Pradhan Mantri Shram yogi Mandhan Pension Yojana | PMSYM Scheme 2019

Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi Yojan|PMSYM Scheme 2019: This scheme was announced by the Central government. The PMSUM scheme was announced in February 2019 and launched in 15 February 2019 by Piyush Goyal. Other plans such as LIC, EPFO, ESIC runs under this scheme. In this article read about all the important information regarding Shramyogi yojana, who are eligible for the scheme, how to apply for PM Shramyogi Pension and benefits of this scheme.

Latest: List of professions/ occupations covered under PM-SYM yojana has been released.
Check link below.

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Pension Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi Yojana

Scheme Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana
Launched By Finance Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal
Date of scheme starts 15th February 2019
Beneficiary Category Unrecognized sector Workers
Number of beneficiary 42 Crore approximate
Contribution to be made For 18 age-  Rs. 55 per month
For 29 age- Rs. 100 per month
For 40 age- Rs. 200 Per month
Above 40 – Not eligible
Pension amount Rs. 3000 Per month
Category Central govt. scheme
Enrolment Website CSC Centres – Digital seva
Beneficiary not eligible If they are enrolled in any other central government scheme
Pension Transferable Yes, to partner only
Children are not eligible for getting pension
Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan registration Apply by visiting local Jan seva kendra (CSC)
List of professions/ occupations coveredCheck Here

The scheme that the central government came up with is called Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi Yojna. This scheme offers every individual with a regular pension after they attain 60 age. Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi Yojna is a pension scheme for the labour class people who are associated with the unorganized sector.

PMSAY enrolment process

Premium Amount Chart

Entry age (In Years) Max age (In Years) Monthly contribution per month (per person) Govt contribution per month (per person) Total Contribution (per person)
18 60 55 55 110
19 60 58 58 116
20 60 61 61 122
21 60 64 64 128
22 60 68 68 136
23 60 72 72 144
24 60 76 76 152
25 60 80 80 160
26 60 85 85 170
27 60 90 90 180
28 60 95 95 190
29 60 100 100 200
30 60 105 105 210
31 60 110 110 220
32 60 120 120 240
33 60 130 130 260
34 60 140 140 280
35 60 150 150 300
36 60 160 160 320
37 60 170 170 340
38 60 180 180 360
39 60 190 190 380
40 60 200 200 400

Who is eligible for the PMSYM Pension Scheme?

  • As the labor class is mentioned, people involved in the trivial yet necessary works such as carpenters, masons, and many more such workers appear in our minds. In reality, any worker belonging to the unorganized sector can apply for the scheme. By unorganized sectors, one means the community in which the wages are not fixed. Such sector includes street vendors, rag pickers, cobblers, brick makers, leather workers, rickshaw pullers, landless labors, beedi workers and many more.
  • The workers who do not have any fixed income and whose income depends on the works they do on a daily basis to earn a living are eligible to apply for Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi Yojna.
  • The workers of the unorganised sector earning an income of less than rupees 15,000 per month and belong to the entry of 18 to 40 years of age group are eligible for Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi yojna.

How To apply or register for Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi yojna?

How To apply for Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi yojna at CSC

Taking care of the unorganised sector, this scheme has been launched. This is a golden opportunity for the workers of unorganised sector to secure their lives and think for a better and brighter future. To avail this opportunity, eligible people can register themselves under this scheme through online modes. Eligible people can apply for the same step by step. The procedure is mentioned below.

