LTC Cash Voucher Scheme: Benefits, Calculation, Application Process

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LTC Cash Voucher Scheme: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the cash-in-lieu of LTC, which is the Leave Travel Concession. You must examine the entire article if you are engrossed in this subject and desire to apprehend added knowledge regarding the LTC cash voucher scheme. Here, we have comprised all the informative topics by which candidates can easily understand the functioning and other aspects of LTC.

LTC Cash Voucher Scheme

According to the prerequisites of income tax, LTC profit is needed by employees in a slab of four years. This duration is called a block.

LTC Cash Voucher Scheme

The government sector and private & public sector employees can avail the advantages of LTC. And this is very great news for those employees who are working for a private organization. Deloitte partner Aarti Raote stated, “India’s Finance Minister, during her presentation, explained the benefits of LTC that would be elongated to workers of government as well as private sector too. Nevertheless, after the release of the official circular, it was found that the notice only belonged to govt employees. And for this, an explanation was required.” For this, authorities have also released a notification in which they have mentioned complete info about LTC for the non-central workers too.

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Only the fare part will be tax-free, and the holiday will be subjected to encashment tax. You must go for leave encashment and LTC fare to qualify for this tax relief package. The Ministry Office of Finance memorandum states that encashment of up to 100% of leave & 50% of deemed rent can be given into the employee’s bank account and subsequently fixed after the statement is equipped.

Description of Deemed LTC Fare

As per the LTC cash-in-lieu scheme, such employees can obtain their consent encashment (worth DA & basic 10 days) and receive reimbursement for travel expenses they are eligible for according to their category. Check out the table given below for detailed information regarding LTC fare.

Description of Employees According to FarePrice of Vouchers
Employees who are authorised to Business Class Airfare36000 INR
Employees who are authorised to an Economy Class of Airfare20000 INR
Employees who are authorised to Rail fare of Any Class6000 INR

Abstract of LTC Cash Voucher Scheme

Name of SchemeLTC (Leave Travel Concession) Cash Voucher Scheme 2020
Scheme Announced byFinance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman
The objective of this SchemeCash vouchers will be to eligible employees for travelling & purchasing things according to LTC Fare
RecipientsCentral Government/Non-Central Govt Employees

Aspects of Leave Travel Concession Cash Voucher Scheme

  1. All those employees who want to avail LTC Cash Voucher Scheme must spend an amount on those things which have 12% GST or more
  2. Workers who have spent money on food will not be eligible to use this scheme of the central government.
  3. Candidate must have a Bill or Invoice of GST of the purchased item in which the amount of item GST is mentioned.
  4. With the help of this scheme, demand for consumers in the market will improve.
  5. It is necessary that the candidate who wants to claim an LTC voucher must have paid the number of purchased things via digital mode only.
  6. This scheme will help to build and grow the country’s economic flow.
  7. It will also raise the GST number.
  8. Workers have to spend 3 times the travel expense if they desire to avail the benefit of this scheme.
  9. Non-central or private/public employees can also take advantage of the LTC voucher scheme.
  10. By introducing the LTC cash voucher plan, govt want to produce an added demand of 1 lakh crore rupees in the economy.

Eligibility Standard for Availing LTC Scheme

All those applicants who are willing to avail the benefits of this scheme have to satisfy the eligibility criteria defined by higher authorities. In this segment, we have discussed the standard that all needy aspirants must fulfil.

  1. Applicants must be Central Government or Non-Central Govt employees.
  2. Only the citizens of India can exercise the benefits of this scheme.
  3. All those applicants who are state government employees are also eligible for this scheme

Terms for Leave Travel Concession Cash Voucher Scheme

Employees working under central or non-central government will be compensated equal to leave encashment and LTC fare by following these terms.

  1. Workers’ amounts must equal the leave encashment part and three times the LTC deemed fare for acquiring anything or services.
  2. The items purchased by an employee must have at least a 12% of GST rate.
  3. Employees must remember one thing: items must be bought online/in a digital mode from GST-registered service providers or merchants.
  4. For claiming LTC vouchers, workers must have a bill/ voucher, which includes the GST number of merchants and the GST price paid by employees.

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How is the LTC Amount Calculated?

All employees willing to know how LTC cash will be calculated must read this essential section of this article. As per HostBooks Limited, the calculation of cash benefit will be done by implementing the steps below. 

  • Step 1st- Available Encashment Leave is 10 (Maxi.)
  • Step 2nd- Leave Encashment Maximum Quantity is Pay Quantity * 10/30
  • Step 3rd- Fare Value Maximum Amount is equal to Deemed fare as provided earlier * Number of eligible family members.
  • Step 4th- Total Maximum Quantity is Amount of Step 1st + Amount of Step 2nd.
  • Step 5th- Full cash amount to be spent for profit = Step 1st Result + (Step 2nd result *3)
  • Step 6th- Leave Encashment Total Percentage Share is equal to Step 2nd Amount * (100/ Step 5th Amount)
  • Step 7th- Total Fare Percentage Share is Result of Step 3rd* (100/ Result of 5h Step)

Important Note:

1. If the applicant (employee) consumes the amount of pay equal to the Step 5th amount, then the cash allotted to him/her will be equal to the amount of Step 4th.

