No Admission Below 16, Govt. issues guidelines for coaching institute: Read details

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The government has not prohibited coaching institutes from admitting students who are less than 16 years old. The government has also restricted them from providing any kind of deceptive assurance such as stating that high marks will be scored by their students and rankings. The main reason behind the No Admission Below 16 policy is to create a legal framework and control the expansion of private coaching centres, which is increasing yearly. These private coaches ask for a high amount in exchange for guaranteed success which is a false narrative.

To protect students from these kinds of institutes, the government has issued these guidelines. The government has been made to issue these guidelines after considering the complaints raised by individuals regarding the increased rate of suicide cases in students, fire incidents, insufficient facilities provided to students in these coaching and their shortcut teaching methods which can affect the career of students in the future. Scroll down the page and get more information regarding the recently issued No Admission below 16 guidelines.

No Admission Below 16

No Admission Below 16
No Admission Below 16, Govt. issues guidelines for coaching institute: Read details 3

As per the issued government guidelines, coaching institutes cannot hire teachers with just high school qualifications or below. The teachers teaching the coaching institutes must have at least a graduation degree to become eligible for teaching in the institute. Along with it, they cannot make any promises regarding rank assurance, high marks guarantee or enrollment to the students or their parents.

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This is one of the most needed steps for the mental health of students. One thing which the institutes must note is that there can be no admission below 16 students in the coaching institutes. A student can enrol or apply for coaching classes only after they complete the secondary school examination.

It is also stated in the guidelines that it is prohibited for institutes to create misleading advertisements which show the quality of coaching and even the facilities they offer to their students. Along with it, the government has prohibited the hiring of individuals whose history involves ethical misconduct convictions. The coaching institute registration process will be based on a counseling system of that place, as mentioned in the guidelines.

Issued guidelines for coaching institute

Coaching Institutes will also have to create a website which will include up-to-date information regarding the available teachers, their qualifications, the period of completing the syllabus, facilities offered in their hostels and the required fee. Considering the pressure and competition among studnets regarding the academics, the government has urged the institutes to teach with sensitivity and provide as less stress as possible.

Apart from the No Admission Below 16 policy, it has also been emphasized that a support system for students needs to be established when the stress is heavy and when a stressful situation occurs. So, the coaching insitutues must open a counseling system which will be used by students as well as their parents following the regulatory measures to secure compliance.

One of the most highlighted guidelines is that in case a student opts to discontinue a syllabus before the maturity date then the coaching institutes will have to refund the remaining amount to the students. To make sure that this guideline is being followed the government has imposed a tax of Rs. 1 lakh if it is violated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time limit for institutes to get registered?

The government has provided 3 months for new and existing institutes to register their institutes after the guidelines came into effect.

Who is going to monitor the actions of coaching institutes?

As per the issued guidelines, the state government will be assuming responsibility for checking the activities done by the coaching institutes of their respective state.

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