Merchant Navy Salary: Captain, Officer, 12th, 10th, Exam

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Merchant Navy Salary: Merchant Navy is one of the most demanding professions among the youth. It is one of the most demanding careers because of the salaries offered to workers at a very young age. The salary in the merchant navy ranges from Rs 25,000 per month to Rs 18 lakhs per month depending on the rank and experience. For many people, the Merchant Navy is synonymous with the Indian Navy. Many times people get confused about these two different terms and consider both the profession as same. However, these two fields are very much different as the Merchant Navy is part of the supply chain all across the globe and the Indian Navy is the defence wing of Indian Defence.

Merchant Navy Salary
Merchant Navy Salary: Captain, Officer, 12th, 10th, Exam 5

In this article, we will clear each and every doubt regarding this profession. It will obviously include the salaries provided to the seafarers. Furthermore, the perks and allowances received by them during their period of service. Most importantly, this article will provide the eligibility criteria and the pathways to join the Merchant Navy according to the qualifications attained by each aspirant.

Merchant Navy Salary

Merchant Navy salary varies with the rank a person is holding. Prior to this, for the information of our readers, we would like to inform our readers that the highest salary obtained in a merchant’s vessel is by the captain of the ship and by the chief engineer of the ship. It means that there are two pathways to obtaining a decent salary in the merchant navy. There are two departments in the merchant’s vessel, one is the navigation department and the other one is the engine department.

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In addition to that, the salary of the captain as well as the chief engineer of the ship also depends on the type of ship they are sailing. Here in the forthcoming paragraphs, we will provide information about the salaries offered to the Navigational department according to the ranks with which they are sailing.

Merchant Navy Salary in India

As we have mentioned earlier also, the salary of the officer solely depends on the rank which they are holding, the type of ship they are sailing on and lastly the company they are associated with. Nevertheless, we will here provide a standard salary received by the employees in the different ranks.

Designation Qualification Required Salary Per Month (Approximately)
GP Rating10th PassedRs 25K to Rs 60K
Deck Cadet12th passed with PCM along with a pre-sea courseRs 25K to 90K
3rd Officer2nd Mate Certificate of CompetencyRs 1.5 Lakh to Rs 2 Lakh
2nd Officer2nd Mate Certificate of CompetencyRs 1.5 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakh
Chief Officer1st Mate Certificate of CompetencyRs 4 Lakhs to Rs 8 Lakhs
CaptainMaster Certificate of CompetencyRs 8 Laksh to Rs 18 Lakhs

Merchant Navy Salary After 10th Standard

The Salary received by the candidate who joins the merchant navy after completing the 10th standard ranges from Rs 25000 to Rs 50000 per month. The candidates are required to attain a minimum of 40 % in English and should have major subjects in maths and science in their 10th standard. The candidates can join the below courses to gain entry into this industry:

  • GP Rating Course
  • Engine Rating Course
  • NCV Course

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Merchant Navy Salary After 12th

After passing the 12th examination with the PCM Stream, the candidates can join the shipping industry and can earn salaries ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 90,000 per month. Their salaries also depend on the experience and skill set they have acquired over the years. However, the applicants should have attained a minimum of 60 % in PCM with not less than 60% in aggregate. In addition to this, the aspirant should also have attained a minimum of 50 per cent marks in English as a separate subject. Furthermore, the candidate can opt for the Engine department or for the deck department depending on the field of interest.

Deck Department

The applicant can join the deck department by taking admission in any one of the following courses:

Mercahnt Navy Deck Department
  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • B.Sc in Nautical Science

Engine Department

If the candidate wants to join the shipping industry as an engineer, then he can pursue the following courses:

Engine Department Merchant Navy
  • B.Tech in Marine Engineering

Exam for Merchant Navy

The students who want to join the merchant navy after their 12th standard must have to clear the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test. After clearing this exam, the candidate will become eligible to take admission to the B.Sc Nautical Science course, the Diploma in Nautical Science Course and in the B.Tech Marine Engineering Course. The IMU-CET exam will be conducted in CBT Mode. The duration of the exam will be of 3 hours and the exam will be objective type.


The salary of Merchant Navy employees is lucrative without any doubt. In addition to the salary, they also do not have to pay the fare of the flights and hotel accommodations during their joining and signing off from the vessel as part of their perks and allowances. The seafarers also have the opportunity to visit many countries without any expense of their own.

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