NCC Certificate Benefits; How to Join NCC?

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NCC Certificate: The National Cadet Corps is the independent youth ally of the Indian Armed Forces. They train young volunteers for the purpose of military and offer Certificates which can prove extremely beneficial in the selection procedure for the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. A candidate who wishes to join the Army is highly recommended to join NCC. Usually, NCC Camps are available to students of Government High Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Other students who choose to join the National Cadet Corps can do so by applying online.

In the ensuing article, insight has been provided regarding the benefits and joining process for NCC. Details pertaining to the NCC Certificates are available subsequently.

NCC Certificate Benefits and NCC Joining Process
Benefits and Details of NCC A, B, and C Certificate

NCC Certificate Benefits and Joining Process

Joining the Indian Armed Forces is the dream of many youths. However, it is not that easy to clear the examinations and get recruited. To make the pathway a little easier, National Cadet Corps was established as a youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces which provided military training to the Cadets in Military Camps and similarly valuable experiences. NCC Certificate is provided to the candidates enrolled on the National Cadet Corps and who have completed their training.

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The Certificate states that the cadet has successfully finished the training and military programme and they are graded according to their performance. The candidates must realize the importance of the grading system of the Certificate. Additionally, it is the certificate that holds the most cruciality for the programme as it is the evidence.

NCC Certificate: Highlights

Name of the Document NCC Certificate
Offered By National Cadet Corps
Head QuartersNew Delhi, India
AllegianceIndian Armed Forces:
Indian Army
Indian Air Force
Indian Navy
Type Civilian auxiliary of Student uniformed group
Groups of the Certificate A, B, and C
Minimum Duration for Training 3 Years

Groups of NCC Certificate

National Cadet Corps allocates the Certificate to the successful volunteers on the basis of their performances in three groups which are as follows:

  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C

Eligibility for NCC Certificate

The cadets get the aforementioned certificate on the basis of their eligibility which is precisely listed below:

  • A Certificate: The Cadet should have completed 75% of the all-out preparing periods that were scheduled for their NCC Wing, attended at least one annual camp and there was not an evident break of more than 18 months before appearing for the test. This certificate is awarded to candidates when they are in school.
  • B Certificate: The cadet must have attended at least one annual camp, 75% of the scheduled training of the senior wing and there was no break exceeding 18 months.
  • C Certificate: Cadets possessing a B Certificate must have at least 75% attendance in the scheduled training periods, attended at least 2 annual camps, there was not a break of more than 18 months and cleared the C Certificate examination.

The benefit of an NCC Certificate

The main benefit of having an NCC Certificate is that many government examinations and recruitment have a special reservation for the candidates possessing it. Even State Services prefer the NCC Cadets who hold certificates. The Cadets having a C Certificate get one chance to directly appear for the SSB Interview. Additionally, Paramilitary forces allot additional marks to them. However, it is the Indian Army that considers the Certificates to provide exceptional benefits in different trades of selection which are as follows for each group:

ncc benefits
S.No.TradeA Certificate BenefitB Certificate Benefit C Certificate Benefit
1.GD: General Duty5 Bonus Marks10 Bonus MarksExemption from Computer-Based Examination CEE
2.Soldier5 Bonus Marks10 Bonus Marks15 Bonus Marks
3.Tradesman5 Bonus Marks10 Bonus MarksExemption from Computer-Based Examination CEE

How to Join NCC?

National Cadet Corps have offices and camps in nearly every city of the country. Eligible candidates can only join NCC. The volunteers will have to check with their High School, College, or University if they offer the three-year training program. If not, they can opt for the direct admission procedures in an offline or online mode. In case of offline, the candidates need to extract the forms, attest the required documents, and timely submit them to the nearest Unit. For the Online Application Process, follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Open the official portal of the National Cadet Corps NCC at
  2. On the topmost menu, check for the option of NCC Enrolment.
  3. The online application form for the NCC Training will open up at
  4. Proceed with the Online Enrolment Registration.
  5. Download the Acceptance of Enrolment, Extension of Enrolment, Medical Certificate, and Nomination to CWS documents before applying.
  6. Fill out the documents and scan them.
  7. In the online form, enter the Personal Details, Medical / NOK / Bank Details, and Other details.
  8. Finally, upload all the required Documents.
  9. Lastly, recheck the filled-out form and Submit it in order to get enrolled.

Important Links

Official PortalNational Cadet Corps NCC
ApplyOnline Enrolment Registration for NCC
DownloadAcceptance of Enrolment pdf
Extension of Enrolment pdf
Medical Certificate pdf
Nomination to CWS pdf


What is NCC Certificate?

National Cadet Corps Certificate is awarded to the Cadets of NCC upon successful completion of their minimum 3 years of military training.

How many groups are for National Cadet Corps Certificate?

The National Cadet Corps Certificate is awarded in three groups, A, B, and C.

What is the prime advantage of an NCC Certificate?

The prime advantage of an NCC Certificate is the reservation in many Indian Government Examination and the provision of additional marks in the selection of the Indian Armed Forces. This makes the recruitment pathway comparatively easier for the National Cadet Corps Certificate awardees.

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