JOSAA 7th Round Seat Allotment Result 2021 (Released) Seventh Allocation Letter

JOSAA 7th Round Seat Allotment Result 2021: Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) will announced their seventh round seat allotment results on their official website very soon. For the admissions of B.Tech and B.Arch. programs offered at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) and Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTI) for the year 2021, the university will conduct seven rounds of seat allotment.

The aspirants who have been cleared both JEE Mains and Advanced will be eligible to take admissions in IITs while the aspirants who have just cleared JEE Mains will be eligible to apply for NITs, IIITs and CFTIs.

JOSAA 7th Round Seat Allotment Result 2021

If a Candidate is looking for any information regarding JoSAA Seventh Round Seat Allotment Result 2021 along with registration process, mock allotments and further steps to follow, they should continue reading this article below.

Indian Institute of Technology is a dream of every IIT aspirant. Along with IITs, other colleges like IIITs, NIITs, and CFTIs hold an important position in the field of Engineering. Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) is a committee made to deal with the selection process for these most reputed universities.  The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) 2021 has been commenced by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) in order to manage and regulate the joint seat allocation for admissions to 107 institutes for the academic year 2021-22. JoSAA monitors and regulates the admission of students under 23 IITs, 31 NITs, 25 IIITs, and 28 Other-Government Funded Technical Institutes.

In order to apply for JoSAA 2021, the candidates need to register themselves and fill their desired choices on the official website of Joint Seat Allocation Authority at

JoSAA Seat Allotment 2021 – Seventh Round

Before releasing the final JoSAA Allotment List 2021, the committee conducted two Mock Allotment Rounds. These Mock Rounds are designed in such a way that they will help the candidates to understand the process of allotment better. Mock Allotment will also give the fair idea to the students about the fact whether they will be able to get to their preferred college or not on the basis of their JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Ranks. The Mock Seat Allotment will give clarity to the students and it will also give them a chance to alter their preference in case of dissatisfaction.

The authority will declared the result of the 6th and 7th Round Seat Allotment on very soon on their official website.

Important Dates for JoSAA 2021 Seat Allotment

Candidates can check the list below for all the important dates for JoSAA including the registration dates, mock allotments and Date and time of the declaration of all the seven allotment lists.

Event Date
Beginning of Registration Process To be notified
Choice filling for AAT 2021
Mock Seat Allotment for Round 1
Mock Seat Allotment for Round 2
Last Date of Registration
Verification and Validation of Data
Round 1 : Seat Allocation
Round 1 : Document verification and reporting at the respective institute
Round 1 : Display and availability of Seats
Round 2 : Seat Allocation
Round 2 : Document verification and reporting at the respective institute
Round 2 : Display and availability of Seats
Round 3 : Seat Allocation
Round 3 : Document verification and reporting at the respective institute
Round 3 : Display and availability of Seats
Round 4 : Seat Allocation
Round 4 : Document verification and reporting at the respective institute
Round 4: Display and availability of Seats
Round 5: Seat Allocation
Round 5 : Document verification and reporting at the respective institute
Round 5 : Display and availability of Seats
Round 6 : Seat Allocation
Round 6 : Document verification and reporting at the respective institute
Round 6 : Display and availability of Seats
Round 7 : Seat Allocation
Round 7 : Document verification and reporting at the respective institute

JOSAA 7th Round Seat Allotment Result 2021 (Available Soon)

JoSAA has added new institutes in their lists this year including 2 New IITS and 5 GFTIs. Candidates must not miss the last dates of Allotments otherwise their seats can be canceled. JoSAA has also released the cut off for the eligibility criteria of 2021 which can be checked on their website at

The Mock Allotment List is an important step to get into the final list, the students are advised to take the Mock Allotment Seriously. Although it is not the final allotment list but it helps to go through the further rounds.

Step after JOSAA 7th Seat Allotment 2021

The Candidates who are selected will be having following options to choose from after the announcement of seat allotment results:

  • The First Option is Freeze, which means that following candidate has accepted the offered seat and is satisfied with the allocated academic course. He/ She does not want to participate in further rounds of seat allocation. Such candidate will not be considered in further rounds of admission.
  • The Second option is Float, which means that the following candidate has accepted the offered seat but if he/ she is offered admission to an academic program of better/higher preference in any institute, they will accept it. Else, He/ She will continue with the currently accepted academic course. Such candidate will be considered in the following next rounds of admission.
  • Slide is another alternative which means that candidate has accepted the offered seat by the institute but if they are offered admission to an academic program of better / higher preference within the same Institute, they will accept it. Such candidates will be considered in the following next rounds of admission.

