Technology And Society Essay: Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology in Society

Technology And Society Essay: Positives and Negatives are two sides of a coin. This phrase has not only prevailed as a mere saying but also gotten proved in course of time. Necessities lead to invention and one of the most commendable achievements of human beings is Technology. The need for it is a very personal subject but the impacts and effects are normalized for all. Technology is revolutionary. It makes life luxurious, more approachable, better, convenient, and every other thing that a man desire it to be. Ever since this change came upon humans, they have readily accepted it and decided to live accordingly. The past 25 years have been life turning for the world has entirely transformed into a technical arena. This transition is beneficial, however, the price humans have to pay, deliberately or maybe unintentionally, does add a trough to the rising graph of its importance.

About Technology

Anything that uses scientific concepts in a particular field to execute it in practicality is Technology. The definition differs depending upon the purpose but the basic idea remains the same. The use of technology has revolutionized the world. With the involvement of it in little communication to reaching out to space, the usage is widespread. Humans have been using technology for not only the little things but also every major purpose. Technological advancement requires highly complex scientific methods to come into existence but simplifies everything. With its use, every little chore has eased at a faster pace. Humans are highly dependent upon it.

The use of Technology is just as common as breathing. For everything, on a little platform or even on a large scale, technical advancement is preferred. Modification and Upgradation lead to much simplifying of the errand. Technology is highly prominent in communication. Its use in a way to reach out to the world for professional or personal purposes is one of the major necessities of Humankind. The prime basis of communication in modern times has shifted from conventional methods such as the deliverance of handwritten or printed letters to the use of technologies such as mobile phones, the internet, and more. With the use of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and additional facilities of the internet, message transmission has become easier. Social media and available modes of communication have made humans believe that the world is really small and everything is at hand.

Technology and Society Essay

Positive Impacts of Technology

Professionally, technologies have staged everything online. Every little work is computerized and efficient machinery is preferred over human labour. With this, the purpose of education has widened and the tireless striving to make a living is being minimized. Machines are not only efficient but also programmed to be perfect. There is hardly any mistake displayed by the Technical system. Many fields, be it education, business, sciences, commercial platforms or any other professional workspace involves vast use of technology ensuring the minimum scope of errors and fast and smooth deliverance of services.

Technology has been contributing to the well-being of humans as well. Medical Science is highly progressing with the introduction of better equipment. Life of certain patients entirely run on technical devices such as pacemakers and more. Medicine can treat people but cannot save them quite instantly. Technology has made it all possible. Additionally, for maintenance of health, people prefer gyms that use machinery for fat loss reduction, strength training. Transportation is also immensely developed with the use of better technologies. The accident has been comparatively reduced and efficiency and ease have been injected. It is just a matter of little to reach anywhere, that too quietly safe and secured.

Luxury is different but amenities turn out to be highly relaxing. Excessive and unnecessary labour is involved in every little job seemed exactly pointless with the advancement of technology. Basic needs such as Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Cleaning devices, Air Conditioners, and others did not exist earlier. Their absence involved grinding the body. This led to major inconvenience since man can never toil as tirelessly and efficiently as a machine. The weariness caused to unavoidable basic errands needed to be reduced and hence, basic needful conveniences were discovered through the use of Technical concepts. These appliances have proved to be highly time-conserving and energy-saving.

The advancement of Technology is reasoned by man’s desire for extravagance. In this time which is driven by the need to be fast and efficient, little things matter, and every comfort count. Due to constant mental and societal pressures and increasing competitiveness, a little relief is needed every now and then. Technology has made small things available easily. This is the comfort that is needed. Entertainment, luxuries, and other desirable things are all at hand with the help of technology. With advancement, entertainment gadgets and modes have entirely changed. People look for getting entertained seated on their luxurious recliners. Technologies such as PS5 or Xbox are preferred options for entertainment and killing time. With this, the risk of getting minor injuries while going out and bodywork has been reduced.

Negative Impacts of Technology

Excess of everything has proved to be very harmful. Be it the good or bad. Everything has its own positives and negatives. technology comes with a high price too. When nature is disturbed in order to create something artificial, the entire ecosystem is disturbed. Technology needs renovation. It needs to break down the natural and build up a high tension work to function in. The introduction of machinery and other complexities has altered the entire authenticity of the earth. This is not only harmful to the environment but also to humankind.

The internet has imposed constant threats of insomnia upon humans since the harmful radiations distort mental peace and functioning. Not only does the head gets affected but the entire biology is impacted since the body posture and authenticity are often altered due to the use of technical devices and machinery. A lot of diseases have surfaced ever since the technical revolution. Common symptoms such as stress, body aches, headaches, and more have been usually observed. The children of the present generation, mostly known as netizens or GenZ experience various mental health issues and physical disturbances due to the constant dependency on technology. The practical knowledge and its implication have been minimised and the creativity quotient has degraded. They hardly can imagine a world without the unnatural presence of technology.

Technology has advanced communication but has made people really available on a tap. This has reduced privacy and personalization. The social skills have also been adversely affected. People can communicate over telephones or the internet but hardly have social tolerance. Empathy and Humanity have degraded even more since the natural habitats are being destructed to establish the Technical prerequisites. Not only humans but also the other living beings, that is animals and plants, are also being deprived of natural recourses. Humans have chosen for this change but the others have not and they do not have alternative options.

Pollution, Radiations and Technical accidents have been normalised to such an extent that they feel normal. Although, it is highly harmful to grow and nurture life in such conditions. The earth is becoming all weak but materialistically developed. Humans can always agree to the harmful effects and are trying to find alternative and sustainable options. These options seem very difficult to follow and the goals seem distant to approach where they used to exist. Ways are being tried to discovered so as to make the naturality of Earth and the Technologies co-exist. The world is presently in a dilemma of desire and is striving towards an apogee but efforts are being tried to made so as to ensure a peaceful eco-friendly existence with equity and support from the Technologies.

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