  • All the eligible candidates or the must have their bank details and Aadhar card. After confirming that, the candidate needs to visit his or her nearest Common Service Center or CSC keeping along the necessary documents that could be further used for verification.
  • The appointed officer in the nearest Common Service Center is going to put together all the information and details given by the candidate. The candidates are expected to register his or her actual date of birth because the overall calculation is held on the basis of age. The determination of how much premium he or she has to pay is all dependent on the actual age that the candidate confirms with.
  • After having verified all the documents, the scheme will get started. To get started with it, a specific installment amount is going to get deducted from the wallet of the appointed officer in the Common Service Center. After having a successful payment, the officer will get back all the amount that has been deducted from the officer’s wallet by the Candidate that too in cash amount.
  • The candidate must check for the notification of a successful online payment. If the notification arrives, that means the registration has been successfully done. A unique pension code is also going to get generated from the software that too online.
  • After this process, CSC officer is going to do the other formalities and scan candidate’s documents. The officer scans the documents to ensure that the information is added to their database as well.
  • After the scanning of documents, the candidate is going to get a pension card that has been generated after the verification of the candidate’s documents and other data.
  • The data provided by the candidate is then sent to the bank authority. After having checked the data by bank authorities, the candidate is going to be informed about the mandate debits. An SMS is going to be generated on the registered number of candidate, after which the candidate would be getting pertinent information

Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi Mandhan Yojana Application Form

Candidate have to visit the LIC office to get the form/information and to apply for the scheme at the CSC center. VLE can enroll in the PM-SYM scheme through the digital seva website. Link to mandhan pension yojana registration is provided below in important link part.

Benefits of PM shramyogi mandhan yojana

  • It is beneficial in a way that a worker who joins Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Yojna at the age of 18 years would make a contribution of rupees 55 monthly till the age of 60 years so as to get the pension in retirement. The equal matching contribution will be made by the Government to the pension account of workers each month.
  • This scheme is going to benefit more than 42 crore workers belonging to the unorganised sectors of India.
  • Not only this, if the candidate enrols out of the scheme even before 10 years, the share of the candidate is going to be returned to the candidate with saving bank interest rates.
  • If the candidate enroll out after 10 years but before 60 years of age, the share of candidate’s contribution adding the accumulated interest will be given back to the candidate.
  • If the candidate is updating the scheme in a proper manner but dies due to any cause, his or her better half would be entitled with the continuation of the scheme. If the spouse is entitled to it, they are supposed to pay the regular further contributions. If they are not willing to do that, they can always exit the scheme taking the candidate’s contribution to make till the date in addition to the interest.

PM Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana Helpline Number

Toll Free number 1800 267 6888

PMSAY Important Links

PM SYM Notification Click Here
Apply Online at Digital seva connect (For VLE)Start Enrollment
Operational Guidelines Click Here
Find CSC Center Click Here
Official website Click Here

Every citizen in India emphasis on having a government job. Children may have heard from their parents about having a secured future in government jobs because the pension system prevails there. This is the reason why Indian parents want to make their child a government employee. Even if the private sector provides people with a handsome amount of salary, they would prefer government jobs for the very same reason. The employees of the private sector too can survive as they save a lot. The problem occurs to the labors. Whatever they earn, it is utilized to pay back their loans or debts. Not only this, labors are humans as well. Their bodies too get tired after a certain period. The simple logic, which was prevailing years back was, the harder you work; the better you are paid. What if labour is in the last stages of his life? Would people be giving him money to survive? The answer is “no”. To overcome this problem, the central government of India planned a scheme to make lives of labor class people brighter even if they are not in the state to work anymore.

For any question related to Pradhan Mantri Shramyogi Yojana, you can ask us in the comment box below.

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    • No, as per provision, only those candidates are eligible who are not enrolled or getting benefit from any other government scheme.

