Generation Gap Essay In English for Students and Children

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Generation Gap: The generation gap is defined simply as the dissimilarity between the two generations. It can be understood best by the example of a child and his or her grandfather or can be their grandmother. Here we are considering a relationship between a boy and his grandfather. If one can imagine then obviously it is apparent that there is a huge age difference between the two of them. Furthermore, there will be obvious differences in their views in terms of belief, political views and their attitude toward living life.

So if we analyse and dig a little deeper, we will find that there will be a huge difference between the two of them on the basis of the above points. Therefore now people can easily understand what is a generation gap.

Generation Gap
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As mentioned in the above example, people from different generation behaves differently. Their ideologies and opinions are very much different. Let us take another example. If we observe the behaviour of people born before our independence, we will find that they are different from us socially as well as culturally. It can be noticed that this difference will keep on growing and can not be avoided. It is important to note that there is a huge impact of the environment in which a person had born. The circumstances in which he has been brought up also play a key role in setting up their mentality. Overall, the generation gap is nothing but the group of people coming from a different era with their beliefs, and culture. Furthermore, they have different mannerisms and morality which they follow.

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The world around us is varying at a very fast pace and it is happening due to the thought process of people that are also changing rapidly with time. These changes are also bringing development to the world as well as creating conflicts among the people.

Impression on our Relationships

We all have experienced our relationships going wrong due to the generation gap. We often get into arguments with our seniors due to the difference in opinions. It leads us to the wrong path and it impacts our relationships badly. The common relationships that get impacted are :

Relationships between Parents and their Children

We have come across these types of scenarios personally, publically as well as in our relatives. In the initial days of parenting, the contradiction of ideas is normally taken as a joke by the parents as well as the children. But in later years, as the children reach the age of 17 and 18, these things become messier. This results in conflict between the parents and their children. It is apparent that parents were born in different eras with distinct circumstances but this is not the case with their children.

Parents enforce their culture and rudimentary ideas on their children and force them to follow these traditions and customs. But as expected, they are not the ones to follow these things without any scientific proof. Eventually, what happens is that parents and children engage in heated arguments and that destroys their relationships. This results in kids not talking to their children.

Generation Gap Parents and childrens
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Relationships between Teachers and Student

The problem of the generation gap also arises between teachers and students. Teachers always want the students to study a particular topic from their method of teaching. As a result, students do not want that, they want to follow their method in this case. Here let us take an example of that from my personal experience. In my school days, my mathematics faculty used to solve maths problems from their method but in contrast, I used to do that from the method which I found quite easy. Here, differences of opinion arouse and obviously the relationship also got impacted badly.

Factors Contributing to Generation Gap

There are many factors that contribute to the generation gap and that results in conflict and thus makes our relationship bad. The reason for the generation gap is discussed briefly below here:

Communication Gap

The communication gap is a major factor that contributes to the generation gaps. One can say that one of the synonyms of the generation gap is a communication gap. We have seen many times in our home also that there is a natural communication barrier between our parents and us. But do we think that is why this communication gap is there between both of us? It is majorly because we both do not try to understand the perspectives of each other. We do not try to step up in their shoes. If we try to think like this we will definitely break the communication barriers. We should not be fanatical about our views and should not think that it is the only thing right.

We should talk to our elders and should calmly listen to their views and should try to understand them. Here I would insist on communicating with them. There should not be a communication gap at any point of time.


One of the major factors that contribute to the generation gap is Technology. According to the experts, technology is the major factor because of which the generation gap has increased manifolds. As we can see in our daily lives, we are too much engrossed in our smartphones that we do not care about what the other person is telling us. We are just addicted to that device very much. In our free time, we are just engaged in our smartphones and on the other hand, our parents and grandparents are just sitting and staring at our faces creating a communication barrier. And as we just discussed in the previous para the communication barrier is just another word for communication gap.

Generation GAP -Technology
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Just like these two factors, there are many other factors that create the ruckus such as enforcing your way of living on others and being fanatic about traditions, and cultures. All the factors like these create conflicting situations.

Ideas to Overcome Generation Gap

As we have identified the most common reasons for the generation gap, now we will try to provide some solutions regarding the gap. Some solutions have been listed below:

  • Communication

The two different generations should always be encouraged to talk. Many times people can be heard saying that they do not have topics to talk about with another person. But let me tell you that these are only the excuses that only widen the road between the generation. The more conversation takes place between the two generations, the more they will understand each other. Due to this conversation, the gap obviously reduces between the generations.

Generation Gap
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  • Spending time

Children are advised to spend time with their parents as well as with their elders.

  • Sharing each other problems

Parents and children should their problems with each other. It could be possible that the children might be having any unexpected solution.

  • Technology

The use of technology should be minimal at the time of any family gathering.


The generation gap is a critical issue not only in India but also in many developed countries. It will increase with time. We should understand that we can not completely eliminate this problem rather we can reduce its effects. For reducing the efforts of the generation gap, both the generation should talk to each other and should understand each other beliefs, ideology and the circumstances they have been through. After analysing these things, we can minimise the generation gap in our family as well as in our society.

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