(Note: These options will only be available till the 6 round of allotment)

We have mentioned all the related information about JoSAA 7th Round Seat Allotment Result 2021, including the Mock Allotment Result 2021 and everything which is released till now. For any further information, candidates can comment below and our team will reply to you as soon as possible with the best possible solution.

When will the authority releases the schedule for JOSAA 7th Round Seat allotment?

The schedule for JOSAA 7th round seat allotment will be displayed soon on the official portal.

How to get the seat allotment list?

Links to download the seat allotment list will be provided in this page at the time of release of the allotment list.

How many rounds of counselling will be conducted by the authority?

The schedule for the counselling rounds is decided by the authority as per the number of seat available in the colleges. The rounds of counselling will be provided after the release of official counselling notification.

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  1. Please give information about extra round/spot round after 7th round for iits for the seats that go vacant after 7th round

  2. After 7th round is it required to present at reporting Centre if the branch allotment is same as in previous rounds with float /slide option
    or it will automatically freeze and need not required to present at reporting Centre and go for admission to allotted IIT
    Please clear it

  3. My son got 4700 rank in jee advanced .butt.he applied only for CSEin JOSAA Counseling ( by mistake) .
    Is there any chance for him in Ece, mechanical or in chemical engineering plspls pls must reply

  4. I have noticed that in many nits in the same branch ..girls merit is high with respect to gender neutral ..although different quota of girls is applicable ……so what is the procedure of girls quota…

  5. Sir.I want withdraw my alloted seat in Round 7th and whrere withdraw either at reporting earliar or actual allotted institutions

  6. Whether it is required to report at iit reporting centre again incase of branch upgradation in the same iit at 7th round before taking admission ?

  7. No seat has been allotted to me in 7 rounds.Agan the message is given that, wait for the next round of seat allocation. Again is there any round left

  8. I have got IIT seat allocation in round 1 itself and given option as float.
    Now, after 7th round got some other IIT…
    Where I have to report?

  9. my son has allotted seat SVNIT in surat in EE, we opted float option, now if we don’t get any change in the 7th round, does our allotted will be in SVNIT and can we go directly and report on 23rd july

  10. What we should do after 7th round lo f seat allotment should we go to the nearest reporting centres and confirm our seat or we must report to the institute which we got selected in round 7 of josaa seat allocation ?

  11. Sir I reported at reporting center nearby when I got IIT Varanasi in first round i put flooting option for further process and rounds . Today is last round what should I do

  12. Sir i reported at nearby reporting center when I got seat at IIT Varanasi .I put flooting option for further rounds today is last round .what should i do now

  13. Sir i reported after i got IIT Varanasi in first round i had put flooting option today’ is last round.what should i do now

  14. After confirmation of my seat when should I visit respective institute for admission or should I visit reporting center first and then to the respective institute?
    Please reply

  15. my self allotted with nit trichy in 6th round with ICE .
    I want to go upto 7th round .
    participating of further rounds in provisional seat allotment letter shows as floating .
    now anything need to confirm about seat allotment or not required
    after 7th round can I confirm the seat

  16. my jee mains paper 1 rank is 8779 in category wise. but I did not get any seat till now . is there any chance in the final round atleast?

  17. I am waiting for allotment till now I have not been allotted to any college will I get college in further round ????

  18. I m.not able to see my seat allotments after 3th round it doesn’t show any thing ,
    But I have a feeling that I got seat ,how to check , jossa login site is not showing any thing except the locked choice
    Plz help

  19. My rank in jee advance is 7804and 9614 in jee mains 2019 . I have been offered ECE in IIIT Allahabad in 3rd round of Josaa 2019 . But I am not satisfied with it and want to take a drop for next year . Do i need to withdraw compulsary or will it be withdrawn automatically if i dont choose any option among FREEZE FLOAT or SLIDE . And if i dont choose any option above . Will i be considered in further rounds of counselling .

  20. Is it possible to choice the college that josaa provide us in first councelling . if we put our status on floating and we like the college that josaa provide us earlier. Is it possible ?

  21. Dear sir.
    We have opt FREEZE option from float option of round 1 by personally visiting RC & completed all procedure in Round 2 as we are satisfy with round 2 allotment of iiiT sricity- B-Tech computer science for my son.Let me know the next procedure at college end so that we can complete Admission process.

  22. Hii i was selected in round 1 seat allotment but their was no freeze or float options so i led it like that n now wen i was goin to login for 2nd round allotment it’s sayin u r not eligible fir dat…what does dat mean can’t i get admiision further in any round?