      • Sir mai aavedan Kar chuka hu lekin hamate account number se automatically paisa Nahi kat Raha hai kya kare

        • Sar maine 7 March ko aavedan kiya
          Pahli kist csc Center se kati aur muze
          Lic se paise Jama hone ka massage aaya tha;lekin usake baad mere bank khate se paise nahi kate. Ab 3 month ho gaya.jankari de please

            • I have a account of psym my account number is 700075882167 and I paid 190rs at 11/3/19 but after that month amount will not to be debited I don’t know what was the reason please help me I want to continue this I have a balance and my adhar also linked

          • सर अगर आप सभी लोगों में से अगर किन्ही के पास अगर ये जानकारी है तो बतानी की किरपा करे
            यह योजना LIC ज़ुरा हुवा है तो ईस योजना का policy number क्या है
            और ईसका कोई iska Koi application hai jo Ham check kar sake Apna premium jaise ki ki aur Sare LIC plan ka policy number Hota Hai
            किरपिया बताने की किरपा करे धन्यवाद
            मेरा मोबाइल नंबर ये है

  1. Sir, I am working in a Private concern, and have EPF and ESIC, my present salary arround Rs.12,000/- per month, If exceeds my salary in next few years above Rs.15000/- per month, Then I may continue the said scheme or not? Please reply me.

    • પેન્શન શરુ થયા પછી વ્યકતી તરત જ મરી જાય તો બીજા ને કેટલુ પેન્શન મલે

  2. Pradhan Mantri Shram yogi Mandhan Pension Yojana | PMSYM Scheme 2019” Please get the link for online self apply in this scheme . some people easily apply to application .

  3. Please reply that which age is below 40 years and have Atal pension yogona,who is eligible for P.m. Shram Yogi yogona or not?


    • किसी अविवाहित का योजना में पंजीयन करने पर नॉमिनी किसे रख सकते है

        • १. किसी अविवाहित बालक/बालिका के पेरेंट नही होने की स्थति में नॉमिनी कौन होगा?

          २. किसी अविवाहित बालक/बालिका के पेरेंट नॉमिनी है और कुछ वर्ष बाद विवाह होने पर नॉमिनी बदल सकते है क्या?

          मेरे पूर्व के सवालों का मार्गदर्शन के लिए धन्यवाद?

            • सर मैं 26 फरवरी को योजना से जुड़ा हूं पर आज मार्च खत्म होने को है और अभी तक मेरी दूसरी क़िस्त जमा होने की कोई सुचना प्राप्त नही हुआ है?

  5. પેન્શન શરુ થયા પછી વ્યકતી તરત જ મરી જાય તો બીજા ને કેટલુ પેન્શન મલે

    • If the candidate is updating the scheme in a proper manner but dies due to any cause, his or her better half would be entitled with the continuation of the scheme. If the spouse is entitled to it, they are supposed to pay the regular further contributions. If they are not willing to do that, they can always exit the scheme taking the candidate’s contribution to make till the date in addition to the interest.

    • Any government scheme which provide monetary benefit to beneficiary, however, final list is yet to come and state may also release their own version of this scheme.

  6. dear Sir,

    please tell me nearest center for pradhanmantri pension yojana

    my address is vikas nagar ext., uttam nagar, new delhi


  8. क्या कोई विधवा महिला अपने बच्चों को नॉमिनी बना सकती है ? अगर नही तो 20 साल प्रीमियम जमा करने के बाद मृत्यु होने पर पालिसी का क्या होगा ।

  9. Hi,
    I work in private sector and have Atal pension yojana where my wife is the nominee, but my wife wokrs in unorganised sector in auditor office salary less than 12000/-. Will she qualify to apply for this?

    • My age is 21 if i apply for this…
      I will get money now or after 60 years…
      Or after sucessful registration of next month ..i will get payment


  11. If eligible candidate is widow under this scheme & unfortunately expired .who will get the pension or funds get accumulated? further please advise whether the son or a daughter will receive accumulated fund amount.

  12. I could not find any CSC in my hometown address.
    Ngamkhai Veng, Moreh, Tengnoupal sub division, Chandel district. Manipur
    Pin no. 795131

    • మీరు అసంఘటిత కార్మీకులా? ప్రధాన మంత్రి శ్రమ యోగి మాన్-ధన్ (PM-SYM) లో నమోదు aచేసుకోండి నెలకు రూ.౩౦౦౦ పింఛను పొందండి. వివరములకు సమీప కామన్ సర్వీసెస్ సెంటర్ (CSC) లేదా 18002676888 ను సంప్రదించండి.

