Engagement Party Speech Sample: Tips and Tricks

Many couples like to throw a party for their engagement which is one of the perfect reasons to get everyone…

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Many couples like to throw a party for their engagement which is one of the perfect reasons to get everyone together and share your happiness with others. An engagement party cannot be completed without an Engagement Party Speech from the couple’s loved ones and close ones.

All those readers who will deliver a speech for the engagement party have stopped at the right page. The following article will provide information regarding Engagement Party Speech, such as samples, tips and others. Scroll down the page to get details.

Engagement Party Speech

Engagement Party Speech Sample (Parents)

Ladies and gentlemen, first of all, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are (your name) parents of (couple name). This is one of our happiest and most emotional moments as our precious ones have finally decided to move their love life further by getting engaged. We still remember the first meeting clearly; when he entered our home, the whole family felt positivity all around them.

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Only after a few weeks of seeing them as a couple do we know they are perfect for each other. We bless you with love, wealth and happiness all your life. May you never fight, but if you do, then may it always resolve at the end with more love. Cheers to this lovely couple!

Engagement Party Speech Sample (Couple)

First of all, we would like to thank every person in the hall for taking time out of their busy schedule to join us on our special day. Me and (partner name) are similar in various aspects of our lives. This is also one of the reasons why we love each other so much. Many of you might think we are a perfect couple who never fight and argue, but that is untrue.

We often argue about various things, but at the end of the day, our love always becomes heavier than any fight. We knew from those moments that we could not leave without each other and that it was the right time to get engaged. Thank you everyone for all your wishes. Hope you enjoy the evening as much as we are.

Engagement Party Speech Sample (Family and Friends)

Hello everyone! My name is (your name). I am the (relation) of the couple. I am so happy to see the best person I have known in my life getting engaged to the person he/ she loved the most. When she first told me about the person she was seeing, I saw a spark in her eyes that I had never seen. After meeting (Couple name), I realised the reason: the love and care he had shown her was beautiful.

His patience while listening to her is one of the moments I thought he was best for her. I am one of the lucky people who have seen their love story in person. Apart from that, I also got a new friend. I am so happy for you guys and can’t wait for you to get married soon. May this new chapter in your life fill it with love only. Thank you.

Tips and Tricks to Write the Speech

In the following section, we will mention some of the tips and tricks to write an engagement party speech that will make the speech more attractive and effective. The following are some of the tips and tricks:

  • The first and foremost tip, which is very important to use, is to introduce yourself. The main reason behind it is that many people attending the party might not know you unless you are the couple getting engaged. So, introducing yourself is important so the audience can engage with your speech.
  • As it is not a formal speech, one can share their feelings and thoughts. Guidance connects more with the speech when it is being delivered unfiltered. However, one must ensure that only one emotion is not delivered in the speech. Mix the speech with happiness, laughter and more to make it more special for the couple and audience.
  • Do not finish the speech immediately, and it must not leave the audience confused as if the speech has ended in between. Provide a perfect ending to your speech by wrapping up your thoughts. Some ways to end the speech are to raise a toast, give blessings to the couple or simply show gratitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

What things to avoid while delivering an Engagement Party Speech?

Some of the things to avoid are getting stiff during the whole speech, using a formal tone, not showing emotions in the speech and others.

How Long Should an Engagement Party Speech Be?

An Engagement Party Speech should be long enough to connect with the audience and short enough so the audience does not get bored. The speech depends on the person who is delivering the speech. However, 1-2 minutes of speech is more than enough.

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