Solar Rooftop Scheme 2023: Free electricity for 20 years with solar panels

Solar Rooftop Scheme: The Government of India is trying its best to provide the best facilities to the citizens and

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Solar Rooftop Scheme: The Government of India is trying its best to provide the best facilities to the citizens and conserve resources. They have taken up a new initiative of replacing electricity with solar energy. Free electricity for 20 years will be provided by the authorities by the use of solar panels. The citizens can apply online for assistance from the government in installing solar panels.

With solar energy, the cost of electricity will effectively be reduced by 35 to 50%. The applications will be made online. Check all the details of the scheme and application procedure here.

Solar Rooftop Scheme

Solar Rooftop Scheme

With the increase in electricity consumption and the scarcity of resources, fuel prices are taking a hike in the country. Affordability is not the only problem the decrease in availability is. To deal with this issue, the Government initiated the Solar Rooftop scheme. Through this scheme, citizens can avail of free electricity for 20 years with the help of an investment, which will be less than the total electricity costs.

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The government will assist the citizens in installing solar panels to produce renewable energy by providing subsidies and introducing the EMI or Easy Monthly Installations. People need to apply online for this scheme as per their requirements. The Government envisaged 100GW of Solar Power by 2022, and this scheme contributed 40GW that year.

Highlights of the Solar Rooftop Scheme

Name of the Scheme Solar Rooftop scheme
Launched by Government of India
Aim To replace electricity with renewable solar power energy
Beneficiaries Citizen of India who applies for subsidy through the scheme
Benefit Subsidies on solar panels and EMI payment of rooftop equipment
Target 100GW solar power including 40GW from the Rooftop scheme
Implementation Authority Electricity Distribution Companies or DISCOMs
Budget Rs. 5000 crores

Objective of the Solar Rooftop Scheme

The Government of India has set a target of replacing Non-renewable resources with renewable energy sources such as Solar Energy. They have decided to produce at least 100GW of Solar Power for this. To achieve this target, they are promulgating the citizens to use electricity produced by Solar Power instead. Thus, this project was launched where citizens can apply for the government’s subsidies.

Through these subsidies, they will be able to produce energy on their own and save on electricity power bills. Easy Monthly Installations are also made available by the authorities as a payment method for installation costs. Therefore, it will be convenient and easier to afford Solar Panels for energy production.

Features of Solar Rooftop Scheme

The Scheme will highly benefit the Common people of the country. The recourses will be conserved, reducing the excess pressure on the earth. Additionally, affordability is a huge benefit of the scheme.

Solar Rooftop systems will reduce electricity payment rates to Rs. 6.50/kWh. Moreover, Easy Monthly Installations will be available on subsidies to pay for the Solar Rooftop panels. With available energy, the power can be saved and collected during the day and used up at night.

Documents for Application

The following documents will be needed while applying for the Solar Rooftop Scheme:

  • Passport size photo of the applicant: Max file size 100 KB and jpg or jpeg format.
  • Digitally Scanned Signature of the applicant: Max file size 100 KB and jpg or jpeg or png format.
  • Latest Electricity Bill: Max file size 1024 KB and pdf file format.
  • Proof of ownership of the proposed building or premises: Max file size 200 KB and pdf format.
  • Proof of Relationship with the owner in the form of an affidavit: Max file size 200 KB and in pdf format.

Application Procedure of Solar Rooftop Scheme

The citizens can apply for the subsidy online. The government has launched a specific portal to receive applications. The scheme, however, will be implemented by the local authorities. The Electricity Distribution Companies or DISCOMs of each state will be responsible for installation and heading the entire execution of the scheme. To apply for the scheme, follow the given steps:-

  1. Open the portal of the Solar Rooftop scheme at
  2. Scroll the page and click on “Apply for Solar Rooftop“.
  3. The list of application links for various states will open up. Select the state and click on the attested link.
  4. Choose the suitable DISCOM if there is more than one available. The website for the company will open up.
  5. Click on “Apply Online“.
  6. Create a one-time registration profile and log in.
  7. In the User Dashboard, click on “Application Form”.
  8. In the dropdown list, tap on “Apply for Solar Rooftop”.
  9. Choose to apply with or without subsidy by selecting the respective form.
  10. Fill out the application form by entering details such as the name of the applicant, connection type, address, area, and more.
  11. Upload the aforementioned in the right formats.
  12. Press “Save”.
  13. Pay the applicable amount if required to complete the application.

Track Solar Rooftop Application Status

To track the status of the application, the citizens must observe the method given below:

  1. Visit the portal of DISCOM in which the application is being processed.
  2. Log in using the login credentials.
  3. If the candidate has forgotten the password, click “Forgot Password” and regenerate a new one through email.
  4. After successful login, click on “User Dashboard”.
  5. In the dashboard, open the list under the “Application Form” heading.
  6. Click on “Track Application Status”.
  7. The status of the Application will be visible on the screen.

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