PAN Aadhar Link Online Last Date: Status Check Online, How to Link PAN Aadhaar Card?

PAN Aadhar Link online status application: Linking of Aadhaar to PAN has become mandatory in India. The deadline for Aadhaar Link

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PAN Aadhar Link online status application: Linking of Aadhaar to PAN has become mandatory in India. The deadline for Aadhaar Link was 30th June 2023 (with late fee of Rs 1000/-). This news brought relief for those who haven’t linked their Permanent Account Number (PAN) with their Aadhaar yet. If you also fall under this category, you can now link your PAN with your Aadhaar till the 30th June 2023, and the one who fails to do so then he/she needs to pay a subsequent amount of fee or penalty for that. Check complete information related to PAN Aadhaar link the online status application in this post.  

Aadhaar and PAN are two important documents in India majorly used as identity proof by the citizens. Aadhaar is a biometric Identity proof of an individual. On the other hand, PAN is an alphanumeric identifier issued by the Income Tax Department (ITD) in the form of a plastic card to any person/entity who submits the application for it or to the entity/person whom ITD allot it without any application.

PAN Aadhar Link Online

Section 139 AA(2) of the Income Tax Act 1961-2018, says that Every individual/ person who is having PAN on or after 1st July 2017, and is eligible to obtain an Aadhaar card, must intimate his/her Aadhaar in a specified manner to the tax authorities before the date specified by the CBDT”. In case a person fails to intimate Aadhaar details before the said date, the PAN allotted to him/her will become inoperative.

PAN Aadhar link Online
PAN Aadhar Link Online Last Date: Status Check Online, How to Link PAN Aadhaar Card? 10
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As per Section 139 AA(2) of ITA, it becomes mandatory or all PAN cardholders in the country to link it with their 12-digit biometric Id. With this, they can file their ITR smoothly and perform other tasks related to PAN without any hindrance. The first notification for linking of two documents was released in 2018. But due to various reasons, not all PAN were linked to Aadhaar and the government had to extend the deadline several times.

Those who are still wondering how to link it must go through this article. Linking is a very easy process provided you must have all the valid information with you at the time of application.

It is advised to people to get their PAN linked with their Aadhaar before the said date. After the due, the PAN will become invalid as per the Government Order and those who have not linked may face consequences.

However, the meaning of “inoperative” was not cleared by the government initially. But now, CBDT has clearly explained the meaning of inoperative through a fresh notification and an amendment in ITA. You can check the complete details below.

PAN Aadhaar Linking- Overview

Article        PAN Aadhar Linking    
Concerned Department         Income Tax Department, Government of India     
Last date for linking           30th June 2023
Mode of Linking Adhaar to PANOnline and via SMS
Official Portal

Importance of Aadhaar PAN linking   

Aadhaar and PAN linking are equally important for citizens and the Government. PAN not linked to Aadhaar will become inoperative after the prescribed date and taxpayers with such PAN will not be able to file the return and perform other related tasks easily. With this, you can also authenticate and verify your ITR filing through Aadhaar. Therefore, all citizens should get their PAN linked to their biometric Id as soon as possible to avoid such issues.     

For the government, Aadhaar Linking is important in numerous aspects. This linking offers an activity trial or an Audit trail to the Tax Department. PAN Aadhaar linking will provide a technology-driven surveillance mechanism to the Tax department to keep an eye on all the taxable transactions occurring in the country.

It helps the Government to monitor the financial transactions that are taxable and identify any fraud or malpractices like an evasion of tax, black money, etc. Aadhaar linking is also helpful in identifying individuals/entities having multiple PAN under the same identity.

After linkage, all the details are in the record of government and it becomes easy to identify such entities. Linking these two documents can also facilitate the Central Government to curb the flow of black money in the country.

PAN & Aadhaar Linking                

There are two ways by which you can link your PAN with Aadhaar. These methods include linking through the official website, and SMS facility.  

The detailed procedure for both the available option is given below. You can check the step-by-step procedure given in this article below.                                

How to link PAN with Aadhaar online?   

