Ghazal Alagh Biography, Net worth, Early Life, Career, Family

Ghazal Alagh Biography: Making headlines after her appearance on the show, Shark Tank India, Ghazal Alagh looks highly inspired. She is the Chief Mama and Co-Founder at MamaEarth which was a baby care brand. The company further extended itself to a full-time body care brand. Her firm has established new standards of body and baby care by ensuring that they not only provide the best products but also simultaneously contribute to the welfare of the environment. Her impression on the show is as someone who never m issues a chance to promote women empowerment. If you find Ghazal Alagh influencing, check her story in the article given below.

Ghazal Alagh Biography
Ghazal Alagh Biography

Ghazal Alagh Biography

Shark Tank has brought the names behind the very famous brands to the limelight. While we all were totally aware of the famous, comforting and MADESAFE approved brand, MamaEarth, the stories of the founders were underneath the sheath., The main reason behind the existence and success of this brand is Ghazal Alagh. She and her will to create something that was possibly the best is the reason why MamaEarth is well recognised. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a public figure, and most importantly, an environmentalist, an empowered independent woman. She has finally made her way out in the world of success with her unmatchable zeal for the betterment of people and society through her enterprise.

Ghazal Alagh Biography: Life in a Nutshell

NameGhazal Alagh
Education Haryana, India
Punjab University, Chandigarh
New York Academy of Arts
Company FoundedMamaEarth
Spouse(s)Varun Alagh
Children(s)Agastya Alagh

Ghazal Alagh Early Life and Education

While it is much unknown about the life of Ghazal, her presence on the show Shark Tank India has brought to her many fans. She has often been seen being vocal about her brand MamaEarth but not rivetted much about her own personal life. There is no information about her parental abode or even her parents as she has mostly chatted about her entrepreneurship experiences and not personal ones. It is known that she was born in 1984, probably in Gurgaon.

Her schooling was reportedly completed in Haryana. She has graduated with Bachelors’s in Computer Applications. She was a student at Punjab University in Chandigarh for further studies. She is also known to have taken additional educational experiences from the New York Academy of Arts.

Ghazal Alagh Professional Journey and Net Worth

Ghazal Alagh has worked as a Corporate Trainer at NIIT for a time of two years in 2008. Her first startup was called which she tried raising up on the market. However, she failed even after her tireless attempts. She later joined Being Artsy as an artist after the collapse of her first venture. Ghazal was initially connected with Honasa Consumer Private Limited which is a Business Services Firm. She later commenced as an entrepreneur along with her husband, Varun Alagh. She is a wholesome director at the company which later became the parent company for her successful enterprise MamaEarth.

Ghazal Alagh for Shark Tank India
Ghazal Alagh for Shark Tank India

Now, apart from being the Co-Founder of the Body Care brand, she was invited to judge the Startup empowerment show, Shark Tank, India. The show is inspired by the American Show of the same name. Aspiring entrepreneurs approach a bunch of investors with their startup ideas. One of those investors is Ghazal. She is being much liked in the show for her perspectives and business insights which reflect her absolute mastery in the field.

Ghazal’s net worth has been reported as 17 million dollars.

Ghazal Alagh journey with MamaEarth

MamaEarth is the company that initially moved around providing the best services for baby care. Ghazal and her husband were expecting their first child. While they were a young couple who loved to enjoy the careless youthful parts of life, they turned into a safety preferring couple. The sense of parenthood changed the course of their life choices. While they were risking things together to unleash the best experiences of life, they suddenly chose to pick up safe preferences. Especially, for Ghazal Alagh, motherhood rose in her conscience and she recognized the importance of secured products for their child.

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Their experiences with pregnancy changed their approach to the available option of medications and care. After the birth of their kid in 2017, as responsible parents, they surfed the internet for options that would not prove to be negatively affecting the health of their newborn. To their shock, there was a possibility of all that happening. This led to the establishment of MamaEarth as a baby care brand.


Later, they extended their services to the adults as well. They launched body care products in 2018 along with the famous Indian Actress, Dancer, Yoga Enthusiast, Producer, Writer, Businesswoman, and a Mother herself, Shilpa Shetty. She endorsed the toxin-free products for the Alaghs. Later, when MamaEarth introduced the haircare range, it was a much well-received product spectrum. Sara Ali Khan, presently the young actress along with her mother and well know actress Amrita Singh, were seen advertising them. Later, Sara was announced as brand ambassador for the haircare range. Not only with the celebrities, the strategy of Ghazal to actually approach a potential Indian crowd of consumers with social media and constant offers spiked the love for the brand.

Ghazal Alagh along with her husband Vikas Alagh promoting MamaEarth with Shilpa Shetty
Ghazal Alagh along with her husband Vikas Alagh promoting MamaEarth with Shilpa Shetty

MamaEarth is not only well advertised but a responsible brand. The products are toxin-free and mum-baby friendly. This is the first brand in Asia to be certified by MADESAFE. The products meet all the international standards while being personalised for Indian people. They believe that their main focus is to create a transparent brand that the customers can easily trust and honestly review. The products are natural, manmade, and plant-based. They have specifically curated a brand that gives back to the earth where we all live. They recycle at double the plastic they actually use.

Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh for Forbes India
Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh for Forbes India

It was the constant hard work and profound honesty of Ghazal Alagh along with her husband, Vikas that the brand surged it’s market day by day. The revenue of Mama Earth is reported by Forbes India as Rs. 22.19 Lakhs only in the year 2017. It took a great leap when MamaEarth managed to remunerate a whopping amount of Rs. 112 crores in the financial year 2020. In the year 2021, the company approximately hiked to the mark of Rs. 300 crores in a financial. The founders Gazhal and Varul aim to double the amount in 2023 as they believe in the quality and safety of their products.

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Ghazal Alagh Family Life

Ghazal and her son, Agastya
Ghazal and her son, Agastya

Ghazal Alagh is happily married to her business partner, Varun Alagh. They make an amazing pair and have been often spotted promoting their firm together. They have a son who they dearly love and get motivated by, named Agastya. She is often found vacationing with her family. Her personal life has been much protected by her since there are not many elaborate details about her family or personal choices. She creates an interesting space for her followers on Instagram by sharing her professional adventures.

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