Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification – Verify Dose 1, 2 at

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification Dose 1, 2 at As the All India level vaccination program is ongoing in the

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Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification Dose 1, 2 at As the All India level vaccination program is ongoing in the country, most of the population has been vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. All the country’s citizens who have been vaccinated are provided with a vaccination certification. To avoid any discrepancy in the vaccination certificate, the government is now verifying the COVID certificates on a new website,

India is one such country that is issuing certificates to such a large population. With the government issuing certificates, citizens who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine 1st and 2nd dose can check and verify their certificates online. We are listing the steps by step process for verification in this post. Readers of the post will also get details on the coin vaccine certification.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification
Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification – Verify Dose 1, 2 at 5

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification-Brief Overview

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Vaccines UsedCovishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V
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Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Verification

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Under the national level vaccination program, the Government of India is offering certificates to the public at the first and the second vaccination doses. The citizens taking the first dose of the vaccine are being offered a provisional certificate. Whereas a final certificate is issued to the citizens as they undergo taking the second dose of the vaccine.

Millions of certificates have been issued to the vaccinated citizens by the authorities until now. Certificates are being produced for the same and the government is also offering flexibility on making basic changes to the certificate. The certificates issued by the government also consist of a QR code embedding all the details of the person getting vaccinated. This is done to ensure no discrepancy in issuing genuine certifications and avoiding fake certificates.

These certificates are now being utilised by various organizations to assure that the employees are vaccinated. So, it is very much certain that fake certificates can be created in a rush to get the certificates in case someone is not vaccinated.

Importance of Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification

Verification of the issued certificates as stated is necessary more than required. Its importance can be listed in the points below.

  • A verified certificate issued to the citizens is a valuable proof of immunization of the person against the coronavirus.
  • Verification will also ensure that the certificate produced by the individual is not fake. Thus, ensuring no false claims are to made regarding the vaccination.
  • A verified certificate will be an essential document for international travelling purposes in future.
  • As it contains some of the important details of the person getting vaccinated, it may be an important document for govenmental pruposes as well.

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Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification Online

Verification is an essential aspect of separating fake certificates from real ones. If you also want to ensure the authenticity of any certificate, follow these steps for verification:-

Step 1: Go to the Official Cowin Vaccine Certificate Verification Website On the home page of the portal, citizens will see an option to Scan a QR Code. Click on the code.


Step 2: Clicking on the option, the notification will activate the device camera. Move your camera over the QR code of your vaccine certificate to scan the code.

Step 3: Upon successful verification, citizens will get a message for Certificate Successfully Verified. Other details like applicant name, gender, age, beneficiary reference ID, certificate stage (final/ provisional), name of vaccination facility, and date of dosage.

If the certificate is not genuine, a message will pop up declaring the Certificate Invalid. Such a certificate will be deemed fake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my COVID vaccination certificate is not fake?

To know about the authenticity of your vaccination certificate, citizens can verify their covid certificate on the official cowin vaccine certificate verification portal.

How can I verify my Covid-19 vaccine certificate?

Citizens or the corporates who wish to verify the certificate of the citizens can do so through the Cowin verification portal. Citizens can visit the portal and follow the steps enlisted in this post.

How can I download my Cowin Vaccination Certificate?

Citizens who want a covid-19 vaccination certificate can very easily get their certificates online. Online certificates will be available on the official Cowin App/ Website. People using Arogya Setu app can also download the certificate via the Arogya setu app.

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