    • सर मेरी सी आर एल रैंक 93000 है तथा ओ बी सी रैंक 26500 है करता मुझे कोई कोलेज मिल सकती है

  23. I got seat allotment in Rount 1 of Jossa 2019 result. I did not appear for the Round 1 Counseling. Today i got Round 2 result. I can see in Site after login, .Today when i am trying to see the seat allotment in Round2, i am getting message: You are not eligible fr Round 2 Seat Allotment.
    what does it mean
    do i get colleage under Jossa in Any next round

    or i am totally not eligible for any collage in any round since i did not appear in Round 1 Seat allotment conselling.
    Please reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

  24. How can I freeze choice? And how can i report at the respective centers? I have a big doubt about this please give an answer sir/mam

  25. What to do if i have to freeze my seat which is allocated to me in second round of seat allotment?….please help…

  26. i have been not selected in josaa counselling 2019 first round. When i am logging in the site the status is showing LOCKED. Hence i am not able to modified the choice in the second round.So, please guide me whether the choice filled by me is final or can i modify it in the upcoming round.

  27. how to check josaa counselling 2019 second round open or not today, josaa counselling 2019 main side display “Total Choice filled : 69 Choice Locking Status : Locked “

  28. Accepted a seat in 1st round and veryfied put in slide mode if upgraded what will be the process for accepting the upgraded one

  29. i have been allotted a seat in 1st round which was my last preference). In subsequent rounds will my preference be again taken from top or from the bottom of my preferred options

  30. Sir / Mam
    I am sanjeevani
    I got IIT raichur .karnataka is that college is ok for me nd my rank is 119756 all jndia wise and according to caste : 5032 could u plz suggest me shall i participate in other rounds also

  31. How can I participate in further round i.e round 2 3 4…. councilling process to update my branch allocated by josaa.

  32. What will happen on 3rd july? It’s written that display and vacancy of seats list will come. Will it have our names and categories on it?

  33. It is written above that on 3rd july the display and availability of seats list will come.Will that list have names of students with category?

  34. I heard that a list will come on 3rd july about the people from 1st round who’d have accepted the seat or what so ever.will that list have everyone’s name, category etc written on it?

  35. Suppose a candidate is not satisfied with the allocated seat by Josaa, 2019. (i) Whether the candidate accept the seat and make payment and report to the reporting center and exercise float or slide options or (ii) without accepting the seat, exercise float or slide option and when he/she is satisfied with the allocated seat to accept it and make payment and to report at the reporting center? Please guide.

  36. does the result of mock seat allotment continues in really around also till the last round or is there any chances of any change?

    • my rank is 13000 in sc catageory how far there is a chance of getting seat in any of the nit till the last round? please do answer my question.

  37. Sir,
    My registration was completed.
    Then how can I know my couseling date.
    I mean when I will go to the couseling…
    Please let me know sir……

  38. Mock seat allotment Round 1(22.06.19) was displayed in my log in page…..Now it has been removed…What does it mean…Someone can clarify please….

  39. If anybody doesn’t get any seats in Mock seat counselling that’s mean they don’t get the final seat allocation.

  40. Do we need to go to reporting center for selecting float or slide option? Document verification is required at what stage(fréeze/ float/ slide) where it has to be done at nearest reporting center or in the actual institute?

  41. If we’re freezing a seat after 6th round then we have to report to the reporting centre or to the college in which we want to take admission?

  42. Sir, I have got 52000 rank in jee mains in obc category can I get everything or civil in any Niit (female gender)

  43. But u keep the validation on 26 n eligibility criteria for nit/iit is 75% in board exam so this mock report have no value.

  44. Can we attend Documents verification after final round of seat allotment and final allotment of seat ? And where to attend ?

  45. Please advise me if I accept a seat in ist allotment and choose the option float. Can I have to deposit the acceptance amount and balance in concern college or I have to wait up to 6th round for depositing the fees and reporting the college. Of not. Param jit mob 9876941750

  46. I qualified jee main with 74.316 OBC and passed inter mediate exam with 70 percent in 2019 can I participate in JoSAA counselling.

  47. What happend if we get seat in first round in iit and we go for document verification but we want another iit and we get it in another round Then how we can change first iit to another

  48. If no seat is allotted in mock round, does it mean the pattern will continue till the last round.
    Is there any special round? If so what’s the procedure?
    Can we get the statewise number of candidates who qualified jee mains?

    • Please confirm if document verification and seat acceptance of any institute can be done from any of the reporting centres. Do we have to Gregory to the particular institute or it can be done from any of the institute’s from the list of reporting institutes

  49. If I have allowed any branch of any college and that is not satisfied for me.Then can I eligible for next round if I am not accepted allotted seat?

  50. I have given both paper 1 n paper 2.For which of these above rank my college selection is available? Please do give me a reply…

      • I have been allotted a seat at IIIT Jabalpur and I would like to withdraw that seat. Can you please explain the whole procedure of withdrawing?

        • You can’t do that now because it was the last Round. We are not sure about the spot round counselling. So it would be better for you to take admission in that college.


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