Uttarakhand Post Matric Scholarship 2022 For EBC Students: Apply Online, Eligibility

Uttarakhand Post Matric Scholarship 2022: The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is currently accepting applications from Uttrakhand Students in Post-Matric classes belonging to Economically Backward Classes. The Ministry will award scholarships to eligible students to promote higher education in the state. The interested candidates must apply if they qualify the eligibility criteria. The applications are being invited online through the National Scholarship portal till 30th September 2022. To get detailed information about the eligibility criteria for the Scholarship and the application procedure, read the following article.

Uttarakhand Post Matric Scholarship

Uttarakhand Post Matric Scholarship 2022

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment under the Government of India is inviting online applications for the Post-Matric Scholarship from Students of Uttarakhand who belong to the Economically Backward Classes. Such students can get prominent financial assistance from the government to support their educational expenditures. The Government aims at ensuring the promotion of higher education and minimization of dropout cases in senior classes. This scholarship will be awarded to the students of Class XI or higher if they qualify as per the eligibility criteria and also if they apply for the scholarship. The application procedure is active till 30th September 2022.

Uttarakhand Post Matric Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The students in Uttarakhand who wish to apply for financial help through this scholarship need to clear the eligibility criteria given below:

  • The student must be a resident of Uttarakhand and should belong to the General category, that is, other than Scheduled Castes/Tribes, Other Backward Classes or other reserved categories.
  • The student must belong to Economically Backward Class. This implies that the annual income of the Employed Candidate or Parent or Guardian of the Unemployed Candidate must not exceed Rs. 1 Lakh.
  • The Candidate must be a student in a Government Institution or a School or College aided by the Government. Students pursuing education from private institutions or Organisations will not be eligible for financial assistance under this scheme.
  • Students in Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or other aviation-linked courses in government institutions will also be ineligible for this scholarship.
  • A student who has already studied at one level and is opting for education in a different subject but of the same level will also be ineligible for this scholarship. For example, a student who has already done a Master in Mathematics cannot apply for assistance for the course of Masters in Chemistry.
  • Candidates who have already completed their professional degrees like BEd, MBA, etc cannot apply for assistance through this scholarship.
  • Students who are already studying in Class XI or XII and are in mid-session cannot apply for assistance. However, students who have just passed class X will be able to apply since they will be considered as Matriculation passed.
  • Medical students will only be able to apply for the scholarship till they are not allowed to practice during their course.
  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate students, irrespective of their fail or pass status will be awarded scholarships if they joined a professional course/ diploma from a recognised institution. They must be eligible for applying and no further failure will be accepted in courses except those of “Group A”.
  • The students studying in correspondence courses or pursuing distance learning will be eligible and their non-refundable fees will be covered under the scholarship. Apart from that, they will get an annual allowance of Rs. 900 to manage their miscellaneous educational expenditure.
  • Two boys of common parents will only be eligible to receive financial benefits. Boys whose two real brothers have already benefitted from this scholarship will not be further eligible. However, the number of sisters applying for the scholarship will not affect this criterion.
  • The student who wishes to apply for this scholarship must ensure that he/she is not receiving any other financial help through means of scholarships or stipends from the government. If the student is already receiving help, he/she can choose the scheme which is more beneficial and awarding, only if he/she wants to.
  • Students who are preparing for the entrance examination of a government or private institution for higher studies will not be eligible for any financial assistance through this scholarship scheme.
  • If the student is employed and the total income of the family including his/her earnings does not exceed Rs.1 Lakh per annum, he/she will be eligible for assistance with payment of compulsory and non-refundable educational expenditures.
  • In the case of girl students, married or unmarried, the income of the family will just be calculated from the income of her husband or parents, respectively. If the husband or parents of the girl dies, the income will be estimated on the basis of the earnings of the guardian.
  • If a girl’s parents’ income is suddenly affected due to the death of the other parent, the girl can also apply for the scholarship given that she qualifies the given eligibility criteria. Such applications will be even considered irrespective of the last date of application.
  • The house rent allowance that is being received by the parents of the student will be excluded from the income criteria only if the same is exempted from the calculation criteria of the income certificate.
  • An income Certificate will be submitted by the candidate only at the time of admission into the course.

Uttarakhand Pre Matric Scholarship

Uttarakhand Post Matric Scholarship Application Procedure

The following Application Procedure needs to be followed while applying for the scholarships online:

  1. Open the official portal of National Scholarships at scholarships.gov.in.
  2. On the home page, click on “New Registration“. A registration guidelines page will open up.
  3. Agree to all the terms and conditions by selecting the boxes next to them and clicking on “Continue”.
  4. A registration form will open up for a new application.
  5. Select the state as “Uttarakhand” and the Scholarship Category as “Post-Matric Scholarship”.
  6. Select the scheme type as “Scholarship”.
  7. Enter all the required details marked with “*”.
  8. Enter the mobile number and a Time Password or OTP will be generated on the phone. Verify the OTP.
  9. Review the application and press “Submit”.

National Scholarship Helpdesk

The students who might be facing certain issues with the portal of National Scholarship can contact the common helpline at 0120 – 6619540 or mail at helpdest@nsp.gov.in. In case of further queries, they can also contact the head of the institution they applied to.

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