Brain Drain Essay in English for Students and Children

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Brain Drain: Brain Drain can be defined as the movement or migration of highly knowledgeable scholars and even skilled workers from a less developed country or underdeveloped country to developed countries around the world. In technical terms, it can be perceived as the relocation of human capital resources from developing or developed nations to highly developed nations. The students must be thinking that why the brain drain takes place and what are the repercussions of these things on our country.

They do not need to worry as we will explain all these things in the coming paragraphs of this article. People also think that brain drain is of only highly knowledgeable people as specified by everyone but it is not like that. There are also types of brain drain that will be discussed in this essay.

Brain Drain Essay in English for Students and Children
Brain Drain Essay in English for Students and Children 5

Types of Brain Drain

We have categorised the brain drain into three types. All three types will be discussed briefly below in a sequential manner.

Geographical Brain Drain

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It is the most common form of brain drain found all across the world. It is basically the migration of scholars, scientists as well as engineers of supreme knowledge from less developed, underdeveloped or developing countries to developed countries. Therefore, it is known as a Geographical Brain Drain.

Organizational Brain Drain

This category represents the group of people who are skilful as well as talented and switch the organization. These people switch organizations due to a lack of growth opportunities.

Industrial Brain Drain

This type of migration involves a group of people moving from one industry to another industry for better financial as well career growth opportunities.

Reasons for Brain Drain

One of the major reasons for the brain drain is a scarcity of financial as well as career opportunities for deserving candidates. The highly knowledgeable people do not get enough salary in the private departments. In addition to this, they even do not get the promotions as deserved which is why they opt for developed countries. Here, managers while giving jobs and also promotions play the favouritism card which obviously demotivates the highly skilled candidates.

Brain Drain Essay in English for Students and Children 6

Furthermore, in the government sector, the reservation scheme many times does not allow the right candidate to get the desired job and as a result of it, the candidate prefers to study abroad as the developed countries provide them with high salaries along with a better standard of living and better job opportunities.

Many times, people do not find stability in their government which is commonly referred to as political instability and thus move out of their country to settle in a country that is stable in terms of government. Political stability provides trust to the citizens of their country. In addition to this, many factors such as the least access to health care facilities are also contributing factors to brain drain. These factors are generally called as Pull Factors.

Ideas to Stop Brain Drain

For developing and under-developing countries it has not been easy to retain highly knowledgeable people in their countries. But for the development of their country, they need to retain these people. For the research scholars, the government can support them by providing them with financial assistance and providing them with the environment i.e the laboratories for their research. In addition to this, the government should provide a modern system of education. In other words, the government should focus on providing more practical knowledge to the students instead of theoretical knowledge.

Economic Prospects

Providing better economic prospects plays an important role in retaining people. If people find better job opportunities along with a good salary, then obviously they will not leave their hometown. In addition to that, the private sector should also provide growth opportunities to deserving candidates.

Brain Drain
Brain Drain Essay in English for Students and Children 7

Employment Opportunities

The government should also take steps to provide employment to skilled engineers as well as the youths of the nation according to their interests. Unemployment has been one of the biggest problems in India. Educated candidates are having major issues regarding employment.

Work Culture

It is very well known to all the people doing jobs in India that there are many labour laws for the employees working in India. However, they are not being implemented by the organizations. The organization do not comply with the principles and the laws mentioned in labour laws. If there is a 9-hour shift for the employees then they are made to work more than 9 hours and in most of the cases, they are also not paid by the organization. Therefore, the government should implement their labour laws strictly and if needed should interfere to enforce them in the organization.


In India, brain drain is a critical issue and should be addressed by the government. The government should provide proper employment and growth opportunities to deserving candidates. In the current scenario, we are seeing a large number of students moving from India are migrating to the countries like the UK, US and Canada. And after getting exposure from the organizations there, they are eventually settling in those countries only. It should be noted that many countries like the UK, US and Canada are also getting benefits from these students as they pay hefty fees and also provide their services to the country. India is losing a large pool of talent through the brain drain and in the coming years, the brain drain will impact badly to our nation in terms of economy. Therefore the government should take notes from the ideas presented to stop the brain drain.

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