NADRS 2.0 Login -National Animal Disease Reporting System 2021

NADRS 2.0 – Login National Animal Disease Reporting System 2021 : Animal Diseases prevail concern especially the commercial troubles they create. Due to disease, the functioning of the animal body converted to improper functioning.

NADRS is a digital system that is developed to seizure animal disease as soon as possible. This application has introduced by Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries that is popularly known as DADF via NIC (National Informatics Centre).

More details about NADRS are explained below in this article, so we suggest you consider this article till the end and grasp all informative news and updates.

What is NADRS 2.0?

NADRS is National Animal Disease Reporting System that helps to rectify the disease detected in animals. NADRS 2.0 is a mobile app easily available in play store. Controlling disease in animals is a great plan to carry out rural people from poverty.


To diminish the financial stock, preventing animals from illnesses, informing about the disorder or incidences of observable animal diseases is a big initiative. The system also keeps the shared data secured and confidential.

Management Information System (MIS), Geographic Interface System (GIS) and digitized system are some tools which NADRS 2.0 applies. By using NADRS, higher authorities can keep recording and monitoring the situation of animals. In case of any disease found in animal, remedial and preventative action will be taken immediately.

Motive of Introducing NADRS 2.0

The objective of introducing such mobile application (NADRS) in the country are as follows.

  1. The initial objective is to recognise the animal disease.
  2. Next, to detect the level of disease and the place where that disease is found.
  3. Defining the effect of the disease.
  4. Introduce the preferences of resource use for limiting the disease.
  5. Then, authorities will prepare, execute and observe the disease control programs.
  6. Respond to disease will be reviewed by administrators.
  7. Reaching the reporting claims of international associations.
  8. Illustrate illness situation to trading companions.

Highlights of NADRS 2.0

Name of the SystemNational Animal Disease Reporting System 2.0
Also KnownNADRS 2.0
Concerned OfficialsDepartment of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries
Objective of Initiating this SystemTo prevent animals from lethal diseases
Official Portal Link

Benefits of National Animal Disease Reporting System 2.0

There are several advantages of using NADRS 2.0, which are illustrated below.

  • A digital system is a way better than managing animal disease data manually.
  • The single NADRS system integrates various relevant services.
  • With the help of NADRS 2.0, candidates can report for the disease from anywhere.
  • Security of data regarding animal disease is an important thing which is well handled by NADRS 2.0.
  • Use of this system does not cost any money.

Services Provided by NADRS 2.0

NADRS 2.0 provides several services and authorities have also added some new modules for the welfare of animals. Check the services mentioned below in the form of points.

  • Feature of Dashboard
  • Modified Vaccination
  • FIR (Revised First Information Report)
  • The module has added to seize diseases in fishes
  • Officials have also inserted a module of getting details on “Animal Health Camps”
  • The plan has initiated to catch treatment of targets & accomplishments
  • DI (Daily Incidence) cases
  • A rule added to upload the disease picture while reporting
  • Apprehending state-wise actionable purposes created throughout the survey meetings & status.
  • For Animal Diseases forecasting NADRS data info will be shared with “National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology & Disease Informatics (NIVEDI)”

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How to Login into NADRS 2.0?

In order to login, candidates have to follow some simple procedure which is given below in this portion. Implement the process as it is and get yourself logged in.

Step 1st- Firstly, applicants have to visit the official portal of the NADRS i.e.
Step 2nd- Homepage of the website will open on your screen.
Step 3rd- On the right side of the landing page, you will see “Login” section, enter your information like user id, password and code provided on the screen.


Step 4th- Tap the “Login” button.
Step 5th- Finally, “Dashboard” of NADRS will appear on your display which furnishes several services.

Procedure of Changing NADRS Password?

It is important to keep the password safe because sharing information concerning animal disease is a very significant process. If you think that your password is weak or there is any need of changing password, then take a look at the process given.

  1. Go to the official site of NADRS 2.0.
  2. Login with your details.
  3. Next, aspirants will see “Change Password” option on the left section of the dashboard.
  4. On the right side of page, you have to enter data such as user id, new and old password, confirm the password and submit the details
  1. You will get a pop up that your password is changed.

NAIP Login Via

NAIP stands for Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme which will be initiated in different districts. This programme will be organized for the welfare of cattle and buffaloes. Data regarding this can be entered by logging in from NADRS portal. Necessary steps are mentioned in the subsequent segment of this article.

  1. The first step is to open the official portal URL of NADRS 2.0 in any safe web browser.
  2. Wait for few seconds till homepage will load on your screen.
  3. Click on the link named Click Here for Artificial Insemination Coveragepresent under the login of NADRS 2.0.
  1. A new tab will open in which aspirant have to provide their login info.
  1. Click on “Login” button and dashboard will be displayed on your screen.

National Animal Disease Reporting System 2.0 Mobile App

To download mobile application of NADRS 2.0, candidates have to follow the easy procedure written down.

  1. Initially, you have to open the link of official NADRS portal on your device.
  2.  Next, on the top of the menubar, you see “Download Mobile apk” option.
  1. Click on that link.
  2. On the next tab, press the download button.
  3. Once NADRS 2.0 application will be downloaded, you can avail the services of application on your mobile. 

Important Links

National Animal Disease Reporting System 2.0
Download User Manual

Helpline Information

If you have any problems or queries concerning NADRS 2.0, then must contact to helpline details given below
Email Id-
Contact Number- 011-23386099

NADRS 2.0 related FAQ’s

Why NADRS 2.0 system developed?

NADRS 2.0 comes up with more relevant services. The app will help animals to detect disease early and prepare vaccination accordingly.

Who launched National Animal Disease Reporting System 2.0?

NADRS 2.0 has implemented by Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries.

How can a user update his/ her NADRS profile?

Profile can be updated by logging into the NADRS system and picking up the option of “Edit” from the dashboard. Then, one can edit his or her info and update it.

What is NAIP stands for?

NAIP stands for Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme. By this, authorities will keep the track of animal health throughout.

How can I download NAIP current progress report?

Follow the steps – Visit NADRS portal then select “NAIP Current Progress Report” from the menu bar of homepage. A drop-down box will open on your screen in which you have to choose anyone and check the report.

Have officials have also developed any mobile application of NADRS 2.0?

Yes, NADRS mobile app is also developed which can be downloaded from the site NADRS 2.0.

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