  13. మీరు అసంఘటిత కార్మీకులా? ప్రధాన మంత్రి శ్రమ యోగి మాన్-ధన్ (PM-SYM) లో నమోదు aచేసుకోండి నెలకు రూ.౩౦౦౦ పింఛను పొందండి. వివరములకు సమీప కామన్ సర్వీసెస్ సెంటర్ (CSC) లేదా 18002676888 ను సంప్రదించండి.

  14. बेसिक IT रिटर्न फाइल करने वाला व्यक्ति जिसकी वर्तमान आय 15 हजार रु. मासिक से कम है क्या योजना के लिए पात्र है।

  15. I filled online application of pradhanmantri shram yogi mandhan incorrectly please want to correct it please please help me how to edit information.. Thank u

  16. SIR.I RAJESH YADAV my pradhan mantri shark to go pension card no.700075728535 when I received original card by post office.

    • Visit to local CSC centre and apply and enroll yourself
      After applying aapko 60 years tak kuchh fix amount h jo aapko every month deni h
      Amount govt ne fix kari h
      Aapki age 60 se uper ho kayegi tab aapko pension milni start ho jayegi 3000 per month

    • अटल पेन्शन ग्राहक इस योजना को ले सकते हे या नही

  17. अटल पेन्शन ग्राहक इस योजना को ले सकते हे या नही

  18. जैसा कि मैं बीस वर्ष का हूं तो मुझे कितनी उम्र तक राशि जमा करना होगा

  19. सर क्या इस स्कीम में जुड़ने के बाद अगर व्यक्ति की डेथ हो जाती है तो इस में बिमा भी होता है क्या

  20. Can a person who joins PM’S sym scheme also join ATAL pension scheme AVAILABLE FROM BANKS . ALSO PL SUMMARISE ALL FAQS AND ANSWERS

  21. I am a retired person.i have studied the scheme details.i have explained to so. Many unrecognised workers about this PMSYM scheme benefits.who r showing interest to join this scheme
    I need forms and support to get register
    To this scheme .how can i get support from whom shall i contact.

  22. నేను ఒక ప్రైవేటు కంపెనీలో కంపెనీలో డ్రైవర్ జాబ్ చేస్తున్నాను. అలాగే నాకు ఈ నెల నుండి పదిహేను వేలు జీతం వస్తుంది.ఈ స్కీమ్కు నేను అర్హుడినేనా…!?

    • CSC Centre pmsym register karna say mana Kar raha hay.KAY karu? My state is west bengal.bol raha hay kee election time hay nahi hoga.

  23. I am student and open this account but I have information of this scheme
    If after completing college and I got job and my income is more than 15000 in this condition this scheme is work

  24. how many time i have to pay money?

    and if anyone stop his installment after some month what kind of money he will get?

  25. sir after 60 years jo vridh pension lagti h, kya ye scheme usse related h, means jo log isme registration karwate hain tou hame vridh pension nhi milegi kuch aisa hai tou plaese btaiye. .

  26. sir after 60 years jo vridh pension lagti h, kya ye scheme usse related h, means jo log isme registration karwate hain tou umko vridh pension aane wale time mein nhi milegi. plaese btaiye. .

