Delhi Technological University DTU Result 2020 (OUT) BA, B.Tech, BBA, MBA, M.Tech Courses

Delhi Technological University DTU Results Check Here Courses & Semester Wise | DTU Odd/Even Semester Exams Result 2020

DTU Result 2020: Delhi Technological University (DTU) has announced its result online on it’s official website. Those students who had participated in the examination which was held in Nov/Dec-2019 may check their result from direct link given below. The result will be available in PDf format so you do not need to require anything to access the result. In result students will find their roll number, name, TC (total credit), and CGPA secure by them. Candidates qualified in test will be promoted to next semester and those who are in the final semester will be rewarded by degree certificate.

Latest 24th November: DTU has announced results on their official website whose links are shared below.

Delhi Technological University DTU Results

An overview of Delhi Technological University

Article category DTU Result
University Delhi Technological University
Location New Delhi
Established 1941
Chancellor Lt. Governor of Delhi
Courses offered UG, PG, and doctoral courses
University type State University
Ownership Government
Affiliations Autonomous
Campus Urban
Campus Area 164 acres
Academic system Semester system
Academic Departments 16
Mode of registration for admission Online
Mode of declaration of results Online
Official University Website

DTU Recent Announced Result

Course name and LinkRelease Date
1. Some Consolidated Result : M.Tech.
2. Some Final Semester Result : M.Tech.(GTE) : IV Sem
24th Nov. 2020
1. Some Consolidated Result : M.Tech.
2. Consolidated Result 2K17/STE/501
3. Result 2K17/STE/501 : VI Sem
4. Result 2K17/STE/04 : IV Sem
19th Nov. 2020
1. Some Final(IV) Semester Result : M.Tech.
2. Some Consolidated Result : M.Tech.
3. Revised Course Work Result : 2K19/PHDEN/504
17th Nov. 2020
Some Final Semester(IV) Result : M.Tech.13th Nov. 2020
1. Reappear Result 2K18/HFE/19 : M.Tech.
2. Some Final Semester(IV) Result : M.Tech.
3. Some Consolidated Result : M.Tech.
4. Reappear Result 2K18/ENE/501 : M.Tech.(Part Time)
12th Nov. 2020
1. Some Final Semester(IV) Result : M.Tech.
2. B.Tech Consolidated Result of some Students
3. B.Tech Consolidated Result of some Old Scheme Students
4. B.Tech VIII Sem Result of 2K16/IT/59
11th Nov. 2020
1. B.Tech III Sem Result – 2K13/BT/25
2. B.Tech VII Sem Result – 2K14/CE/18
11th Nov. 2020
Ph.D. Result Notification11th Nov. 2020
1. Some Final Semester(IV) Result : M.Tech.
2. Revised Reappear Result : BA(Hon.)Economics
3. Some Consolidated Result : BA(Hon.)Eco.   MBA-DSM   MBA-USME
10th Nov. 2020
Some Consolidated Result B.Tech.9th Nov. 2020
Ph.D. Result Notification9th Nov. 2020
1. Result 2K17/CO/210 : Sem IV /VI
2. Consolidated Result : 2K15/CO/01, 2K15/EL/29, 2K16/CE/125
3. Revised Result 2K15/CO/01 : Sem VI
4. Result 2K18/CDN/05 : Sem IV
5. Result 2K18/MBA/77 : Sem IV
6. Consolidated Result : 2K18/PTE/04, 2K18/CDN/05, 2K18/BME/01 ,03
6th Nov. 2020
1. Revised Result 2K14/EP/23 : Sem III/VII5th Nov. 2020
1. Revised Result 2K17/SE/79 : Sem VI
2. Consolidated Result 2K17/MBA/05,79
3. Revised Result 2K19/PHDAM/05
4. Some Consolidated Result B.Tech.(Eve.) – Old/New Scheme
5. Some Consolidated Result M.Tech.
6. Some Consolidated M.Tech.(Part Time)- Software Technology
7. Some Consolidated M.Tech.- Old Scheme
