NEET Previous Year Question Papers 2005 – 2019 With Answers Keys Pdf File

NEET Exam Previous Year Question Papers with solution and NEET sample paper are given here with the link to PDF files.

If you are here, you must be preparing for NEET MBBS admission in India or abroad. One should not only study blindly books prescribed by also take make test, practice NEET sample paper and try solving at least last 5 year NEET previous year question paper. One good news for you is that we have provided an answer to question paper.

NEET Exam Previous Year Question Papers

NEET sample paper is important as they are made with any in the exam pattern or exam syllabus in the prevailing year. Sample question paper gives candidates a fair idea of NEET exam pattern.

We will also advise aspirants to take NEET 2019 mock test and check there result deeply. Analysing result will bring in front the area where they are strong and the area where they lack practice and then focusing or dividing time accordingly.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Why solve NEET Previous Year Question Papers?

It is very important to know every ‘why’ before actually using it as it clear fundamentals. Solving previous year NEET question paper will make aspirant know the difficulty level of NEET exam. Also, they will understand how to prepare for the exam, what type of question is asked, are they any similarity in questioned asked previous which can be carried forward to NEET 2019 exam paper.

We have listed last five-year NEET question paper with solution in PDF format, which can be download easily by just one click in the link.

NEET Exam Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

One thing to notice is that all the NEET toppers have recommended practicing and preparing with NEET sample paper and previous year question sets. With this strategy, they can maximize their efforts of getting good NEET score.

Two way to go for it, either you can directly solve the NEET previous exam papers or take NEET sample paper prepared by various coaching institutes.

After aspirants have paper, they should follow the guidelines stated on the paper like set time, pen to use, marking etc.

NEET 2019 Question Paper with Solution

NEET Question Paper 2018 Pdf Download

Question Paper 

Paper Code


Question Paper – Code AA/BB/CC/DD

Code AA

Click Here

Code BB

Click Here

Code CC

Click Here

Code DD

Click Here

Question Paper – Code EE/FF/GG/HH

Code EE

Click Here

Code FF

Click Here

Code GG

Click Here

Code HH

Click Here

Question Paper – Code KK/LL/MM/NN

Code KK

Click Here

Code LL

Click Here

Code MM

Click Here

Code NN

Click Here

Question Paper – Code PP/QQ/RR/SS

Code PP

Click Here

Code QQ

Click Here

Code RR

Click Here

Code SS

Click Here

Question Paper – Code WW/XX/YY/ZZ

Code WW

Click Here

Code XX

Click Here

Code YY

Click Here

Code ZZ

Click Here

All students who are preparing for NEET are advised to take five sets of NEET Sample paper from here. This will help you prepare better for exam day, as you will be familiar with the many things that your Unconscious mind can record, this technique called stimulation. This will help you solve paper with concentration and candidate will learn time management skill as well.

S. No.Question Paper – 2017Paper CodeSolutions
1Question Paper – Code A/B/C/DCode AClick Here
Code BClick Here
Code CClick Here
Code DClick Here
2Question Paper – Code P/Q/R/SCode PClick Here
Code QClick Here
Code RClick Here
Code SClick Here
3Question Paper – Code W/X/Y/ZCode WClick Here
Code XClick Here
Code YClick Here
Code ZClick Here

How to use NEET Question Papers for NEET Preparation?

As stated above while solving sample papers or taking mock test students should strictly follow the guidelines of real examination, as it will improve the time management skill of the student. In addition, by taking it seriously you will be able to follow the marking scheme of CBSE NEET. This simulation exercise is very important for you as it gives the pressure to mind that you may face on the NEET exam hall.

