BIMS Login 2024: Kerala Treasury Portal, DDO Login

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BIMS Login: The BiMS or Bill Information and Management System is an initiative of the Government of Kerala. It is specifically designed to receive claim settlements. The registered DDOs or Drawing and Distributing Officers can easily access the portal. The portal is not open for normal citizens and is a departmental service for the smooth functioning of Claim Settlements.

DDOs can use the portal to prepare e-bills online and submit them through the portal to the treasury. There are multiple features and services offered by the portal. In order to check how to login into the BiMS and check additional components of the website, read the following article.

BIMS Login

BIMS Login 2024

The Drawing and Distributing Officers or DDOs can access the portal of Bill Information and Management System or BiMS. They can submit the Claim Settlements by easily using the portal to prepare bills. These e-bills can be further submitted to the treasury in online mode. This will ease the process of Treasury bill information and management. The portal is limited to DDOs working with the Kerala Treasury. The officers shall be provided with their login credentials in advance by the department.

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No online application is involved in order to use the portal. They will simply have to log into the website in order to use the services and benefit from the efficient features of the management system.

BIMS Login: Overview

Name of the PortalBiMS
Full-FormBill Information and Management System
AuthorityGovernment of Kerala
Purposee-Bill Portal for Claim Settlements for Kerala Treasury
ForDrawing and Distributing Officers or DDOs

Features of BiMS Portal

The Bill Information and Management System or BiMS have the following features that they offer to the DDOs:

  • Drawing and Distributing Officer or DDO Login
  • Creating the Contingent Bills or TR 59E
  • Approval of the bills or TR 59E by the officers
  • Online submissions of bills of claim settlements to the Kerala Treasury
  • Status of the Bill
  • Bill Book
  • Report of the expenditures for Drawing and Distributing Officers or DDOs

BiMS DDO Registration

The Drawing and Distributing Officer or DDO can easily register or download requests on the BiMS portal. They simply have to open the portal and follow the steps given below:

BiMS DDO Registration
  1. Use the address to visit the official Bill Information and Management System e-Bill portal.
  2. On the main page, tap on the option of DSC Registration / Renewal.
  3. Enter the DDO Code as provided by the department to the Drawing and Distributing Officer or DDO.
  4. Nextly, enter the PEN or the Employee ID.
  5. Finally, click on Next.
  6. In case there is an additional formality to fulfil, complete that.
  7. The DDO shall be registered or the request will be consequently downloaded.

BiMS DDO Login

In order to log into the portal so as to access it, the Drawing and Distributing Officers will have to observe the following method:

BiMS DDO Login
  1. Open the official portal of the Bill Information and Management System or BiMS at
  2. Enter the Username as derived for the purpose of login credentials.
  3. Enter the Password created for the account of DDO Login.
  4. Select the Role as DDO or DDO Admin or Admin.
  5. Enter the Captcha code as appearing on the iMS DDO Login form.
  6. Finally, press the option of Login.
  7. The authority will be logged into tghe portal successfully.

UTR Search in Kerala Treasury

The candidates can easily make the search for government receipts or Unique Transaction References on the Kerala Treasury Portal of BiMS. The candidates will have to simply use the portal and know the UTR number. To do so follow the given steps:

  1. Open the portal of BiMS at
  2. There is no need to log into the portal.
  3. Tap on the option of UTR Search on the landing page.
  4. The UTR Search Form will open up as a consequence.
  5. Enter the Unique Transaction Reference or UTR number.
  6. Lastly, tap on Search.
  7. The report will be visible on the screen.


The candidates can add an account, edit it, and further enter details on the BiMS TSB page. To do so, observe the given methods:

Add TSB Account

To add an account for the Treasury Saving Banks on the portal, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the BiMS portal.
  2. In the DDO Profile, tap on Add TSB Account under the heading of TSB or Treasury Savings Bank.
  3. Fill out the form with applicable details.
  4. Finally, click on Submit.

Edit Details in TSB Account

The candidates, once they successfully add a Treasury Savings Bank account, can easily edit the details by following the simple steps given below:

  1. After logging in to the portal and creating a TSB Account, look for its heading.
  2. Under the TSB account, tap on Edit.
  3. The edit form will consequently open up.
  4. Make the necessary changes and finally, click on Save.

Add Present Details in the TSB Account

The following steps need to be followed while adding current details in the Treasury Savings Banks:

  1. Under the section of TSB Account, tap on Present Details.
  2. To add an entry, click on Entry.
  3. In the form that will open, enter the details such as Name, Post, Number, Email ID, Status, and much more.
  4. Finally, Save the entry.

Sandes Mobile App for BIMS

The BiMS is now connected to the Sandes app. In order to receive important messages and One Time Passwords, the app can be downloaded and utilised for obtaining all sorts of important information pertaining to the Treasury.

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