long way.
One of my favourite thing about your companionship is how you have overcome every obstacle, every misunderstanding, every sickness, and all threatening problems and sailed your way out of the storm.
It is very lucky to be in an equally loving and respectful relationship and you both are in one with each other.
Thank you for loving each other and keeping everything around very positive by being so full of love and life.
I pray for your togetherness, happiness, and health forever, my two friends in love!

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