8. Some Final Semester Result – M.Tech.(HFE)
4th Nov. 2020
1. Some Consolidated Result : B.Tech.(EL,AE,EC,EN,ME,CE,MC)4th Nov. 2020
Ph.D. Course Work – Revised Result2nd Nov. 2020
Result 2K19/B2/35, Sem II29th Oct 2020
Some Final Semester Results: M.Tech.(IV)
Some Consolidated Result M.Tech.(ISY)
26th Oct
1. Revised Result 2K18/C&I/20 : M.Tech.(IV)
2. Result 2K18/CDN/01 : M.Tech.(IV)
26th Oct.
Some Final Semester Result : M.Tech.22nd Oct.
Ph.D. Result Notification20th Oct.
1. Some Final Semester Result : M.Tech.
2. Result B.Tech.(IT) VIII Semester-2K16/IT/30,59,82
20th Oct.
Final Semester Result 2K16/SWT/50219th Oct.
M.Tech IV Sem Result – 2K17/THE/17
M.Tech(Partime) VI Sem Result – 2K16/SWT/519
Consolidated Result – 2K17/C&I/501
14th Oct.
Ph.D. Course Work Result : Jan-May(2019-20)13th Oct.
1. Some Consolidated Result : M.Tech.(PIE)
2. Some Revised Result B.Tech.
8th Oct.
1. Some M.Tech. Final Semester Result
2. Revised Result 2K18/BAE/129 : Sem 4
5th Oct.
M.Tech. Final Semester Result : 2K18/CSE/02, 2K18/PSY/091st Oct.
Some Misc. Results B.Tech.29th Oct.
1. Reappear Result 2K15/EP/75
2. Some Final Semester Result M.Tech.
3. Some Consolidated Result M.Tech.
4. Some Reviesd Result B.Tech.
4. Detention Removal BBA/BAE : Dec-2019
28th Sept.
Some Revised / Semester Result : B.Tech.25th Sept.
1. Revised Result of 2K19/A5/64 – II Sem
2. Some Revised Result B.Tech.
24th Sept.
1. Some Final Semester Result M.Tech.
2. Re-registered Result of 2K15/EL/29
23rd Sept
1. Some Final Semester Result M.Tech.
2. Revised Result M.Tech.(SPD) – II Semester
22nd Sept
Some Semester Result B.Tech.22nd Sept
1. Some Revised Result B.Tech. VI Semester
2. Revised Result 2K16/EL/126 VIII Semester
18th Sept.
1. Some Final Semester Result M.Tech.
2. Some Consolidated Result M.Tech.
17th Sept.
1. Some Miscellaneous Result Old Scheme    | B.Tech. |   | B.Tech.(Eve.) |
2. Some Consolidated Result Old Scheme   | B.Tech. |   | B.Tech.(Eve.) |
3. M.Tech. Final Semester Result :   | 2K18/SPD/03 |   | 2K18/PSY/04,08,19 |
4. Result M.Tech.   | II Semester – SWE |  | IV Semester – STE(Part Time) |
5. Result 2K14/MC/38 Semester VI
6. Revised Result :   | Consolidated 2K17/BBA/70 |
  | Reappear 2K18/BAE/42 |   | Semester 2K19/EMBA/506,539 |
16th Sept.
Ph.D. Result Notification15th Sept.
1. Reappear Result 2K18/MOC/05
2. Revised Result 2K19/EMBA/535
3. M.Tech. Final Semester Result :   | 2K18/MOC/04 |   | 2K18/VLS/08 |  | 2K18/SWE/11 and 12 |   | 2K18/PIE/17 |
4. Consolidated Result BBA  | 2K17/BBA/28 |  | Revised 2K17/BBA/89 |
5. Result M.Tech.(Part Time) CSE IV Semester
6. Revised Reappear Result BBA – May-2019
7. Semester Result 2K19/MSCMAT/17
8. Reregistered Result B.Tech.   | 2K16 Batch |   | 2K17 Batch |   | 2K18 Batch |
9. Revised Result 2K17/ME/203 Semester VI
15th Sept.
1. Result 2K19/BBA/150
2. B.Tech.(Eve.) – CE Result :    | IV Semester |   | Reappear Courses |
3. Revised Result :   | 2K17/CECE/46 |   | 2K19/BAE/94 |
4. Consolidated Result M.Tech.  | 2K18/ENE/11 |  | 2K18/PIE/14 |  | 2K18/PSY/20 |  | 2K18/STE/24 |
5. Some Revised and Semester Result of B.Tech.
14th Sept.
1. Some Final Semester Results M.Tech
2. Consolidated Result 2K17/BAE/90
3. Reappear Result M.Tech.(Part Time) – STE
4. Result M.Tech.(Part Time) IV Semester  PIE  GTE  ENE
5. Result M.Tech. II Semester – THE
6. Some Revised Result BAE II Semester
7. Some Result B.Tech.
11th Sept.