  1. First, make the exam hall lookalike environment by having table and chair. Make sure no one disturbs you during that period.
  2. Get online sample OMR sheet and print it for giving it more realistic look and feel.
  3. Set an alarm clock for the time set by CBSE NEET.
  4. Solve the paper as if it was the real paper, try managing time, and fill the answers in OMR sheet accordingly.
  5. Stop ones the clock hits the alarm.
  6. Take rest, drink water and check answer as soon as this time your brain remembers everything you did and will find the mistake to solve in answers.
  7. Analyse the paper deeply and find your strong and week subject points.
  8. Repeat this with other paper sets and do it until on three paper you get a good

NEET Question Papers 2016 with answers

S. No.PhaseQuestion PapersSolutions
1AIPMT/NEET 2016 Phase 1Code A/P/WClick Here
Code B/Q/X
Code C/R/YClick Here
Code D/S/Z
2AIPMT/NEET 2016 Phase 2Code AAClick Here
Code ZZ
Code XXClick Here
Code RR

Last 10 Years AIPMT Question Papers

NEET/AIPMT Previous Year Sample PapersDownload NEET/AIPMT Question Paper With Answer Key
AIPMT Sample Paper 2015 (Retest)Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2015Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2014Download Here
NEET UG Sample Paper 2013Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2012Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2011Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2010PRELIMS – Download Here
MAINS – Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2009Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2008Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2007Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2006Download Here
AIPMT Sample Paper 2005Download Here

As here many rumors that NTA will be making changes in difficulty level keeping in mind the state-owned education board and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is now the premier Medical examination which all states have adopted to conduct for getting admission in Government and private college. Counselling is conducted by MCC and State-owned medical commission.

NEET UG Exam Paper Pattern 2019

We here have compiled all the data regarding this and made a table to easily understand Marking scheme, weightage of marks subject wise, time duration and important things you should keep in mind while getting ready for NEET 2019 examination. Subjects of NEET offline examination are divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Bio is further sub-divided into Zoology & Botany).

 1.NEET SubjectsPhysicsChemistryBiology
 2.Exam TypeMultiple Choice Question (MCQ)
 3.QuestionsTotal of 180 question to be asked
 4.Duration of test3 hours will be given
 5.Answers MarkingCorrect AnswerWrong Answer
+ 4 Marks-1 Marks
 6.NEET Question Paper LanguagesEnglish
 7.Examination Body 2019NTA
 8.Exam 2019In 2019, NEET will be taken by National Testing Agency (NTA) for conducting the examination.

NEET 2018 Paper Analysis

After evaluating the question paper of NEET 2018 exam our team came to analysis that question paper was made in favor of CBSE students as questions were asked from the NCERT books. Paper can be found from books of class 10 and class 12 with equal weightage. Among all the subjects, Physics was toughest while chemistry was moderate and biology to easy difficulty level.

As told above there are three sections of paper i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology are divided into Zoology and Botany. All these sections have 45 questions which are total to 180 questions for which 3 hours are allotted to a candidate. Questions are asked from book of NCERT class 10, 11 & 12. Detailed syllabus of each subject is discussed in the lower part of the article.

NEET Exam 2019

As per now exam is set to offline which is Pen and paper-based. You will be provided OMR sheet for giving an answer and blank pages for solving mathematical questions.

For filling OMR sheet only a ballpoint pen is allowed. Which will be provided at the exam centre as candidates are prohibited from taking any stationery inside.

NEET Marking Scheme

Correct Answer: 4 marks

Wrong Answer: 1 mark

Un-attempt Questions: No Marks

Two answers to a question: it will be considered the wrong answer, & 1 marks will be subtracted.

Medium of exam

There are 10 languages in which you can get question paper. For choosing the medium of NEET exam you need to carefully select the 2nd language in which you prefer to get exam paper. Languages are written above in facts of NEET 2019.

NEET 2019 Exam Day Instructions

Try reaching Test Centre 1 hours before the commencement of the exam. In case you are not before, try reaching centre at 9:30 AM as no candidate will be allowed to enter gate after 9:30 Am.

Things to carry to exam center-

  • A) Admit card
  • B) Photography
  • C) ID verification card.
  • Other than these you are prohibited to carry anything like stationary, Mobile phones, Watch etc.

NEET Sample Question Paper 2019

Sample paper link will be updated here.

If you have any doubt, please ask below and our team will try to resolve it. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to us for instant updates and like the Facebook page. If you want to know more about the NEET 2019 like expected cut-off, admit card dates you can surf our website.

Hope you have got what you were looking for, in case you have any question then do comment below and we will ASAP reply back.

All the best for NEET exam.

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