CM Farmer Accident Welfare Scheme UP 2022 मुख्यमंत्री कृषक दुर्घटना कल्याण योजना

CM Farmer Accident Welfare Scheme UP 2022: The much-awaited scheme for which lots of Farmer from Uttar Pradesh are being waited for has got approval from the UP cabinet. Under मुख्यमंत्री कृषक दुर्घटना कल्याण योजना, if any of the farmers die while doing farming then his/her family will get the compensation of Rs. five lakhs (5 lakhs) while in the case of disability they will get 2 lakhs rupees. With the help of this scheme, more than 2 crores, 38 lakhs 22 thousand farmers fall under this scheme.

CM Farmer Accident Welfare Scheme

And to disburse the compensation UP government has allocated the budget for the scheme in their yearly budget which was held on the 18th of February 2020 of rupees 500 crores.

If you are among the farmer then this article is only for you below we have given all the necessary details regarding the chief minister farmer welfare scheme like how to apply for it and the availability and lots more. So be with this article to end to know every detail about the scheme.

CM Farmer Accident Welfare Scheme 2022

So many times we heard in the newspaper or even sometimes we witness that while harvesting the crop in the thresher machine and sometimes they have been bitten by snake or Scorpio or some other venomous insects and other mishaps, due to which sometimes they lost some parts of their body or even sometimes they lost their life and the family who has left behind doesn’t know what to do next.

So to secure the future of such farmer’s families the UP cabinet in their cabinet meeting which was held on 21st January 2020 approve the “Chief Minister Farmer Accident welfare scheme”. In this scheme, if a farmer dies or is disabled while doing farming then his/her family members will get five lakh and two lakh rupees respectively as compensation.

UP Kisan Accident Scheme- Overview

Name of the scheme: मुख्यमंत्री कृषक दुर्घटना कल्याण योजना

Compensation is given under this scheme: Rs. 5 lakhs

The beneficiary of compensation: Wife, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and sharecroppers

Age of the Farmer: 18 to 70 years.

The scheme was implemented on 14th of September 2019

The scheme which the Uttar Pradesh government has launched is not the new one, earlier a similar kind of scheme was run by the revenue department of Uttar Pradesh under the name of the “chief minister farmer insurance accident scheme”. But in that scheme benefit will be given to only the account holder farmer or the co-account holder.

But that scheme has been revived now; in the new scheme, the benefit will be transferred to the wife of the farmer, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, or even the sharecroppers.

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Payment Status

UP Farmers Came Under Krishak Accident Welfare Scheme

The revive scheme which has been launched by the Uttar Pradesh government is only for those farmers who are the resident of UP and their mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, grandson/daughter, which are doing farming in their own land or have it on lease and those whose are depend on the agricultural work only. and according to the data furnished by the government that 2 crores, 38 lakhs 22 thousand farmers fall under this scheme.

Age criteria for Chief Minister Krishak Yojana

Under the chief minister farmer Accident welfare scheme only those farmers will get the benefit of the scheme that falls under the age bracket of 18 years to 70 years only. While the rest of them will not be entitled to the benefit of the scheme.

मुख्यमंत्री कृषक दुर्घटना कल्याण योजना की शुरुआत कब से होगी

As the announcement of मुख्यमंत्री कृषक दुर्घटना कल्याण योजना, all farmers of Uttar Pradesh elated that if in future something mishap has taken place while doing the farming, then their family will get the compensation through this scheme to start their new life. Now all farmers must be wondering when will be this scheme will be implemented. You do not need to be wondered because we are here to help you.

The “chief minister farmer Accident welfare scheme” will be implemented from the 14th of September 2019. It means that those farmers who have lost their lives or been disabled while doing farming from that day will also get the benefit of such a scheme.

How Much Amount Disabled Will get under the scheme?

When the scheme launches all farmer is curious to know about the scheme. Now someone wants to know if they got disabled while doing the farming, then how much amount will they get as compensation. We will clear their all issues here.

Those farmers who died while farming their family members will get the full compensation which is 5 lakh rupees while,

Those who got disabled more than 60% while doing farming will get only 2 lakhs rupees.

How to claim the Chief Minister Kisan Accident Welfare Scheme?

Now after reading all the above-mentioned points the farmer wanted to know how to claim the scheme and if is there any time period for that.

We would like to inform all farmers that, if someone of you has died or is disabled while doing the farming then their family must fill out the form and submit it with all related documents in the Tehsil office of your concerned city and must remember to submit all document within a period of 45 days from the date of incident happened.

If somehow farmer’s family doesn’t submit the document within a given period of time then, they will get another 30 days to submit their form but for that, they have to furnish a letter which is signed by the DM of the city If you didn’t submit the claim form in that period of 75 days, then your form will not be accepted.

CM Farmer Accident Welfare Scheme Important Points

  • Under the Chief Minister Farmer Accident welfare scheme, all farmers who had died or got disabled more than 60% will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • All family members even sharecroppers will also cover under this scheme.
  • Those who got disabled while doing farming will get 2 lakh rupees.
  • The compensation amount will directly credit into the account through DBT mode.
  • The age of the farmer must be of 18 to 70 years.
  • If a farmer who has no son and wife is no more and has a daughter who had married then, in that case, the compensation amount will be a credit to her account.
  • The claim form for the compensation must be submitted within a period of 45 days with all the documents attached to it.
  • You will get another extra 30 days to submit the claim form, only if the DM of the district has allowed you to do that.
  • The compensation amount will be credited to the account within a period of one month once the claim has been submitted.

CM Farmer Accident Welfare Scheme– FAQs

How much amount a farmer’s family member will get on the death of farmers under this scheme?

Five lakh rupees only

How much compensation will be given to the farmer in the case of the disabled?

If a farmer got disabled by more than 60% then, 2 lakh rupees will be given to the farmer.

Within how many days claim form should be submitted?

Within a period of 45 days from the date, the incident happened.

Is there any age criterion in the scheme?

Yes, the scheme will benefit only those farmers who come under the age of 18 years to 70 years.

Who will be covered under the scheme?

Farmer, his wife, son, daughter-in-law, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and sharecropper

Where the claim will be submitted by the farmer or their family members?

The claim form should be submitted to the concerned district tehsil.

Is there any relaxation in the time period of claim submission?

Yes, but only if you submit the forgiveness letter issued from the concerned district DM.

How will I get the compensation amount?

The compensation will be transferred directly into the account through DBT.

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