1. Some Consolidated Results M.Tech.    ENE   PIE   CDN   VLS
2. Revised Result 2K18/BD/35 : Dec-19
2. Revised Result 2K19/DMBA/103
10th Sept.
1. Some Final Semester Results of M.Tech./M.Tech.(Part-Time)
2. Result B.Tech.(Eve.) ME 6 Semester
3. Reappear Result  BAE  BBA
4. Result FMBA II Semester
5. Revised Result 2K19/EMBA/535
6. Result M.Tech. II Semester   BIO  NST  STE  GTE  IBT
7. Some Results of B.Tech.
8. Consolidated Result 2K16/ME/182
9. Revised Result FEC12
10. Revised Result FEC24
07th Sept.
1. Result B.Tech. Old Scheme   II  IV  VI  VIII
2. Result B.Tech.(Eve.) Old Scheme   II  IV  VI  VIII
3. Result M.Tech.(Part Time) Old Scheme
4. Result MBA Old Scheme
5. Result M.Tech. II Semester  BME  C&I  CSE  ENE   GEO  HFE   ISY  MOC   PSY  PTE
6. Result M.Sc. II Semester   MA  AP  BT
7. Result B.Des. II Semester
04th Sept.
1. Result B.Tech. II Semester
2. Revised Result B.Tech. CO and some Misc. Results IV Semester
3. Result B.Tech. IV Semester    EE    CE
4. Result B.Tech.(Eve.) VI Semester Except ME
5. Result B.Tech.(Eve.) IV Semester Except CE
6. Result BBA IV Semester
7. Result EMBA II Semester
8. Some Final Semester Result M.Tech.(SWT)
03rd Sept.
Ph.D. Result Notification02/09/2020
1. Result B.Tech.(Eve.) II Semester
2. Result B.Tech. IV Semester – All Branches except CE and EE 3. Revised Result 2K18/BBA/86 II Semester : May-19
02nd Sept.
B.Tech VI Semester Result – All Branches except PE01st Sept.
1. Result BA(Hon.) Economics : Sem II     Sem IV
2. Result BBA Sem II
3. Some Revised Results MBA(BA)and MBA–USME : Dec-19
4. Some Consolidated Results MBA(BA) and MBA–USME
01st Sept
M.Tech. Consolidated Result – 2K18/CSE/22.25th Aug
Supplementary Result – III Sem : 2K18/EN/01825th Aug
MBA Consolidated Result – 2K18/MBA/13 and 2K18/MBA/48.24th Aug
MBA Result – IV Sem : 2K18/MBA/13 and 2K18/MBA/4824th Aug
B.Tech. Consolidated Result 2K16/CO/37.
B.Tech. Consolidated Result 2K15/ME/79.
21st Aug
B.Tech Re-Registration Result – III Sem : 2K18/EE/50121st Aug
1. B.Tech I Sem Result: 2K19/A5/44
2. B.Tech I Sem Result: 2K18/PE/031 and 2K18/PE/050
20th Aug
Ph.D. Result Notification20th Aug
Ph.D. Result Notification19th Aug
Consolidated Result 2K16/SE/83.19th Aug
Revised Semester Result – 2K17/EE/43 – Sem V.19th Aug
Consolidated result 2K15/EC/43 and 2K16/AE/7917th Aug
M.Tech consolidated result 17th Aug
M. Tech final semester result 17th Aug
Revised result MBA Dec -1917th Aug
Consolidated result 2K16/EL/0713th Aug
Ph.D. result notification10th Aug
2K18/C&I/03 final semester 13th Aug
2K17/EE/79 5th semester Dec 1911th Aug
Consolidated result 2K16/ME/15211th Aug
Revised result 2K18/IT/102 Dec 1911th Aug
Revised result 2K16/EE/60 Dec 1911th Aug
Ph.D. result notification10th Aug
Revised result BBA Feb 209th Aug
Consolidated result 2K17/BBA/629th Aug
Consolidated result 2K17/BAE/01 Feb 209th Aug
Supplementary result 2K17/BAE/01 Feb 209th Aug
Supplementary result 2K19/FMBA/03/ Feb 209th Aug
Consolidated result 2K17/BAE/137th Aug
Revised result 2K18/MBA/905 & 920 Feb 20207th Aug
Consolidated result 2K18/MBA/9057th Aug
Consolidated result B. Tech7th Aug
Consolidated result 2K15/EC/1417th Aug
Revised result 2K18/A14/1826 Dec 197th Aug
Revised result 2K18/EP/075 Dec 197th Aug
Revised result 2K17/BAE/08 Dec 197th Aug
M. Tech consolidated result6th Aug
B. Tech consolidated result 6th Aug
Revised result 2K17/PE/19 Feb 206th Aug
Revised result 2K16/EC/09 Dec 196th Aug
Revised result 2K19/B14/47 Dec 196th Aug