  27. Manniya pradhanmantri g pata ni aap tak meri ye deshhit ki baat pahunchegi v ya ni but i m trying.Sir,Hamare desh me kuchh aise v log hain jo bachpan me hi anath ho jate hain ya kinhi vajahon se kam umra me hi unme maa ,behan,bhai aur samast pariwar ka bhar aa jaata hai child labour paap hai but unhe karna parta hai apne chhote kandhon pe patiwar k bojh ko uthane k liye aur v kai samasya hai jispe mai apka dhyan akrisht karans chahta hun .kripya dhysn den

  28. I (Sumit Dutta) am a resident of Assam, District Biswanath Chariali. I have no income. How to apply for PMSYM scheme. Please send details so that I may apply

  29. East Delhi me rahne waale aavedak Mujhse sampark kar sakte hain.
    Mere Paas CSC Center hai. main unko is yojna me register kar sakta hoon.
    B-476, Gali No. 4, Chaman Park, Delhi-110094


    • In Sarsoona , Kolkata, West Bengal three names are shown viz Palash Chowdhury, Muna Seal… But full address /telephone nos not mentioned . How to contact them ?

  30. (1)પેન્શન ચાલુ થાય ત્યારે રોકાણ થયેલ રકમ માંથી પરત કાઈ મળે?
    (2 મરણ બાદ યોજના બંધ કરવી હોય તો કોઈ રકમ પ
    પરત મળે?
    (3) આ યોજનામાં વીમો કવર થાય છે?

  31. Dear Sir,
    I m not eligible for this scheme as my salary is more than 30k. My father is illetrat and someone came in our village to open the account of shram Yogi pension scheme. My father gave my Addhar card and they opened new account without signing on the form and also opened my wife’s account for this scheme. He charged RS. 280/- for both the politics. One policy is monthly RS. 100 and another is for Rs. 120. Policy no are 700052519004 & 700003693447. Also they have updated wrong phone number and DOB in the policy.

    But we didn’t want this policy. Could you please let us know how we can quit this.

    Your early response will be highly appreciated.


  32. The following is not clear Kindly arrange to clarify:
    1. Beneficiary candidate after the age of 60 keeps getting pension of Rs. 3000/=, but after his /her death whether spouce will get full pension ( RS. 3000/=) or 50% of it.
    2. After the death of candidate or spouce what will happen to amount laying in his account . Whether the Nominees will get back the amount of his account or not. (as is the case in EPFO’s EPS Scheme)

  33. Sir, my name is rajasekhar,
    I am applied Atal Pension Yojana in 2015.
    And i am recently applied PMSYM.
    I am both schemes eligible are not?
    I am Pmsym tole free number calls that
    Taken one candidate are two pension schemes are eligible.

    Sir please reply fastly.

  34. या योजनेत सहभागी झालो व नंतर नोकरी लागली तर???

  35. If I m earning Rs 20000/month, and my wife is unemployed & want to be enrolled with this scheme, would she be able to enrolled in the scheme?

  36. we have made first installment of the customer by doing PMSYM on 27.2.2019. But the second installment not deducting on 27.3.2019 from the bank of policy holder from their S.B. account (Syndicate bank).
    customers / policy holders are inquiring about this. kindly solve the problem.

    • मेरे सेविंग अकाउंट से किशत के रुपए नहीं कट रहे जब की दो माह पहले कार्ड बनवा लिया था


  37. अगर किसी को आगे नही चलाना हो तो और रजिस्टर हो गया है तो वह क्या करे और कैसे रद्द करे कृपया बताएं ।।

  38. Y the government are not giving age of 40 and above the people this scheme policy is good but this will take a only those people who below 40 this is unfair to above age why ???

  39. Main shram Jogi Manthan ka application online karne jaa raha hoon To Nahin Ho Pa raha hai tension ke liye Jo scheme hai Three hazar rupiya. Please aap help Kijiye kaise kar sakta hai ki 3000 pension ke liye apply.

  40. Sir I appreciate very much the above schem. But your condition (18 year to 40 years)
    But what about above 40 year people?
    My age 50 years now. how can I enjoy this scheme. My brother age is 52 years he worked for daily wage. Give me the solution for us. We also want that person and comfortable life

  41. Sir, I m a student. And now i m reading P.G in Utkal University. I hv no jobs. Just doing a home tuition. Can i apply for this scheme ?