2. But, if the candidate consumes an amount which is less than the value of Step 5, the amount which may be given to him/ her is as follows-

  • Leave Encashment equals the Exact value spent * percentage displayed after calculating Step 6th. 
  • Amount of Fare is Exact Value Consumes * percentage coming as a result after calculating Step 7th. 

Explanation with the Help of an Example

In this part of the article, we have explained by solving an example of the above-mentioned steps. 

Expected Salary of Worker: 1,25,500 per month
Expected Total Number of Member Employee Family: 4
Economy Class Air Travel (20,000) is Eligibility Fare
Calculation of LTC cash benefit is solved below.

  1. Maxi. Encashment Leave is (1,25,500 * 10) / 30, which is Rupees 41,833
  2. Maxi. Fare Amount (According to the eligibility standard of air travel fare of the economic class discussed) = 20,000 multiplied by 4 i.e. Rupees 80,000
  3. Total Amount of Full Cash Perquisite = 1,21833
  4. As per the notice of the Finance Ministry, cash amount to be spent for profit = 41,833 Rupees + 240000 (INR 80,000*3) = 2,81,833 Rupees

Note: If a worker spent an amount which is fewer than 2,81,833 Rupees then cash benefit may hall be allowed given as specified below.

Let the amount spent by an employee is Rupees 2,00,000, then

  •  Percent Share of Total Amount of Leave Encashment = 41,833 / 2,81,833 * 100 which is 14.84%
  • Percent Share of Total Value Fare i= 80,000 / 2,81,833 * 100 which is 28.38%

The percentage which comes out as a result of applying it to the original spent amount is as follows.

  1.  Employee may be allowed leave encashment of 14.84% on account that is 2,00,000 * 14.84% = Rupees 29,680
  2. Employee may be allowed leave encashment of 28.38% on account that is 2,00,000 * 28.38% = 56,760 Rupees

Finally, Total Payable Value shall be Rupees 29,680 + Rupees 56,760 = 86,440 INR

Benefits of the LTC Cash Voucher Scheme

  1. The very first advantage of this scheme is that central and non-central employees will get the opportunity to avail of this plan and which provides several facilities for them.
  2. The economic flow of our country will be on track again.
  3. All workers who skipped their leaves due to the lockdown will get it through LTC vouchers.
  4. Through these vouchers, employees can travel and buy things except food items but only those with more than 12% of GST.

Procedure to Apply for LTC Voucher Plan

There is no such particular procedure declared by higher authorities to apply for the LTC scheme. Central or non-central employees who want to avail of the plan must submit the application form and present a bill for the purchased item. Aspirants, please remember one thing: those goods and services you bought must indicate 12% GST or more.


  1. In case, any worker has exhausted his/ her leave encashment limit for the LTC plan then he/ she will be eligible to take advantage of this plan?

    An employee can take advantage of this scheme without leave encashment. The expense must be as per the directed ratio for the LTC patron.

  2. What is the prescribed format to avail the benefits of the LTC Cash Voucher Scheme?

    There is no recommended format to apply for this scheme. Keen aspirants can simply give an application to avail of this plan.

  3. What is the leave encashment amount?

    Leave encashment amount refers to that price which will be given by officials in exchange for their leave that they do not avail.

  4. What type of things will be qualified under LTC scheme reimbursement?

    All the services & things (except food items) with 12% of GST or above will come under this plan. To avail of LTC vouchers, candidates must present bills or invoices of that item and the payment mode should be only digital.

  5. Can I apply for this plan, if I have purchased things through an e-commerce website?

    Yes, you can avail LTC scheme after buying items from the e-commerce portal but candidates must have an invoice for that purchased item.

  6. Is it important to provide a single bill/ invoice or can we present multiple bills per the item’s purchase?

    Officials will also accept multiple bills or invoices. However, the purchase of items must be done after the announcement of the memorandum and till the final date of this financial year.

  7. Can this scheme be availed if the employee uses his family member’s credit or debit card for digital payment?

    It is mandatory for all workers who want to take benefit from this scheme that they have to use the credit or debit card in which his/ her name is mentioned.

  8. What is the price of the Rail fare of Any Class LTC Cash Voucher Scheme?

    6000 Rupees is the amount of Rail Fare for any class.

  9. How much per cent of GST is required on things to avail of this scheme?

    LTC voucher will apply only on items with 12% or more GST. In these items, eating materials will not be counted.

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