Revised result 3rd semester Dec 20195th Aug
Revised result 1st semester Dec 20195th Aug
Consolidated result 2K16/AE/275th Aug
Final semester result M. Tech (part-time) SWT5th Aug
2K15/EP/02 8th semester June 204th Aug
Revised result 2K17/MC/77 5th semester Dec 194th Aug
Revised result 2K19//A12/43 1st semester Dec 194th Aug
Revised result 2K18/B11/1433 2nd semester 4th Aug
Consolidated result 2K17/BBA/353rd Aug
revised result 2K17/BBA/35: Dec-193rd Aug
final semester result 2K18/ISY/023rd Aug
Consolidated result 2K13/CEEC/1693rd Aug
Ph.D. Result notification30th July
B. Tech revised result Dec-1930th July
B. Tech revised result Dec-1929th July
Revised result MBA (BA) 2nd semester May 1929th July
Revised consolidated result MBA (BA)29th July
2K18/CSE/20 4th semester29th July
Revised result B. Tech Dec-1928th July
Revised result 2K15/ME/92 8th semester June 2028th July
Consolidated result B. Tech28th July
Revised consolidated result MBA (DSM)28th July
Revised consolidated result MBA (USME)28th July
Consolidated result 2K17/BBA/5328th July
Consolidated result 2K17/BAE/03, 6428th July
Consolidated result 2K15/ME/8127th July
M. Tech Final semester result27th July
Revised result MBA (DSM, USME) 3rd semester Dec-201927th July
BBA 3rd semester revised result Dec-201927th July
P.h.D Result notification27th July
Revised result 2K19/BD/59 1st semester Dec-1924th July
Consolidated result 2K16/CO/279, 2K16/PS/29 and 2K16/PS/3724th July
Some revised/ new result B. Tech June 202024th July
M. Tech Final semester result23rd July
Consolidated result 2K16/IT/4323rd July
2K13/CEEC/16022nd July
EMBA 4th semester odl scheme22nd July
Revised result 2K16/ME/150 8th semester June 202020th July
consolidated result 2K16/ME/15020th July
consolidated result 2K15/CEME/6220th July
Consolidated result 2K18/MBA/72120th July
Revised result 2K19/BD/29, 70 1st semester Dec-2019 20th July
Revised result 2K18/MBA 721 3rd semester Dec-201916th July
Result 2K18/ENE/13 4th semester16th July
Consolidated result M. Tech/M.Tec (part time)- Old scheme17th July
Revised result 2K17/BAE/08, 13: Dec-201917th July
Revised result 2K19/BAE/121: Dec-201917th July
2K11/PIE/02 4th semester: June 202017th July
Consolidated result EMBA old scheme17th July
Revised result 2K18/BAE/117: Feb 202017th July
2K16/BBA/101 2nd semester: Dec-201917th July
Consolidated result 2K15/BT/50117th July
Revised consolidated result B. Tech (AE)17th July
consolidated result 2K16/EP/3917th July
Revised result 2K16/EL/83 8th semester June 202017th July
Consolidated result B. Tech Lateral Entry16th July
Revised result B.Des 1st semester Dec-201916th July
Revised result B.Des 1st semester Dec-201816th July
Revised result 2K17/MBA/721 3rd semester Dec-201916th July
2K16/ME/92 8th semester June 202016th July
Revised result 2K18/ME/202 3rd semester Dec 2019 2K17/PE/5916th July
Revised result 2K17/PE/59 3rd/5th semester Feb 202016th July
PhD result notification16th July
Revised result BA (Economics) 3rd semester15th July
2K15/EC/43 5th and 7th semester15th July
B. Tech 8th semester 14th July
Consolidated result BBA (USME)13th July
Consolidated result B. Tech (BT)13th July
Revised result B. Tech (BT) 8th semester 13th July
2K16/EE/99 8th semester 13th July
2K16/PS/35 and 2K16/AE/79 8th semester June-202010th July
Revised result BBA 2nd semester May 201810th July
Ph.D Result notification9th July