You can link your PAN with Aadhaar through online mediums. For that, you need to have your Aadhaar and PAN detail with you. You can link it easily by visiting the e-filing portal of Income Tax Department of the Government of India.      

You can check the step-by-step procedure shared below-   

  • Step 1- You need to visit the official portal of e-filing i.e.
  • Step 2- On the homepage, you will see “Link Aadhaar” tab given on the left side under the quick link section. Click on that link.
PAN Aadhar link online
PAN Aadhar Link Online Last Date: Status Check Online, How to Link PAN Aadhaar Card? 11
  • Step 3- Enter the PAN no., Aadhaar no., Name as per Aadhaar no., captcha code and other required information on the space provided.   
PAN Aadhar link online, status, application
PAN Aadhar Link Online Last Date: Status Check Online, How to Link PAN Aadhaar Card? 12
  • Step 4- Mark on ‘I have the only year of birth in Aadhar card,’ option if you satisfy the condition.   
  • Step 5- Click on “Link Aadhaar” button and proceed further.  
  • Step 6- If your entries will be correct, an OTP will be sent to your registered Mobile No. and your PAN will get linked to your Aadhaar.   

Points you should keep in mind while submitting online request for Aadhar Linking-  

  • Validation of your Name, date and date of birth as per your PAN will be done against the details on your Aadhaar.  
  • You must ensure that the “Aadhaar Number” and Name as per Aadhaar” you have entered are exactly same as printed on your Aadhaar Card.

How to link PAN with Aadhaar using SMS service?    

Income Tax Department has also provided SMS service facility for linking Aadhaar to PAN. In this process, you have to send a text message from your registered no. in a specified format to the number prescribed by the Department.

You have to send the text in the format given below to 567678 or 56161 from the registered mobile no.

Type UIDPAN<Space>12-digit Aadhaar<Space>10-digit PAN and send to 567678 OR 56161

Example- UIDPAN 2456897458256 BLERT125L

If you have sent the SMS in correct format with valid details and from the registered number Aadhaar linking process will complete smoothly.

How to check PAN Aadhar Link Online Status?

After submitting your Aadhar link request, you can also check the application status. The status will tell you whether your PAN is linked with your Aadhaar or not. To check the request status from the website of e-filing, you should follow the simple instructions shared as under-

  • Open e-filing portal.         
  • Click on “Link Aadhaar” tab.     
PAN Aadhar link online, status
  • Click on the relevant link as shown in the picture below.  
PAN Aadhar link online, status
  • Enter your PAN and Aadhaar Number and click on “View Link Aadhaar Status” button.
PAN Aadhar link online, status
  • Your Aadhaar link status will be displayed on the screen.

Unable to Link Aadhaar?          

However, the linking of Aadhaar with PAN is a very easy process but, in some cases, people are not able to complete the linking process successfully. This mainly happens due to incorrect Aadhaar details or PAN details filled by the applicants. You should ensure that the information you are entering is valid and no mismatch is there. Before linking, you must ensure that your Aadhaar details and your PAN details are exactly the same.

You can update your Aadhaar details at

Manner of Making PAN cards Inoperative     

There was a big confusion among people about the word “Inoperative” which was mentioned in all the articles regarding the deadline for linking Aadhaar with PAN. Now, the Central Board of Direct Tax (CBDT) has explained the meaning and manner in which PAN will become inoperative after the said date.

Instant PAN Through Aadhaar

People who are struggling to get a new PAN need not worry now. It is because now they can get instant e-PAN through their Aadhaar. The Income Tax Department is now issuing new PAN based on the Aadhaar e-KYC of the applicants. People can apply for an instant PAN from the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department.

Hope you find the article informative. If you think we have missed certain information on any point related to PAN Aadhar link online status application, you can mention it in the comment box. Your comments are valuable to us. We will revert to the queries asap.


What details I am required to have during the linking of Aadhaar?

You are required to have your Aadhaar and PAN details.

Is it compulsory to register with Department’s website for Aadhaar Link?

No, it’s not necessary to register on the official website, direct links are available. You can visit the links (mentioned above) and get your PAN linked.    

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