Essay on Pollution: 500+ Words Essay For Students

Essay on Pollution – In school students are asked to write an essay and one of the important topics is

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Essay on Pollution – In school students are asked to write an essay and one of the important topics is pollution. Pollution is one of the major problems of the world and students are asked to write an essay on Pollution. So here we have provided you with a template to have some ideas.

essay on pollution
Essay on Pollution

Essay on Pollution

Pollution is any unwanted material in our environment that is harmful to all living organisms and the planet itself. With the growing population and technology, our problem of pollution has become a major environmental problem. Pollution not only affects the health and well-being of humans, and animals but also makes the earth a desolate place. With the advancement of science and technology, the problem of the population has become worse. Pollution occurs when harmful substances are released into the components of the environment like air, water, soil and noise and pollutes them causing harm to the environment and the organism that live in it or are dependent on it. Pollution has become a major enemy of our planet.

There are four major types of pollution namely – Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution and Noise Pollution. All these pollutions are posing a great threat to our Earth and threatening the survival of humans and other organisms. The source of the pollution can be man-made or natural but to a greater extent, it is because of man-made sources and activities.

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Air pollution is caused when pollutants released from different sources get mixed with air and make it contaminated. The major pollutants of air pollution are Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, Chloro Floro Carbon (CFCs) and particulate particle. The sources of these pollutants are various like smoke coming out from vehicles and factories, burning of plastic and other wastes, firecrackers, and natural sources like Volcanic eruptions. All these sources release harmful gases into the environment and make the air toxic. Inhaling toxic gas can lead to many problems like lung and other respiratory diseases and heart disease.

Water pollution is caused when harmful waste and chemicals from factories and other sources are released into the freshwater bodies contaminating them and making the water undrinkable. This not only affects humans but also has a severe effect on marine organisms. Water pollution has become the cause of the depletion of many marine organisms. Untreated sewage, waste from the factories, and agricultural waste like pesticide remains are dumped into the water bodies which releases many harmful chemicals in the water bodies. This toxic and polluted water reaches back to humans through the water cycle and is consumed which leads to severe health issues.

Mercury is one of the major water pollutants which causes many health complications. Pesticides used in agriculture and other chemicals leach down the earth’s surface and contaminate the underground water. Plastic products when reaching the water bodies not only contaminate them but becomes the source of the declining number of marine organisms.

Soil pollution is caused when harmful and toxic unwanted chemicals get mixed with the soil making it infertile. This is majorly caused by using chemicals in agriculture practices like herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and many other chemicals. These chemicals not only deteriorate the fertility of the soil but leach down to underground water levels and contaminate it also. These chemicals when get mixed with water are absorbed by plants and ultimately consumed by humans and animals.

Noise pollution is another serious issue, especially in urban areas where high levels of noise from different sources like traffic, construction, loud music, etc can affect hearing disability. Too much noise level can cause stress and headache in humans and even result in permanent hearing loss. High levels of noise can also affect the behaviour of animals that are sensitive towards high noise.

The rising level of pollution is a threat to each one of us and poses a deadly threat to g humans. If we do not take any measures now we will lose our one planet to it and lose our home. Pollution poses a threat to our survival and existence. The general public and Government have to come along to make scheme and programmes to reduce pollution and find alternatives for the things which causes pollution like Fossil fuels. By working together and understanding individual responsibility we can tackle the problem of pollution.

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