Consolidated result B. Tech (AE/EC/EE/EL/EP/MC/ME)9th July
Consolidated result B. Tech (CE/CO/EN/IT/PS/PE/SE)8th July
Consolidated Result 2K18/MBA/705, 2K18/MBA/7098th July
Consolidated Result MBA (BA)8th July
Revised result MBA (BA) 4th semester8th July
Some revised result MBA (USME) 4th semester8th July
Consolidated result BA (Hons) Economics (USME)7th July
Result 2K16/EL/39 VIII semester June-20207th July
Revised/new result B. Tech Dec-197th July
BA (hons) Economics (USME) consolidated result7th July
Consolidated result B. Tech (Evening) CE EE EC ME6th July
MBA (Executive) consolidated result3rd July
Revised result CO/SE VIII semester 2nd July
MBA (USME) consolidated result2nd July
2K17/GTE/092nd July
B. Tech VIII semester {AE/BT/CE/AM/EC/EP/EE/CO/SE/IT/ME/PS/PE} and some revised result1st July
MBA (Executive) IV semester1st July
B. Tech VIII semester {BT/CE/AM/EC/EP/EE/CO/SE/IT/ME/PE/PS} and some revised result30th June
B. Tech (evening) VIII semester30th June
Revised result 2K17/BBA/5330th June
Revised result of 2K17/BBA/3330th June
Consolidated result MBA (DSM)29th June
B. Tech (EC) VIII semester {BT/CE/AMEC/EE/CO/SE/IT/PS} and some revised result29th June
B.Tech (Evening) VIII semester27th June
2K18/MBA/94-IV semester27th June
Revised result EE VIII semester 26th June
PhD Result notification26th June
B. Tech VIII semester {EN/BT/CO/CE/EE/EEE/IT/MC/PS/SE} and revised result of EE/EEE/PS25th June
B. Tech (CE) VIII semester {BT/CE/AM/EE/CO/SE/IT/PS}24th June
B. Tech (PS) VIII semester {BT/CE/AM/CO/SE/IT/PS}24th June
Consolidated Result {2K13/CEEC/159, 2K11/CEEE/119, 2K13/CEME/52}24th June
Revised Result BBA24th June
MBA (BA) IV semester24th June
MBA (USME) IV semester23rd June
MBA (DSM) IV semester22nd June
Re-registration result 2K15/PE/13 IV semester22nd June
P.HD result notification22nd June
B.Tech (BT) VIII semester {BT/AM/EE/CO/SE/IT}20th June
B.Tech (CO) VIII semester {BT department}20th June
B.Tech (MC) VIII semester {BT department}20th June
BBA VI semester (for some students)20th June
BA (Hons) Economics VI semester18th June
BBA VI semester18th June
2K16/SE/18 VIII semester18th June
Revised result of BA (Hons) Economics and BBA I, III, V semester18th June
B. TECH (MC) VIII Semester {AM/EE/CO/SE/IT}17th June
REVISED RESULT 2K16/EE/9417th June
B. Tech (EE) VIII semester {EE/EEE/CO/SE/IT}15th June
B. Tech (EEE) VIII semester {EE/EEE/CO/SE/IT}15th June
B. Tech (CO) VIII semester {EE/EEE/CO/SE/IT}15th June
B. Tech (IT) VIII semester EE/EEE/IT}15th June
B. Tech (CO) VIII semester {CO/SE/IT}14th June
B. Tech (SE) VIII semester {CO}14th June
B. Tech (IT) VIII semester {CO}14th June
Revised result 2K17/BBA/089 V SEM12th June
Revised Result 2K18/BAE/100 III SEM12th June
Revised Result 2K18/BBA/127 III SEM12th June
B. Tech (SE) VIII semester5th June
B. Tech (IT) VIII semester5th June
Consolidated 2k15/CO/1005th June
Discrepancy IT VIII semester3rd June
Discrepancy 2K17/EE/2123rd June 2020
Discrepancy 2k16/IT/563rd June
Ph. D Result notification 22428th May
Ph. D Result notification 221-22322nd May
B. Tech (IT) VII semester30th May
Consolidated result 2K12/EC/44, 2K13/EP/0827th May
Result withdrawal 2K17/EE/22827th May 2020
B. Tech Discrepancy Dec-1927th May
2K16/CO/264 VIII semester26th May
M. Tech final semester result (part time)20th May
M. Tech Final semester 2K15/VLS/0720th May
2K16/CO/264 VIII semester20th May
Consolidated result 2K15/IT/9312th May