  42. If the candidate is updating the scheme in a proper manner TILL 10 YEAR 3 MONTHS but dies due to any cause, did the nominee will get the pension of rs3000/- monthly please answer if any .

  43. I have taken this scheme feb2019 i have paid frist estollnmnt to custumer service centre and 200 rs deposit by gov same month .but this estollnment is not detected in my account what is the reason

    • I have registered for pm sym through csc and my sym account opened on11-03-2019 and l paid 180Rs to csc holder.But monthly investment amount of Rs180 not diducted from my account yet . Please replay through emaul

    • I have registered for pm sym through csc and my sym account opened on11-03-2019 and l paid 180Rs to csc holder.But monthly investment amount of Rs180 not diducted from my account yet . Please replay through

  44. I have registered for PM SYM through CSC and my PM SYM account opened on 12 April 2019 and I paid 72 rs to CSC holder. But monthly investment amount of Rs. 72 not deducted from my account yet.
    Please reply me through e-mail.

  45. after 60 years complete customer died in the age of 62 what would be of the amount. is the pension will get his wife/ there any SA in this scheam.

  46. Every month account se paisa nahi cut ho raha hai.. aisa kyo? Ky ye scheme band ho gayi? Ya fir hamne deposit kiye huye paise dub gaye. ?
    Please contact me .8390707383.

  47. PMSYM
    जिस भी किसी को प्रधानमंत्री पेंशन योजना का रजिस्टेशन कराना है
    आधार कार्ड और बैंक पासबुक के साथ
    संपर्क करे – 9793408128
    Email – [email protected]

  48. Please furnish the List of V L Es in Bangalore South – complete with
    Name, Address, mobile number and E Mail ID

    Vasant Rao Vellore

  49. Sir
    Mera nearest Common Service Center ka CSC ID hay 676869370015 Name hay Tuhin Sinha but mujhe uska phone no nehe melrahahay esleye may unse sampark nehe karparahahu. agar uska phone no miljata to achha hota.

  50. As per my perception this scheme is not fair for above 40 years age group. First it should be eligible for above 40 years age group because i think this range of peoples above 40 are mostly doing nothing. So please change the age eligibility criteria.

  51. Sir,
    Kindly provided Mobile No. 8888141515 it will help us.
    CSC Locator
    Maharashtra => Aurangabad => Aurangabad
    Srl. CSC ID CSC Name Address
    1. 732451450019 Yogesh Eknath More Shree Net Beed By Pa Shop No 2 \n Osmanpura S.O Pincode 431005
    2. 125830740013 Anil Sitaram Chavhan Anil Chava Dargha Rod Osmanpura \n Aurangabad (Mh) H.O Pincode 431001

  52. In case the beneficiary and the spouse die during the course of work (before pension period) example at the age of 50, both of them die….. will the amount collected be given to the child?

  53. APY monthly installment for a person joining at the age of 40 is Rs. 873 for a monthly pension of Rs. 3000/= whereas monthly installment under pmsym is Rs. 200+ 200=400. Can you plz tell benefit of APY over pmsym

  54. pehle aadhar card me mere naam ki spelling galat thi ab maine aadhar update kara liya spelling sahi kara li mai pmsym me registered hu kya mere pmsym me name spelling correction ho sakti hai aur mera csc me sirf ek bar hi amount liya hai uska message mere pas aa gaya uske baad se koi bhi amount nahi kata hai to kya kare.

  55. I stay in salt Lake area in Kolkata 700 091. As per Govt website I contacted several person but could not get a clear cut procedure and office address where I can go and talk. Can anybody help me to give the effective information of a person/ office nearby where I can open a PMSYM pension account.
    Thank you

  56. Mene atal pension yojna ME khata khulva rakha ha qya ME pardhan mantri sharmyogi pension yojna ka labh le sky’s hnu OR Ek question, pati or patni dono ko labh miles?