How to check DTU Result 2020?

DTU results are published through an online mode. Therefore, all the students have to check the result from the university website. For the convenience of the student, we have shared the complete procedure (below) to get the result online.

  • Go to the official portal of the university or you can also go through the direct link given on this page.
  • On the homepage of the website click on the “Results and Examination” link or direct link also available in the latest news section.
  • Click on the “Results” tab.
  • Select the relevant result option.
  • A PDF file will be downloaded and the result will be displayed on the screen.
  • Lastly, download and take print of the result for future use.

In case of any issue or discrepancy in the DTU result, students are suggested to immediately contact the concerned university department. Students can contact the university officials through the details given at the end of this page-

Details mentioned in DTU result

following details will be mentioned in DTu result:

  • Program name
  • Branch name
  • Semester
  • Students name
  • Roll number of students
  • Grade secure in each subject
  • SGPA

Delhi Technological University Departments

  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical & Production Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Delhi School of management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Applied Physics
  • Biotechnology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Applied Chemistry and Polymer Technology
  • University School of Management & Entrepreneurship
  • School of Design

Delhi Technological University Examinations and Results

  • University conducts mid-term exams and end term examination for every semester. 
  • Examination branch of the university take care of all university examination and declares the result. Students can apply for examination registration and check result through DTU exam and result portal (
  • Exams in the university are conducted on the basis of semester system. University conducts exam at the mid-session and end of each odd and even semester.

Below have shared all the necessary details about DTU examination and result-

DTU Semester Exams

  • The mid-term examination for odd semester and even semester are conducted the month of September and March respectively.
  • University conducts the make-up/supplementary exam for odd semester in August and for even semester in the month of January.
  • The final and end-term exams for odd and even semesters are conducted in November and May respectively.
  • Admissions into B.Tech programs in DTU are made through the Joint Admission Counselling Delhi (JAC-Delhi) process.
  • The admission of foreign students is done through Direct Admission of Students Abroad (DASA)
  • Make-up exam is also conducted for the students who miss the mid-semester exams due to any valid reason.
  • It is compulsory for all the students to carry an admit card to the exam center on the exam day. Admit card can be downloaded from the official website by using the login credential.
  • Students without a valid admit card are not allowed to appear in the exam.

Delhi Technological University Results

  • The end semester result for odd semester exam is declared in the month of December.
  • The even semester exam is announced in June.
  • DTU declares all the results only through the online mode.
  • No hard copy of the result is sent individually to the student’s postal address.
  • DTU put all the result notifications on their website/portal in order to notify the student of the university. Therefore, students are advised to stay in touch with the university website so that they cannot miss any update regarding semester result.
  • The result sheet of the students comprises of student’s name, roll number, registration number, course, year, semester, marks obtained in each subject, total marks, result etc.
  • Once the result is published, students can collect their mark sheets from the university. For the collection of the mark sheets and other related certificates, students have to apply through the DTU examination and result portal i.e.
  • University also conduct supplementary exams after the declaration of result for the students having backlog in any subject or who wants to improve their grades/marks.
  • In order to appear in the supplementary exam and make-up exams, students are required to apply first within the stipulated time from the official portal.

DTU Semester Exam Result 2020

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) has ranked DTU 62 among engineering universities, 100 overall and 70 under universities in the year 2020. The notable alumni of the university include Vijay Shekhar Sharma,  Vinod Dham, Ravi Grover, Raghbir Singh Bhola, Manish Khera,  Meera Mukherjee, Avinash Chandra etc.

Here, you are going to get all the important details about the Delhi Technological University results. Apart from the results, we have also shared information about DTU profile, admission procedure, and examinations.

Delhi Technological University Admission Procedure

  • Admissions in the university are strictly done on the basis of entrance exams.
  • Interested candidates have to fill an application form as to register for admissions. The application form is made available at the university website on the specified dates.
  • University grant admission to candidates into undergraduate art and design programs through UCEED.
  • Admission to Ph.D. programs are done on the basis of entrance test and interview process.

About DTU

DTU is an autonomous engineering university located in the national capital of India. DTU was established in 1941 as a Delhi Polytechnic. Later, in 2009 it got the status of state university and name was changed into Delhi Technological University. It was formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) which was affiliated to the University of Delhi.

The university operations were earlier carried out from the Kashmiri Gate campus but now University has a huge campus situated in the Bawana Road in an area of 164 acres.

DTU has 16 academic departments under which it offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in the field of Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Arts and Management. The medium of instruction for all the courses in the university is English.

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